Are You Living Inside Your Comfort Zone?

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When’s the last time you were outside your comfort zone? Last year? Last week? Today? We spend most of our time inside our comfort zones. Unless you’re an adrenaline-junkie, you can’t spend every day on the wild-side. That said, if you’re not pushing yourself, you’re putting a cap on your abilities and your success. None of us know what we’re capable of, until we try something new. It doesn’t have to be something big. You don’t have to go bungee-jumping off a bridge in New Zealand, or skydiving. For some it’s trying a new food. For others it’s learning a new skill.

Can you raise your prices?
When is the last time you raised your prices? I’ll bet it seemed a little scary, didn’t it? What if they all say, “No” to the new price? But then, when the first customer says, “Yes” to your new rate, it suddenly doesn’t feel so scary. Fear of the unknown is natural. If you’re not feeling a little uncomfortable about your new rates, they might not be high enough. A little price resistance shows you that you’re probably at a good level. As long as enough people are saying “Yes” to fill your calendar, or at least your most popular dates, then you’re probably in a good place. If everyone is saying “Yes”, without much resistance, then go higher.

What’s your Someday Isle?
I talk about Someday Isle in one of my books, and some of my presentations. Are you living there? You know, someday I’ll go to Italy. Or, someday I’ll write a book. Or, someday I’ll go bungee jumping off a bridge in New Zealand. These are the things we put off, because we either think we don’t have the time or we’re afraid to take the first step. I’ve been there. And then – when we actually do it – it’s not so scary.

What’s the worst that could happen?
I used to worry too much about what people might think if I went out on the dance floor and tried something new. Or what they would think if I failed. Let me let you in on a secret… most people couldn’t care less about your failures, or your successes. They’re too focused on their own “stuff” to worry about yours. Most situations aren’t life or death. So what if you look silly on the dance floor? I’ll bet you’re having more fun than the people watching everyone else!

Next time you think about trying something new, whether in your business, or personally, ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Then, imagine that it actually has happened. How will that affect your business? How will that affect your family? How will that affect you personally? Is it the end of the world? Probably not. Most likely it’s a speed-bump, not a roadblock.

Most successful people have failed more than you have
The road to success is rarely a straight line. Sure, the filtered version of people’s success we see on social media often makes it seem that way, but there are few, true, overnight success stories. Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, and most “famous” people have failed their way to success. Muhammed Ali famously said (paraphrasing here) that it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up that matters. Each of us has our own bumpy, pothole filled road to where we are now. Mine includes health issues, getting downsized and more. What’s yours? When you’re living your own reality, you have to deal with what’s in front of you – right now. I don’t have to live your reality and you don’t have to live mine.

I don’t have the time
If I had a dollar for every time I put off doing something because I “didn’t have the time” I’d be a very rich man. And then, one day I realized that I can get lots of things, but more time isn’t one of them. We’re all racing through our lives, eating up 24 more hours, every day. Once you decide to get off Someday Isle, you find the time. Sure, you’re really just taking it from one place and shifting it to another, but that’s prioritizing. Have you ever changed a meeting, or put off some work, because a friend called with two tickets to the game, or concert or (fill in your own diversion)? You can change your priorities – any time you want. They’re yours to make and yours to change.

Our comfort zone isn’t a static place. It’s constantly changing. After all, once you do something that seemed scary, it doesn’t seem scary any more, pushing your comfort zone boundaries. Starting a business is scary. Hiring your first employee is scary. Asking out that cute guy or gal is scary. You don’t do those things thinking you’re going to fail. You plan to succeed. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t – but you keep going; you keep getting up.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable?
Are you happy with the status quo? Not trying something new is akin to standing still. Every time I do consulting, or speak to wedding and event pros at a conference, I always hear complaining about new competitors. Are they trying new things? I’ll bet they are. Are they disrupting the status quo? You bet. And the more you’re worried about them, the more disruptive power you’re giving them. You can’t be them and they can’t be you.

What makes each of us who and what we are, can’t be copied. They can copy your marketing, website and list of services, but they have to deliver on them and they’re not you. So, all each of us can do is be our best selves. We can also push ourselves to achieve more. We can, in other words, get a little (or a lot) uncomfortable. Are you ready?

Need a little help getting uncomfortable? I’ve helped businesses – just like yours – realize that they’re capable of more sales, at higher dollars. I’ve helped people who don’t like sales, get more comfortable with the process. Here are a just few and what they’ve said after working with me:

Alan is a wealth of very applicable knowledge. We asked him in for an onsite training session with our full team. We all left with something to implement immediately.” – Korrine Engelke, Event Essentials, Windsor, WI

“After my 2-hour consultation with him I knew exactly that I made the right choice and that my website will definitely stand out and convert my sales to a much higher standard! Don’t spend your time looking for other professionals! Alan is your guy! – Cristina Albulescu, Baroque Contempo, Morton Grove, IL

Alan Berg simply has all the answers! When he speaks, I listen.  I’ve consulted with Alan multiple times and will not hesitate to hire him again. His answers are quick and concise because he simply KNOWS!  Thank you for transforming my business, Alan! – Kenny Lewis, Chinatown Band, Dallas, TX


Want to see how I can help you? Call, text, email or use the short form on this page to contact me directly, 732.422.6362, international enquiries (yes, I do training with businesses around the world) 001 732 422 6362


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