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Due to the stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions and just plain common sense, an in-person Mastermind Day is not going to be an option for many companies. Finances are also in short supply for everyone, but the need for sales training, improving your website and marketing is even greater now, especially to teach you and your team how to sell remotely.

Here’s what one company wrote after recently having me do a remote training session for her team:

There were lots of “ah ha” moments and the very next day we were implementing what we learned.” – Susan Dewberry, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta, GA – April 2020

If you’d like to find out about having me do remote sales training or a remote Mastermind for you, with payment arrangements that will allow you to have training now, while extending the payments, contact me via emailtextuse the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362.

Share the knowledge, and the cost, with a Group Mastermind Day

Get together with other local wedding pros and save by sharing the cost – have a Private Mastermind Day with Alan
I Mastered The Mastermind Swag Bag

Mastermind Day Organizer Kit Want to get this “I Mastered The Mastermind” Swag Bag? Arrange a Mastermind Day with Alan in your area!

I understand that for some of you the idea of having me come in is great, but the cost can be intimidating. A great idea is to bring together some other businesses in your area and share the cost of having me come in to work with you, as a group, for a day or more. I call these Private Group Masterminds. It’s almost the same as having a private training except we’ll work together, sharing ideas and talking through ways to increase sales, improve your websites and marketing, handling objections and more

I was a part of Alan’s mastermind sales training in Pittsburgh, and it was the most effective sales training I’ve ever taken.” – Lauren Madison, Bella Sera, Pittsburgh, PA – read more reviews

Read on to find out more, to see the 4 Easy Steps for arranging your own mastermind day. And then, to get a price quote, ask any questions and check availability for having me do a Mastermind Day for you and other success-minded businesses (your “friendors”) in your area, email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

I began using several of the ideas the very next day and received and inquiry, scheduled a meeting and booked by the end of the week.” – Brad Stover, All Occasions Events, Defiance, OH

Alan’s Mastermind Class was worth every cent. In fact, we would have paid double for this valuable day of education.” – Stephen Gossett, Noveli Photography, Greenville, SC

Attend an upcoming Mastermind

Click the links (dates) below for information and registration info. For details on any of the tentative dates, or to find out how to arrange your own Mastermind Day, please email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 63

Some of the events are by invitation only, so to find out about any of these that don’t have links please email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Some recent Mastermind Days…
  • August 26, 2020 – Glen Burnie, MD
  • February 25, 2020 – Elgin, IL
  • February 6, 2020 – Manhattan Beach, CA
  • January 30, 2020 – San Antonio, TX
  • January 14, 2020 – Reading ,PA
  • December 4 & 5, 2019 – Greenville, SC
  • November 25, 2019 – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – DJ-only Mastermind
  • October 14, 2019 – Las Vegas, NV
  • October 9, 2019 – St. Louis, MO
  • September 17, 2019 – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • August 21, 2019 – Kansas City, MO
  • July 9, 2019 – Deerfield (Chicago) IL
  • June 13, 2019 – Santa Rosa, CA
  • June 12, 2019 – Cloverdale, CA
  • May 7, 2019 – Canton, MI
  • April 30, 2019 – Houston, TX
  • Charlotte, NC – April 2019
  • Hawthorne, NJ – Feb. 2019
  • Phoenix, AZ – Jan. 2019
  • Livermore, CA – July 2018
  • Chicago, IL – July 2018
  • Knoxville, TN – June 2018
  • Albuquerque, NM – May 2018
  • Kearny, NJ – April 2018
  • Portland, OR – April 2018
  • New York City – March 2018
  • Richmond, VA – Feb. 2018
  • Anaheim, CA – Feb. 2018
Don’t see your city on the schedule?
Want to arrange a Mastermind Day in your area?

Click this button to see the Mastermind Organizer’s Kit, and the 4 Easy Steps for arranging your own Mastermind Day

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Even though we all had different types of wedding businesses , it applied to all of us. – Kim Goldstein, Journey’s Travel, Glen Allen, VA

Watch this short video and I’ll tell you more about having a Group Mastermind Day…

Past Mastermind Day Fun

Here are just a few of the past mastermind day attendees. They’re learning how to improve their businesses, while having fun and networking. This could be you! Just email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Hands down worth the money we spent to do a one day session Mastermind meeting with Alan. – Summer Gossett, Noveli Photography, Greenville, SC

I’ve already implemented a number of takeaways from this day that will allow us to work smarter, not harder while listening closer and responding more effectively – getting a better return.” – Erin Corriveau, Lattitude 1338, West Springfield, MA

I booked 3 weddings the week after my last mastermind with Alan in Vegas, using the techniques he taught us and inquiries have gone up too!” – Mark Cherney, Music Man Events, Riverside, CA – read more reviews

What kinds of businesses attend Alan’s Mastermind Days?
Venue: “Let me tell you, this was the most useful class of my career. I gained so many tools that I implemented right away.” – Divinity Buggs, Hill Center, Washington, DC
Planner: “We learned a lot, and feel more confident in answering brides emails about pricing.” – Debra Sanders, D’Plazzo Event Planning, Edmond, OK
Entertainment: “I implemented one suggestion about my website straight away, and within 10 minutes received a months worth of enquiries.– Euan Bass, Ian Stewart Entertainment, Essex, UK
Officiant: “Being able to see things from another professional’s point of view is always eye opening.” – John T. Snelson V, OKC Wedding Officiants, Oklahoma City, OK
Cakes: “Alan Berg, you really brought it! We are better equipped to do what we’re supposed to!” – Naomi Whitaker, Mishelle Handy Cakes, Edmond, OK
Wedding Fashion: “After attending his Mastermind Day, I truly believe Alan is THE marketing leader in the wedding industry!– Patrick Kelly, JJ Kelly Bridal, Oklahoma City, OK

Don’t see your category listed? These are only a sampling of who’s participated. Mastermind Days are for any business, whether weddings are all, or only part of your clientele.

To check availability for your mastermind day, get a price quote, or with any questions email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

I’ve been consulting with Alan for a few years now, however I feel that the Mastermind Day was a whole different approach to the learning experience. – Raul Chiriboga, Ultrafonk Entertainment, Union, NJ

 Want to arrange your own Mastermind Day?

Click this button to see the Wedding Business Mastermind Organizer’s Kit, and the 4 Easy Steps for arranging your own Mastermind Day and then  email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Click to see the Mastermind Organizer's Kit
Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about having me do a Private Group Mastermind Day for you.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, want to get a price quote and availability for having me doing a Mastermind Dayemail metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

How is a Mastermind Day different than a conference?

Great question. Your Mastermind Day will be more of a conversation than a presentation. With a small group it’s easier for Alan to facilitate a discussion where everyone is participating. You not only get his world-class expertise, but also the shared knowledge and experience of the other participants. Whether seasoned pros, or industry newcomers, everyone has something to contribute.

How many businesses can we have for our Mastermind Day?

This can be anywhere from 1 other business, up to around 10 total. Alan’s Mastermind Days are more conversation, than presentation, so having more than that will start to feel more like a conference. The sweet-spot is 6 to 8 businesses, 10 to 15 participants.

How long is a Mastermind Day?

Typically running from 9am until around 4pm, Mastermind Day times will be customized to your groups needs and area. To get in as much learning and sharing as possible, your group should either arrange for lunch on site, or to have it brought in. Those are part of the logistics you’ll discuss with Alan when arranging your Mastermind Day.

What will it cost to have our Mastermind Day?

As Alan offers these domestically, and internationally, exact Mastermind Day rates are quoted on a case, by case basis, however they typically range from $6,500 to $8,500 per day, with most averaging around $7,500 per day, plus Alan’s travel (unless you’re lucky enough to schedule your Mastermind Day while Alan is already in your area for another event, which could save you a little). With 10 participating companies that’s an average of only $750 per company. Want an exact quote? Email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Do the businesses have to be in the same category? (i.e. all DJs, or caterers, or planners…?)

No, of course not. The topics that you’ll discuss are universally applied to all businesses. Alan will tailor the exact topics to the particular group. That said, if all of the participants are from the same category, the content can be more narrowly focused to that industry.

Can I have Alan do a Mastermind Day just for my staff?

Yes, of course. That’s his Private Sales Training service. It’s very similar to the Mastermind Day curriculum, but much more focused on your needs. Want to find out more? Email Alan, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

What are the format and seating arrangements?

To facilitate group conversation it can be a conference room or just a large table. For larger groups a ‘U’ shaped setup works well. You’ll need either a projector/screen, or large flat-screen TV, and a wi-fi connection so Alan can access your websites and any presentation materials.

Who pays for Alan's travel?

If you can arrange your Mastermind Day for when Alan is already in your area, you can save on his airfare. Depending upon the timing, the group may have to cover one or two nights of hotel. Unless Alan is driving to your city, he’ll need ground transportation to/from the venue.

Do the businesses all have to be in the wedding & event industry?

No, while Alan typically speaks and trains in the wedding industry, the ideas are focused on business, not craft, so they do apply to other businesses. If you have a specific business in mind, and you aren’t sure, just contact Alan and ask. Being a professional, he’ll tell you whether this format is, or isn’t appropriate. Email Alantext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Every once in a while you have an experience that makes you think “Why don’t I do this more often?” This workshop was one of those experiences.” – Theresa Kaufman Events & PR, Pittsburgh, PA – read more reviews