Why should you have Marketing Guru Alan Berg review your business and website?

Well, besides the fact that I wrote books on websites and sales, you’ll get a real, honest assessment of how your site does at converting the traffic you’re already getting as well as your sales processes. After all, if people come to your site and leave without contacting you… it didn’t do its job. And if you get leads and don’t convert them, that’s costing you profits! My goal is to help your site convert more of the traffic you’re already getting into enquiries and customers.

Every time I speak with Alan Berg, I make money. – David Grimm, Signature Talent, Reston, VA

WOW! I walked away with a laundry list of actionable, tangible tips, advice, and strategies that I’ll be implementing in the coming days/weeks!” – Henry Chen, Aevitas Wedding Photography, Alhambra, CA

OMG- Alan is THE Wedding Guru! I started using his suggestions that afternoon and It hasn’t even been 24 hours but it’s working!” – Liz Valles, Deja Blu Band, Boulder, CO – read more reviews

Want to find out more? Call me, email metext, or use the short form on this page to check my availability and costs, 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362.

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How does it work?

We’ll start with an initial website review/consultation, which lasts about 2 hours. I’ll send you a link so when you log in we both see the same things, at the same time. You’ll also get a phone number so we can talk on the phone. There are phone numbers worldwide so it’s almost always a local call for you. I can even record the session so you can review it later. And, the best part is that you don’t have to travel for us to do this. I’ve reviewed websites for companies in countries around the world including the US, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, the UK, Spain, Luxembourg, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Hungary, Singapore and many more.

When is the best time to do Your website review?

Whether you’re making a new website, or looking to improve the one you have, now is always the best time. Each day that someone visits your current site, and doesn’t take the action you want (contact you, fill out your form, make a purchase…) it’s costing you money. If you’re making a new site and wait until it launches, I’m likely to suggest changes that you’ll wish you had made before the launch.

This guy Alan Berg boosted my business by 15% in 2 days by following his easy 1.2.3. steps.” – DJ Smooth B, Dallas, TX

I’ll give you an independent assessment of how to work on the conversion and usability of your site, whether you made it yourself, or if you work with a professional web designer. Looking for other kinds of business consulting from me, click hereReady to get started? For more details and to schedule your website review, please contact me via emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362.

Why should you have me help with your business and/or review your website?

That’s a fair question. I could go on and on about why, but I’d rather let my clients, businesses just like yours, tell you their experiences:

“In just the first three weeks of my website’s launch, my inquiries (couples filling out my ‘Contact’ form), increased by 350%!”– Rev. William Freeman, ProgressiveCatholics.org , Arlington, VA
Beforehand I had been wondering if a website review with Alan was really a worthwhile investment? A few hours later the answer to that question is a resounding yes.– Tony Winyard, Anthony Winyard Entertainment, London, UK
“My leads went up by 63% and my bookings 47%. Thank you again, I would suggest you to anyone.” – Chris Marino, Limelight Entertainment, Manasquan, NJ – read more reviews
You carefully crafted a plan with detailed steps to help me improve my business!– Jim Collins, Collins Entertainment, New Haven, CT
“Yes, a two hour conversation with Alan totally opened new avenues of opportunities, thanks Alan for all the wise ideas.” – Victor Ramirez, Elektrik Entertainment, Lancaster, CA
“I got new perspective as well as a very clear list of actions to get my team to our goals.” – Benjamin Yoblick, Venue Craft Marketing, Whitemarsh Township, PA – read more reviews

Have questions or are you ready to schedule your website review/business consultations? Contact me via emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362.

What does it cost?

Your initial website review runs $699 (sessions last about 2 hours +/-). You can have as many people from your organization on as you’d like. You can even invite your web designer so they can hear it straight and unfiltered (or give them a recording to follow).

Ready to get started? For more details and to schedule your website review, please contact me via emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362.

After only implementing half of the amazing tips Alan gave me in that phone call, I had the best January on record as far as trackable leads go.” – Dave Mancini, Dave Mancini MC/DC, Valencia, CA – read more reviews

Already know your site needs changes or that you need a new website?

While I don’t personally make websites, you can contact my friend Brian Lawrence, with whom I have collaborated on many wedding industry sites over the years. He knows the industry and knows the way I think. Besides strong design elements, he follows my formula and also factors in good SEO practices. And if you hire him for a new website, you get my input included in the price. We call it ‘alanyzing”. To see his work and how it works, click here

Here’s what a few wedding & event pros have to say about having Brian make their websites:

Brian and Elizabeth came up with a plan to revamp our website and delivered. They asked all the questions that I didn’t think of and put out a very versatile and easy to navigate website.” – Dwayne Erickson, Photo Mania, Naperville, IL

Brian and his staff were a complete joy to work with! If you want professional, top notch, immediate results then this is the team you need to hire for your website.” – Marta Brown, The North Fork Estate, Eaton Rapids, MI

I loved working with Brian and his team on my new beautiful website. I was looking to elevate my brand as a planner and he and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable.” – Lisa Ivler Events (President of North Jersey Chapter of ILEA), NY Metro Area