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Alan’s Sales Training, Mastermind Day, Consulting and Website Review Services: Post or read reviews here

By July 26, 2011July 25th, 2022744 Comments
Alan Berg CSP training

Whether one-on-one, small group, or for your entire team, Alan’s training and consulting gives you real ideas you can use, right away.

Review Alan Berg, CSP’s sales training, mastermind day, consulting and website reviews

Have you already worked with me on your business, sales training, attended a mastermind day or had me help with your website? Please post your website review, mastermind dayconsulting and private sales training reviews and comments below.

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I’ve been called North America’s Leading Expert and Speaker on the Business of Weddings & Events by customers just like you. Whether you’re the only employee, or a team of dozens or more, I’ll custom tailor an affordable solution for you.

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Join the discussion 744 Comments

  • Carmen Bush says:

    I wish I had consulted with Alan a couple years ago. He answered all my questions and then some. He’s a wealth of knowledge in the wedding business. I’ll certainly follow through with his referrals to other consultants and the links he provided. Alan was easy to follow and easy to talk to (even minutiae). Thank you!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Carmen, it was great chatting with you and Sarah and I look forward to seeing the updated pricing and packages!

  • kevin says:

    Every time I do what Alan says I make money! He really knows what he is talking about and my business continues to grow thanks to him!

  • I have taken several of Alan’s training classes in addition to personalized training. Alan is so relevant and always goes above and beyond what you would expect from a trainer. I consider his training to be necessary and meaningful to the growth of my company.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Marianne, it’s always great working with you and helping you fine tune your practices to close more sales and profit more!

  • June Deuell says:

    Alan is a smart, easy to understand, straight forward, modern and has a deep knowledge of business! I learned so much from just spending a couple of hours with him. I’m already referring to him as my “business coach” and plan to make him a part of my yearly business plan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks June, it was great working with you, and I look forward to helping you on your journey to the next chapter of June Events!

  • Nick Vera says:

    Alan! Your insight into everything business-related is incredible! I so appreciate the dedicated time you spent with me as we discussed new pricing structures, website improvements, and best practices overall. Your passion was evident from our first in-person meet and shined through during our one-on-one meeting today. I appreciate you getting to know who I am, what I do, and providing an endless stream of ideas to help generate higher profit margins! You freaking rock!!

  • Jim Collins says:


    Thank so much for taking the time to meet with me last night to discuss pricing for our company website. Between listening to your Wedding Business Solutions Podcast, hearing other wedding business professionals rave about you, and chatting one-on-one with you about sales, music, website structure and pricing – you have a gift and wealth of knowledge to share. You were quickly able to pinpoint areas of our website that stood out and offered suggestions for improvement. You carefully crafted a plan with detailed steps to help me improve my business! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jim, it was great working with you on your pricing and website and right-sizing your business for now and the future.

  • Welvin says:

    I had Alan help me with a couple which I had a meeting with but hadn’t heard anything after. I had a hard time figuring out what the email message should be to get a response from the couple. With Alan’s help on crafting the email message, I sent it to the couple and a few hours later, they booked me! Thank you Alan for all the info and knowledge you’ve shared!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Welvin. The small changes in how you reply can often make the biggest difference. I’m glad you reached out and that it worked for you, first time!

  • Before I talked to Alan,
    Picture it this way… driving in a narrow road with many different routes ahead, but very disoriented which one should I take.
    After I talked to Alan,
    I see signs with flashing lights guiding me into the right direction.
    Yes, a two hr conversation with Alan totally opened new avenues of opportunities, thanks Allan for all the wise ideas.

  • Corbin Mock says:

    I have heard Alan speak on numerous occasions, I attended a master minds workshop, I bought books (both audio and paperback), and I guess if there was a “fangirl” status for someone who is so knowledgeable in the wedding business, then I am that fangirl. The sales and marketing knowledge Alan imparts is invaluable and with the ever changing marketing strategies, he’s on top of it. When this man talks, I listen.

  • I had a consultation with Alan and found him to be very informative and hands on. I got new perspective as well as a very clear list of actions to get my team to our goals. Looking forward to the work!

  • I seriously thought I had a solid website and it had everything I needed, even adding items I learned from his books. Alan took my website to a whole new level. I am looking forward to revamping my website and implementing the new ideas and tactics I learned from Alan’s website workshop. If you are not getting the traffic you want from your website, I would highly recommend taking this seminar.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Graham, it’s always best to see what a site looks like to others, since we see them differently when it’s our site.

  • If you are new to the wedding business or need to up your business go no further than Alan Berg. He is a genius at spotting what you need to do to improve your website, pricing and lead conversion. He is worth the money. I have an Ivy League MBA in entrepreneurship but I always come away from my meetings with him and his lectures with a treasure trove of ideas that I should implement. Sign up now!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ripley, that’s high praise coming from you. I appreciate and am humbled by your comments.

  • Tom Bryan says:

    Alan’s guidance helped me turn my good website, into a great website site! The difference is noticeable.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Tom, that’s so nice to hear. I’m so happy to see you make the changes and feel the difference after our consulting session.

  • I was part of Alan’s group website review last month – since then, my bounce rate is down and conversion rate is up! I was able to make minor adjustments during and right after the call that have yielded major results. If you haven’t invested in consulting from Alan, get on it! Thank you for continuing to serve the wedding industry with valuable and relevant insight year after year, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Savannah! That’s fantastic and it’s great that some minor adjustments can have such a big impact.

  • I attended the January 19th Master Class Workshop: How to reply to inquiries without getting ghosted! Online Zoom can be tough to sustain your attention for long periods of time. NOT with Alan’s classes! This class was great! It was a combination of suggestions, advice and ideas from Alan with also being able to chime in with questions and have an open and honest conversation with the other participants. We created specific email templates to utilize when responding to an enquiry. With this seminar I booked 4 weddings in a week. Thank you Alan and I look forward to future workshops!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Caroline, I love when you get such quick results. Kudos for taking the class and for making changes!

  • Alan,

    Your wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales and websites is priceless. You really know how to put everything in simplistic terms and incorporate examples/analogies at the right time. Thank you for taking the time to discuss sales strategies and critiquing my website. Until next time!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Chris, it’s always great working with you and seeing how you make changes, right away – take action!

  • Always good to have a new set of eyes on your website. Alan helps you see what everyone else sees!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Winston, it was great having you in the Group Website Review session and being open to seeing your site the way your customers do!

  • Best decision I made to start the New Year! So many insightful tips that made an IMMEDIATE impact on how prospective clients interacted with my website. Can’t say enough good things about how valuable this experience is for any wedding professional. Don’t miss out.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kenny, it was great having you in the Group Website Review session. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes on your site!

  • Nada Tizzano says:

    Training with Alan was really valuable, exactly what I needed. Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nada for tuning in all the way from Italy for the Master Class. I’m so glad you were able to make it and I look forward to hearing of your successes.

  • Alan’s class was amazing! As a new business owner, this class was very helpful and gave me a lot of pointers to apply to my business! I highly recommend taking his class!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Chané, I appreciate you coming to the group Close More Sales workshop. I look forward to doing a private session soon.

  • Niki G. says:

    Our team had a call with Alan Berg last week and we have started implementing a few changes in our work flow that he suggested. We already see a better client response! We have a lot of homework to do, but it feels great to have some goals set to better our sales process! Alan’s knowledge is incredibly valuable and we so appreciate that he’s a part of our “team” now too!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Niki. It’s so great to see you getting such an immediate impact! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ray Caddell says:

    Just finished a 4 hour group website review with Alan. 7 of us and I really think we all got plenty of attention. PLUS, he didn’t make me feel stupid or even that I was old and WAY behind the times technologically speaking.

  • Ray Caddell says:

    Just finished a 4 hour group website review with Alan. 7 of us and I really think we all got plenty of attention. PLUS, he didn’t make me feel stupid or even that I was drinking from a fire hose. Learned a lot, making some changes (a lot) and I’ll be back for more.

  • Thank you so much for the business and website review, Alan. I implemented some of the changes immediately and within 24 hours I saw an increase in inquiries. I’m excited to watch our analytics to see increased conversions. We love what we do and helping more people celebrate comfortably is our goal. I appreciate your patient guidance. This was a great investment towards Weather or Not’s future.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Nil, it was great finding out about your business and seeing how I can help you help more couples with their wet and cold weather wedding plans.

  • Sarah Clem says:

    I really enjoyed my sales training with Alan and feel as if I am going to have great results implementing the ideas he gave me for our wedding packages. He was easy to talk with and I felt as if he understood my venue great virtually. I would highly recommend his personal consultation services to any other venue owner!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Sarah, it was great working with you and finding out about your beautiful venue, and how I can help you help more couples have amazing weddings there.

  • Mark Heywood says:

    My consultation with Alan really opened my eyes on how people are viewing me and my business . Alan is very thorough and knowledgeable. I left our consultation with so many nuggets of information. The whole meeting was recorded and sent right back to me so I can revisit which is a huge plus. I can’t wait to do it again. I
    Thank you Alan for getting me back on track I’m fired up and more confident now! Your a good man!

  • Simeon says:

    I did a website review which included much more than just the website. It included many other factors that affect your www presence and some other seo help. All I have to say is GAME CHANGER!

    Thanks for all your help Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Simeon, and I was so glad to see that you’re already making changes! Can’t wait to see the finished site.

  • Sarai Flores says:

    The leads conversion workshop was insightful, eye opening and filled with such good advice and current informtion. Alan stands out as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry. So grateful for his contributions.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Saraí, it was great for you to tune in from beautiful San Miguel Allende, Mexico! I’m so glad you are seeing such quick results. I hope to get to visit Luna someday soon.

  • I cannot believe I waited this long for an actual training with Alan. His knowledge and delivery is second to none. If you want to grow your business and want to truly work on your sales strategy, Alan is an integral part of that process. I was ready for my business to take off even more than the year before and then COVID-19 happened. I knew that I needed Alan more than ever so that I could grow this business beyond my regular goals for 2020. I feel I have the right tools to proactively and professionally respond to clients and close sales. Alan taught me to sell my experience, not my services. HD Entertainment is eternally grateful to Alan and we will be returning for regular trainings and workshops!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Heather, I’m so glad you finally decided to take the plunge. It’s good to see that you’re excited about implementing your new tools!

  • Gabriel says:

    I had recently the pleasure of watching one of Alan’s webinars.
    The content of his training got my attention the way I decided to contact him for a private training session regarding my upcoming new website.
    I couldn’t be any happier with his training and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional, with great character and passionate to share his knowledge in order to help business owners, as myself, to achieve great results.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Gabriel, for joining us all the way from Perth, Australia. I look forward to continuing to work with you on growing your business.

  • Dalia Atisha says:

    Alan’s knowledge in the event industry is so helpful to all creatives. His perspective has allowed me to better understand marketing and his advice appreciated beyond measure!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Dalia, thanks so much for coming to the inaugural website review group workshop. I’m so glad you got some ideas you can use now!

  • Brian Graves says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much Alan for all your time today! I learned so much.

    Thanks for staying on the line at the end and making sure that every question was answered.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Brian. That was a marathon session, for sure. But my way is always that we’re not done, until we’re done!

  • TerriAnn says:

    I attended your “Selling Your Way to the New Norm in the Wedding and Events Industry” Webinar and it was the most fact filled, informative, easily understood, most positive webinar I have ever attended. Thank you for all of your wise insight and generous ideas that flow from your experience. Although I knew you were going to offer a link for hearing the information again, I couldn’t help taking copious notes as not to miss a syllable! 

    Thank you for your experience and your generous heart you are so willing to share. I look forward to more tutelage under your vast knowledge.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, TerriAnn, that’s high-praise and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

  • Susan says:

    WOW! The training that Alan provided our team is incredible. There were lots of “ah ha” moments and the very next day we were implementing what we learned. I highly recommend his training. Our team is on the way to greatness. Thanks Alan, it was fun spending a few hours with you.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Susan. It’s too bad we couldn’t get together at this time. I’m glad the virtual sales training was helpful and I look forward to helping you and your team again in the future.

  • We had our first consulting call with Alan and for the first time in 12 years feel like we were given advice that we whole heartedly agreed with! His knowledge of how to sell in the events industry, communicate with potential leads, and what our website should include have given us a fresh outlook on our business. We are eager to implement all of the action items he gave us!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Camille. It was great working with you, Courtney and Captain Bob. I can’t wait to be able to come down and experience The Carolina Girl for myself!

  • Tommy Elliot says:

    I recently did a review of my website and found the information from Alan priceless ! He led me through every page on my site and told me what i needed to change to maximise it. He helped me with my email replies and content review also on the website which was super! If you want to give your site the best chance possible get in touch with Alan NOW!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tommy. I’m sure that the shorter emails will help you have better conversations and convert more into sales!

  • Alan –
    Wow, thank you so much for your help. I have been having trouble what to say / ask after I give out pricing information. Many times I would just hear nothing back. After working with you for a few minutes, you gave me advice and just made a few little tweaks. The next day I implemented your advice and BANG, I not only got a response got a phone call which led to a booking within the hour.

    Again, thank you so much for your time!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Mike, it was my pleasure to help you. Sometimes it’s the little tweaks that can make the big difference.

  • Carina Hernandez says:

    Hola Alan, quiero darle las gracias por su entrenamiento a nuestra compania. Nos ayuda mucho su experiencia y sus conocimientos. Yo eh aprendido mucho como mandar lo que puede ser un simple email pero en realidad es necesario saber mandar la informacion correcta para obtener la informacion correcta de el cliente.
    nuestras ventas han crecido mucho y hemos tenido muchas respuestas de clientes al solo saber mandar un email correctamente.
    Yo si pudiera iria a sus entrenamientos cada vez que me fuera posible
    Es increible y le agradesco mucho que me ayudo a crecer personalmente y profecionalmente
    Carina Hernandez Penn Oaks golf club.

  • By far, Alan’s Mastermind Class is worth every penny and I highly recommend attending. Our senses were awakened! We left the class feeling rejuvenated. Our minds were full of refreshing new ideas. We had a knowledge of how to move forward. We met a group of new people to network and talk business with. We look forward to attending his next Mastermind.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Shannon to you and Andy for driving down to Elgin for the Mastermind Day, and for a lovely dinner and conversation.

  • I’ve attended numerous seminars with Alan. He has worked with me as a private coach for my website and I have heard him speak in a variety of settings. The Mastermind format is by far the most effective way to improve your business. This is my third master class that I’ve attended with him. Although many of the same topics come up, each Mastermind is completely different because new vendors that attend all have different problems and challenges. I’ve had my music company for over 20 years and it’s easy to feel isolated and that you’re the only one dealing with your problems. The Mastermind sessions helps you realize that there are lots of other companies dealing with the exact same issues that you are. Alan is great at helping people explain what their problems are and provides some easy solutions that you can apply right away. That’s what makes these Masterminds so valuable. It’s not just the information that’s being shared, it’s the fact that Alan uses real world examples to show how you can apply it instantly. If you want to finally get those nagging problems solved and spend more time enjoying your business instead of fighting it, attending Alan’s Mastermind session is the smartest investment you’ll make. There are lots of wedding marketing gurus, but Alan is in a class by himself. Sign up today before your competition does!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, David. Wow, your third Mastermind Day with me, and we’ve consulted one-on-one many times over the years. Your dedication to your learning and success is admirable!

  • Crystal Roddy says:

    This was a first time experience for me and I have been in Sales and Customer Service for over 25 years now. All of the information that was given to us was so helpful and confirmation of some things I have thought about was afraid to step out on. Not only did he teach us he was fun to learn from. I am definitely going to apply these techniques to my everyday communications with customers. I appreciate you sharing this knowledge with us to allow us to be better at our job.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Crystal. I’m so glad that you were able to come out and spend the day at the Mastermind. Sorry it took you 25 years to get this kind of training, but so glad you did. See you at the next one!

  • Alyssa says:

    Myself and a couple team members went to a mastermind class and it was amazing! You could already be doing some of the things Alan talked about, but actually hearing him say to do them, its as if you’re getting confirmation that you are doing it right. The day after the class, the first email I sent to a customer, I thought of what Alan told the class, “end it with a question. ending with a period, ends the conversation”, I ended every email that day with a question. The class was small and the perfect size, it was personable, it was interactive, it was eye opening. I came back to work with a list of things that I want to work on! Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Alyssa and thanks to you and the Peoria Rentals team for driving up to Elgin for the Mastermind Day. I’m so glad I ran into Jenn at the ARA Show and could tell her about it.

  • I heard Alan speak at many larger events, Wedding MBA & ARA Conference to name a few. The intimacy of this mastermind conference allowed a personalized session to discuss Issues facing our particular business and solutions to correct or address them. We left with many ideas and resources to move forward and increase our sales.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kristy, you hit the nail on the head. The intimate size of the group makes the experience totally different than a large conference setting. So glad you and the Create a Scene team were able to make it.

  • Jeremy Carrizales says:

    After speaking with Alan I truly feel like a “Mastermind”! I am so glad I was able to attend his Mastermind Day. Now I feel like I could sell water to a fish. His knowledge was very inspiring and kept me yearning for more. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jeremy, it was great having you and Ron at the Mastermind Day. Good luck with your new truck, it’s beautiful!

  • Sarah Petryk says:

    Alan just helped me rethink the entire way I do business.
    I didn’t realize I was struggling. My wedding floral business was profitable. I had plenty of clients, but I knew there was always room for improvement, so I booked some time to work with Alan one-on-one. I don’t even know where to begin. Alan found these points in my business that were really dragging me down personally, but that I hadn’t really been able to articulate. I’d spent so much time focused on making nickel-and-dime clients satisfied, that I’d forgotten that I AM AN ARTIST! I’m creating a beautiful experience for our couples and their guests on their wedding day! I need to be selling that experience-not 12 stems of this and 15.5 stems of that. And it takes me many, many WEEKS of back and forth on proposal writing/editing to even book our clients. Alan suggested a new way of booking that I can’t wait to put into place. Do you have any idea how much it is going to mean to book the client on the night of the consult and then work out the final details-instead of spending hours in this back and forth dance?

    Alan also gave me so many practical and easy to implement suggestions for my website (embarrassingly I didn’t even realize how many missed opportunities were there)-don’t miss having him do a thorough review of yours! You’ll walk away ready to conquer and own your slice of the internet! Thank you, Alan, for your incredibly valuable insight!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Sarah, I’m so glad we had a chance to talk through your issues and that you came through it with more clarity.

  • Cassie Smith says:

    Alan Berg’s Mastermind Seminars are always a life changing experience. He helps you to see things from a different vantage point and ALWAYS gets my creative juices flowing! I walk away feeling inspired and with a long list of GREAT ideas to incorporate. He changes the successfulness of our business every time we meet with him. This is my second Alan Berg class, the first being a private mastermind class where he presented to everyone in my company. This day was absolutely incredible and I highly recommend employers seeking out this personalized time with him as it truly made, and still makes a difference.

    Must read – “Shut and Sell More” as well as all of Alan’s additional books. They will increase your success and change your whole way of thinking, in a wonderful way!

    Thanks again Alan for a wonderful day. I look forward to seeing you again, hopefully with the whole JAM team again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Cassie, it was great that you wanted to come back for more sales training and that you brought some of your new team members. I hope to see you again soon at a JAM Caterer training.

  • Nicole says:

    After learning from Alan at the Mastermind Class, I knew we needed to set up a website consult. It was absolutely the best decision we made and especially since we are getting ready to head into a new season! I am so thankful we had Alan review our website, give his insight, and share his wealth of knowledge with us. I know it was a great investment for our wedding business! Thank you Alan, we are grateful for your time and expert advice!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nicole, to you and Robbin for having me review your site after the mastermind day. A few tweaks here and there and your site will be ready for lots of wedding couples.

  • Took the Mastermind seminar yesterday and this morning a mother and father called from the car (as they were headed down to Key West) to ask a simple question, and I hear Alan’s voice in my head, “ask for the sale” so I did, and they booked! I think it’s going to be a very profitable year! Thanks Alan for the courage and insight. Lini

  • Kraig Nace says:

    It was a relaxed but productive event! Alan is clearly experienced and knowledgable! It was great to have an atmosphere of varied event professionals comfortable to share challenges, receive advice, and give advice. The ever-evolving wedding and special events industry is a new challenge each day and, somehow, Alan manages to keep up with the changes, the statistics, and the condition of the nationwide and global industry! Thank you!

  • Stephanie Shaak says:

    Alan’s wealth of knowledge in wedding and event sales is unparalleled. His advice on everything from how to reply to emails to engage the client, to how to properly include client testimonials in your marketing, to how to expertly design promotional materials to grab your prospective client’s attention, is not only easy to incorporate into your every day, but will also change your entire sales game. Thank you, Alan, for helping all your clients achieve booking success!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Steph, it was great to have you back for another mastermind day, and I’m glad Kelsey was able to join us.

  • Della says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered Alan’s book “Wit, Wisdom and the Business of Weddings.” It is the most comprehensive wedding industry guide on the market, a must-read for anyone navigating through this industry, whether you’re a veteran or newcomer. I had interviewed several wedding industry coaches (the US and abroad) before signing up for the Website & Business review. I can honestly say, in addition to his wealth of knowledge, Alan’s genuine, straightforward, and personable approach won me over. The tremendous feedback and advice I received gave me the confidence and clarity to move forward with my new business. Thank you so much, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Della, it was great working with you and hearing about your unique business idea. I’m glad I was able to give you the clarity you needed.

  • Aliyah says:

    Alan was so generously insightful! He opened my eyes to things about our business and website that I never would have noticed or paid much attention to. I started implementing his suggestions right away and we can already see how our site is improving! I cannot wait to see what results are in store for us once all changes are made to the site!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Aliyah, it was great working with you and I look forward to seeing the changes at our next consulting session.

  • Illy Goodall says:

    I needed an honest opinion and feedback for my website, from a wedding industry professional. Alan did just that, telling me exactly where I was going wrong with my website content and sales strategy. Alan told me exactly what needs to be implemented for me to be making these sales and bringing in the money! I’m so thankful I was able to have the call with Alan and I can’t wait to see the results from the new changes. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Illy. Your unique business gave me a good challenge as I wasn’t initially sure what help you needed. It was clearly a messaging issue and I’m glad that you found value in my input. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes.

  • Jessi Rae says:

    I had such a great experience working with Alan. I knew my website needed some work and he was able to help me pinpoint the areas to work on. Alan is knowledgeable, calm, and very easy to talk to. If you are questioning your website and how effective it is, call Alan. He will give you great advice and help you find the solution.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jessi. It was great working with you and your Mom. I’m looking forward to the site changes.

  • Holly Bowers says:

    We attended the Mastermind Day in Greenville recently…wow! I have so many notes and strategies that he suggested I am truly excited about the future of our business. We have already implemented ways in which we reply to our brides and working on our logo and website.
    If you have not attended one of Alan’s programs, I highly recommend it! Well worth the investment.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Holly, it was great having you and Ken at the Mastermind Day. I’m excited about the future of your business as well!

  • Ken Bowers says:

    Alan’s mastermind provided such value added content which has already created my return on my investment in his masterclass. The key take-away’s were immediately implemented and the benefits have been realized.

    Thank you Alan for answering all our questions and pouring into our business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ken, it was great to have you and Holly in the Mastermind Day. Looking forward to seeing you the next time I’m in Greenville.

  • Alan’s workshop was very informative and gave me some incredible insight as to what I need to do better in order to sell my services. He went through the processes needed to make a sale and even gave feedback on my marketing materials and website. I am surely going to apply some of his teachings and be better at selling my services. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ritchie. It was great having you at the Mastermind Day. I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re doing closing more sales with the new techniques.

  • Alan’s Mastermind class is exceptional! The content just kept coming and coming. Everybody who attended left the Mastermind with alot of homework to do on their businesses 🙂
    We loved hanging out with Alan!

  • I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Mastermind session with Alan on Monday – my first meeting with him. Having read two of his books (and quickly purchasing the latest) I appreciated how consistent and simple his message is. The Mastermind is a terrific way to gain from Alan’s knowledge and experience – specific answers to questions, website reviews (reinforcing his intelligent guidelines), answering emailed or texted questions with the info but making sure you are concise and move it to an action response.
    Alan is as genuine in person as he comes across in his books. He’s very generous with his advice and kind in his critiques. Will be digging into his new book ASAP.
    Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Suzanne, it was so great to meet you and Rod. I loved hearing your story and about your success.

  • Wow, Alan really opened my eyes to how I look at my advertising and website! Feeling more confident and after I do some modifications I’m ready to take over the area in the DJ Business!! A must attend when you have the opportunity! Thank you Alan

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Derek. It was great having you and Debbie at the Mastermind. I look forward to hearing about your take-over.

  • Alan was so helpful when reviewing our website. We implemented everything he suggested for us to do and we (soon after) began receiving more email inquiries from ideal prospects.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Veronica, it’s great that you’re getting more leads now. That’s more opportunities for The Replicas to bring your fantastic music to more events!

  • Russ Jaynes says:

    Alan’s mastermind workshop was awesome! We have attended it two times now and both times have gathered invaluable ideas that we have already started implementing. Alan has a way of seeing the big picture and giving you honest feedback on your business and its progress that helps you improve more than you ever thought. We look forward to each time Alan is speaking at conventions and do our best to attend. Highly recommended! Thanks again Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Russ. It was great having you and Bree for a second Mastermind. Your business has grown so much, so fast since we’ve been working together.

  • Rick Wilson says:

    Alan has really helped me in my wedding venue. Definitely worth the money.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rick. It was great having you at the mastermind day in Chicago and now working together on the phone.

  • Alan helped me with my closing skills, and did a full review of my new website. Thank you so much for your insight into my brand, and how to elevate it! I highly recommend his very fairly priced services.

  • Janelle says:

    Having met Alan at Evolve in Sydney in June 2019 that Alan was a huge part of was I jumped at the opportunity when invited to attend his mastermind class in September in Sydney again. Alan is so full of knowledge and experience specializing for the Wedding and Event Industry that his mastermind class gave you the chance to speak on a one one basis in a small group. Allowing to ask those questions and know you are going to get the answer you need… Thanks Alan can’t wait to meet again soon xxx

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Janelle, it was great that you could make it to the Mastermind Day in Sydney. I hope to make it back down under soon.

  • Sarah says:

    Alan was an amazing help. He provided our team with the guidance we needed regarding a presentation we had for a new client. Alan provided insightful and, what seemed like, off-the-top of his head suggestions. He lives and breaths presentations and sales!! If you are looking for any guidance, whether it is an entire business plan review or a small presentation power-point check, Alan is the person for the job!

    5/5 Stars.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Sarah, I’m so glad I was able to help you. Good luck with the presentation and proposal. I hope you win the account.

  • Edward Fam says:

    Alan gives eye-opening, logical and insightful advise on how to market and sell your wedding business. IMPACT Collective has benefit greatly from attending half a dozen of Mr. Berg’s engaging presentations I strongly recommend hiring Alan on building a strategy for your business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Eddie, it was great seeing you at The Pro Experience in DC. I’m so glad to see that you’ve benefitted from my presentations.

  • My neglected website needed some love so I turned to Alan Berg for his experience and expertise. Alan provided tons of clear and actionable advice on issues large and small. He even emailed me a recording of our session. As I make changes, I can already see a more effective website taking shape. Alan doesn’t just give you “food for thought” during his sessions. He gives you a whole feast. Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Victor. It was great working with you and I can’t wait to see the rest of your site changes. The one’s you’ve already done look great.

  • Angel says:

    I went to Alan’s mastermind class last week, it was so informative on leads, websites and how to deal with clients. I can’t wait to start implementing all the tangible tips and advise he gave me into my business now. Thank you!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Angel, it was great having you at the WedMidwest conference and the Mastermind Day! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be able to move some of the website changes forward and I look forward to hearing the results!

  • Our call with Alan was extremely insightful! He was thorough and on-point. Specifically, I thought it was great that Alan gave real-world examples in order to help us understand a point. We will definitely use everything he recommended in developing our new website.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Christie. It was great working with you and your team. I look forward to seeing the changes on your sites.

  • Rob Amro says:

    I found Alan’s knowledge for the wedding industry amazing! But it was his Sales knowledge that helped me and my team!! Thank you Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rob, it was great spending the day with you and your team in Melbourne! Can’t wait to get back.

  • DJ Hire says:

    Well done Alan, great website and article. From the reponses on here you really know your stuff! All the best for the future!

  • Louise Kelly says:

    Renewed vigor for sales! I was in a sales slump before attending this seminar. Now I get motivated just looking back on all my notes from the MasterMind one-day session. Alan is entertaining, informative, and after one day with him I walked away with a new arsenal of strategies to put into practice. It’s been fun experimenting with these easy-to-apply strategies, too. I give him five stars AND two thumbs up!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Louise. I love seeing your renewed energy and look forward to hearing the results.

  • We took a Mastermind Training Class with Alan Berg and we were extremely pleased with the feedback and everything we learned! He is so knowledgeable in helping you market your business and how to respond to new inquiries to turn them into a client! Well worth the investment and would highly recommend his courses to anyone that is looking to grow their business!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rachel, it was great to have you and Dave there. I look forward to working with you on your website.

  • Lane Nittler says:

    We just enjoyed a Mastermind session with Alan. The day was full to overflowing with great insight that could be used by all present. Having the ability to review several complimentary businesses in the same Mastermind session allowed all of us to gain a better viewpoint of how our interaction benefits all of us, and how to improve each of our businesses individually. The day flew by and I think we all gained so much more from the day than we even hoped for – I know I did!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Lane, to you and John for hosting the Mastermind Day and inviting your local ‘friendors’ to join us to learn some new skills.

  • Jessica Fang says:

    I recently had a website-review consultation with Alan. I found that Alan is a very experienced and knowledgeable expert in the marketing field of the wedding industry. The suggestions he has given us are absolutely helpful. I think that having someone who is very professional to review your website and give you direct suggestion is something every business needs. Thank you so much, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jessica, I appreciate you putting your trust in me and look forward to hearing the results.

  • Ian Ramirez says:

    My team and I attended a Mastermind with Alan Berg a few weeks ago and we LOVED it! Alan gave us some great insight on the wedding industry and tips and tricks we have already put into place.

    I highly recommend his mastermind for a newbie or a seasoned pro.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Ian, it was great to have you and your team at the Mastermind Day. I’m so glad you’re getting such immediate results.

  • I’ve worked with Alan Burg for over 10 years, he has been an incredible resource for the growth of my music business. I’ve attended many seminars, mastermind sessions, as well as one on one coaching for my website. With many of my marketing ideas and challenges, he is able to give me the specific information that I need eve if it is something I don’t want to hear. He is not only a brilliant communicator, but a great coach who knows how to get the best out of you and your marketing projects. If you want to just hear how wonderful you and your company is, call your mother. If you want to make you business grow and convert for you, call Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, David, I always enjoy working with you and seeing how you’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • I was blown away with all that I learned. Thank you so much! I am new to this field and was looking for a few pointers on how to make this company and team thrive. I really enjoyed the more intimate setting. It was great to be able to sit and chat with other companies and Alan one on one style. Alan had so much insight on how to deal with everyday issues when it comes to inquires, team members, and clients. I can not thank you enough for this amazing opportunity.

  • Brian Brown says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Alan has once again exceeded all expectations when I had the privilege to host a Master-Mind Group at Fellows Creek Golf Club in Canton Michigan. The knowledge that Alan brings to the group and the unparalleled efficacy in which he transmits it to each individual is omnipotent! His unique blend of “If you were your client would you continue scrolling?” or the “have you looked at it the exact same way your customers will?” is so incredibly eye opening you’ll wonder how you’ve made it this long with what you’ve been doing! I’ve been trying to attend a Master-Mind Group for 4 years – it was WELL worth the wait!! I’ve been gifted ideas and facts that will impact our sales starting today – not tomorrow, next week, not the end of season but TODAY!

    A “thank you Alan” is completely insufficient.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Brian, for hosting us, and for your amazing support and for finally bringing a Mastermind Day to your corner of the world!

  • Bob Lubell says:

    I met Alan Berg long before his webinars, books and stage presentations. His sincere approach to helping wedding professionals attracted me to his wisdom.

    Over the years reading his dialogues, attending his platform presentations and sharing a quick text message has benefited my business growth.

    Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Mastermind class by this outstanding professional speaker. Alan leaves his class mesmerized. He instills self-confidence and hope in this crowded business world.

    An Alan Berg Mastermind full-day workshop, is a valuable investment for any business. The materials are well explained and the individual attention is directed to your unique situation.

    Seeing Alan on stage or listening to his Audible books is also valuable. Working one on one with him is priceless.
    Bob Lubell
    Grand Lubell Photography
    Sylvania, OH

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Bob, for driving up from Ohio for this and sharing your wisdom with us.

  • In a two-hour consultation with Alan, I received so much information. Alan gave me so many simple and effective tips to implement immediately. After my consultation, I looked at my wife and said that this was the best money I’ve ever spent, and incredibly she agreed!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Rodrigo. The tips are great, just make sure to implement them and keep your wife happy!!

  • Liz Grimes says:

    As an officiant, sometimes it can be a bit tricky finding just the right way to approach couples about their ceremony. I attended the MasterMind meeting Alan held recently in Charlotte. I put into practice the ideas he suggested about asking questions and then waiting for their answer. During the Mastermind I received an inquiry and together Alan and I answered it. Within 5 days I had a meeting with the couple and using his top down selling, they bought our top package. The groom stated, “I had no idea that was even available!” I have booked 2 ceremonies just from this process, with a phone call. It used to be that I would wait for a meeting to do the close. Hearing the buying signals during a phone call lead me to go ahead and ask for the sale. Other inquiries during the week are still in conversation! I am so glad I spent the day with Alan! I was also able to make connections with other top quality vendors and venues during the day!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Liz, to you and Jac for coming out for the Mastermind Day in Charlotte. I’m so happy that you got that inquiry during the Mastermind and that you’re closing more top package sales!

  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about my website review/session with Alan! It’s much more than a website review. Not only did we discuss a complete re-structuring of my offerings, but website conversion, and even a better post-inquiry strategy process. I haven’t even implemented all of the changes Alan suggested, but the few I made to my website in particular have already resulted in soooo many more inquiries, proving what Alan pointed out about my website – my traffic and interest was fine, but the structure of my site itself contained too many roadblocks. Remove those roadblocks, and more potential clients would be eager to inquire. I can’t wait to dive into the recording of our session and truly implement everything we discussed!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Brittany, I’m so glad you’re seeing such quick ROI. I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing after you make more changes and updates!

  • Summer says:

    Hands down worth the money we spent to do a one day session Mastermind meeting with Alan. We have come back and implemented a good bit of what Alan talked about and it is already helping us close conversations with lead, set up consults and ultimately close the sale. We are so thrilled with the knowledge and action items that we took away. Thank you Alan, for sharing all of your knowledge with those around you. It’s apparent that what you speak about works and we will continue implementing change in order to receive continued growth and profitability.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Summer, it was great to have you and Stephen in the Mastermind Day. I’m so glad you were able to use some of the ideas, right away.

  • Game Changer! We did Alan’s most recent Mastermind Class, and although we have head Alan speak many times we jumped at the chance to meet with him in a group setting. We were able to hurdle some problems we were having based on Alan’s advice, and the website critique alone was worth every penny.
    Don’t hesitate. If you can jump on the opportunity to take a Mastermind Class stop reading this and book it! Thank You Alan!

    PS, here is your soundbyte: “Alan’s Mastermind Class was worth every cent. In fact, we would have paid double for this valuable day of education.”

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Stephen, it was great to have you and Summer in the Mastermind Day. I’m happy to be able to help you over your hurdles and look forward to seeing you at the next industry event.

  • Cory Gosik says:

    Thanks Alan for helping give our sales team a jumpstart for 2019. Our all day sales training helped us take a step back and reevaluate our sales and follow up process. Being able to take away practical techniques to test in our market is what will help us the most. Our team left newly motivated and we talked about different ideas/strategies the whole car ride home. Thanks again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Cory for bringing your team out for the training day. I’m so glad your team is energized, and I look forward to hearing great things from them.

  • We just completed an all-day seminar given by Alan Berg covering the basics of selling catering and events. All of our team members found it substantive and applicable. We all took lots of notes and look forward to applying what we learned in the weeks and months ahead.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jeremy for bringing your team to the training day. I love how long some of them have been with you… that says a lot about you and your organization. I’m looking forward to helping you all achieve even more.

  • Alan spent two hours with me to review my website to better convey what I do to my clients. His suggestions were 100% spot on! I try to keep the website fresh and frankly, I cannot “see” my website with fresh eyes. Alan is technologically talented, and in addition to telling me what I need to do to improve my business information, he taught me some tech tools that I can use as well. What a FABULOUS two hours! If you haven’t done . website review, call Alan! He literally wrote the book on it.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Mary, that’s high praise coming from you. I look forward to seeing the changes.

  • Kathy Parry says:

    Wow! So much information. And easy fixes that will make a big difference. I had so many, “why didn’t I think of that moments!!” Great stuff Alan, thank you so much for your time and wisdom.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kathy. It was great getting to know more about you and helping you with direction for your next site.

  • Jamal Farhat says:

    I attended a mastermind day with Alan Berg, It was from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and he covered important topics in sales and how to communicate with the a new client. Right to the point. That day went fast and it was very informative. Thanks Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Jamal, thanks to you and Millie for coming out for the Mastermind Day. I’m looking forward to you trying some new things and hearing your success stories!

  • Anthony says:

    Alan is the man! He makes selling so simple, had an amazing day learning from him.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Anthony, and thanks for bringing your team out… again. It’s your commitment to bettering yourself, and your team that shows in your success.

  • Steve McDowell says:

    I have since changed jobs last we spoke, and no longer work at Fantasy Sound.

    However, I have carried my notes and your book into the future with me, and discovered immeasurable value in the ideas you shared with us.

    It is making me a smarter salesperson and I appreciate the help.

    I owe you another cigar sir. You rock Alan.

  • Erika Borton says:

    I’ve been to several sales training seminars in the past, and Alan’s class was by far the most exciting one I have ever been to! His energy travels through the room and gives us sales reps the motivation we need, not to mention that I have no doubt that I will be more successful after using his tools and techniques. He’s an honest and all around down to earth guy and I am so appreciative that my company has invested in his sales training.

    Thanks for a great day and looking forward to seeing you again in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Erika, thanks for acknowledging the investment that Jeff makes in you and your team. It’s a privilege to help such a proactive team.

  • Craig Zeserman says:

    Thank you Alan, for such an informative session on selling weddings. I’ve been fortunate to have attended several of your workshops. You certainly know what you’re talking about and the results are in my paycheck. Looking forward to watching the DVD collection. Now, I’m going to shut up and sell more weddings!
    Thanks again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Craig, it was great seeing you again. I love hearing that the results are in your paycheck… right where they belong, and that’s because you’re willing to try something new.

  • craig jacobs says:

    Thanks again for the session today Alan. I will be able to improve our web site design as well as our sales deck and demo as a result of your insights. You also gave me a lot to think about as relates to our identity and core revenue strategies. I’m sure I will have a couple follow up questions so appreciate your offer to answer them.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Craig, I’m here to answer your questions. Change comes from action, and I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Chad Wegner says:

    Alan gave a powerful presentation at our year end convention in Las Vegas. I have heard a number of professional speakers over the years and I thought he was one of the most intelligent and insightful. I would recommend his website, books, and presentations to any sales person or company looking to increase their sales and their positive thinking. Thanks Alan, it was a pleasure!

  • Abby Rose says:

    I feel so fortunate to have recently had an all day training with Alan Berg. Alan is very knowledgeable on both the wedding industry and also on how to increase sales. He is down to earth, easy to talk to and his concepts just made sense. I found his expertise so helpful and immediately put to use the techniques learned that day. Thank you so much, Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Abby, it was great spending the day with you and The Oaks team. I’m looking forward to hearing great things from you all.

  • Working with Alan on my website review was a great experience. He pointed out many areas for improvement and did a fantastic job making sure I understood all that he said. I loved the added bonus of the recording so I can put in place all the recommendations and tips we spoke about. Thanks Alan for working your magic on my website!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Chelsea, it was great finding out more about your photography business and giving you ideas on how to help even more couples have your beautiful work.

  • Adam Vernon says:

    Had an online/phone consultation, and it was incredibly valuable. Alan is extremely prepared and efficient, and doesn’t waste a moment of time. We received a highly detailed walk-through of our website and social media channels. We were given a multitude of simple, specific recommendations on how to streamline our design, and personalize our message for our clients. Extremely beneficial!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Adam, it was great working with you, and thanks to WeddingWire for granting you our session.

  • Steve McDowell says:

    I moved out of my old company and into a new role at a different job. I took two things with me, my Alan Berg phone cradle, and the information he shared with us (Fantasy Sound) on using reviews to sell. Both have been helping me out every day. You’re a great guy Alan, glad to have had a chance to read your book and learn the importance of listening. I am slowly but surely learning how to close my mouth, and close more deals.
    Thanks man

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Steve. Sales skills are always transferrable. Product knowledge is the easy part. Knowing and learning how to sell is harder.

  • I scheduled time with Alan after participating in his webinars for DWHSA (Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association). Within the first 10 minutes of our session, I was blown away by the level of insight and no-nonsense advice that Alan offered for my business. Busy entrepreneurs are always subject to a bit of burnout … meeting with Alan was the shot of adrenaline that I needed to get excited about my business again. I left our 2 hours session with 10 furiously scribbled pages of ideas, suggestions and tweaks to run my business to it’s fullest potential. I highly recommend working with Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ashley. As you start your full-time journey, I appreciate you reaching out so I can be your guide.

  • Recently attended one of Alan’s Mastermind sessions with a few other businesses in CT. I’ve seen Alan speak a few times now (note: if he wasn’t great and it wasn’t worth it and I wasn’t learning – I wouldn’t keep coming back) but this was different. The smaller crowd, concentrated topics, flow of discussion, sharing of knowledge and best practices, personal examples and frank conversation was beyond valuable. Being in this session, this roundtable of like minded people who shared the floor the entire day was just – awesome. I’ve already implemented a number of takeaways from this day that will allow us to work smarter, not harder while listening closer and responding more effectively – getting a better return. And I’d STILL see Alan again. He’s consistently relevant. He’s not a “one and done.” Thank you Alan for yet another great day!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Erin, it was great of you and your team to drive down for this. I may be able to officially call you a “groupie” now!

  • Bethany Wood says:

    Alan’s Mastermind class was enlightening and refreshing. There is always something new to learn and often my pen couldn’t keep up with the information given!
    Looking forward to my next opportunity to see him speak! Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Bethany for coming out for the Strategic Roundtable. I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re serving your club members, even more, with the new ideas.

  • Shari V. says:

    I had my first review with Alan yesterday and he was so supportive! I expected a pro to shred my website but he could not have been more kinder in his process. He provided many suggestions/changes for me to improve my business. As much as I learned in these two hours, I never felt like an amateur speaking with him. Now that’s a PRO! I will implement everything and report the results. Thank you Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Shari. I love your enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing your updated website.

  • We reached out to Alan for a website evaluation. We are so happy we did! His insights have increased our lead generation by more than 30%. We are truly thankful for his help. Trust me, Alan’s suggestions get results!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Charlie, it was great seeing you at WeddingWire World, and I’m so jazzed to hear about the 30% bump, that’s huge!

  • I jump on every opportunity I get to hear Alan speak. Last month, I finally made the investment for one-on-one coaching and have been kicking myself for not doing it sooner! Having Alan’s expertise zeroed in on my business has been invaluable. I implemented Alan’s website and marketing material advice right away and booked my biggest package of the year just one week later!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jazmyn, it was great working with you. I’m so excited that you booked your biggest package, right away! Kudos.

  • Melody says:

    Our entire sales team spent the day with Alan yesterday and it was extremely productive. We left recharged and with some great tips on how to be more efficient and drive better results. It was well worth the time and expense.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Melody, it was great spending the day with you and your team. You wanted your team energized, and I’m so glad they are!

  • Jim Cerone says:

    It’s rare when the value of something exceeds what you paid for it – but it’s definitely TRUE regarding Alan Berg’s Mastermind session. Alan packs so much information in and it’s all immediately ACTIONABLE. You will leave with real concrete steps you can take right away to improve your business and bottom line.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jim. It was an honor to have you in the Master Class, proof that no matter your success, you never stop learning.

  • Alan was amazing, his experience, wisdom, and wit, kept us glued and mesmerized the whole day.
    We are refreshed and renewed, full of sparkles, new ideas, and energy.
    Now, if I could only shut up and sell more 🙂
    Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, George, for inviting me out to work with you and the Fab Weddings team. I love what you’ve built and can’t wait to see the new venue.

  • Steve Zimmet says:

    I had a two hour phone consultation with Alan, mainly to discuss our website. Alan was very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Virtually all Alan’s suggestions are easily actionable. As a result, I have many items on my to do list, and although I’m still in the early implementation phase, I am excited about Alan’s suggestions and believe they will impact our bottom line in a very positive way.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Steve, from one musician to another, I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your band.

  • The Mastermind Day was incredibly informative. The wedding sales industry is new to me, so I was a sponge and felt fortunate to have this be one of my first opportunities to learn, and learn from the best! I have already used some of the great ideas from Alan in communicating, reviewing materials and sharing with my team. I have changed how I am communicating with my “leads” and it feels good to not just send an email, but make it a conversation. This workshop came at a good time as we are reviewing all our materials and website. THANKS Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Renee, for coming to the Mastermind Day. I’m so glad you’re energized and ready to take on the world.

  • Nora Sheils says:

    My mind is still reeling from our Mastermind with Alan! Just a short week later and my team is already booking new clients using some of the techniques discussed. Alan is an absolute expert and I could have picked his brain for days. Although my brain was fried at the end of the day, I left excited about my company, our industry and the changes we planned to implement. You will not regret time spent with Alan!

    • Alan says:

      That’s terrific, Nora! I love hearing how you’re already seeing such great results. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Missy Miller says:

    We had a 2 hour conference call with Alan and we got off the phone with a lot of work to do:) He was wonderful at reviewing our website and giving us ideas and things we could not believe we missed. It was great to have a fresh set of eyes look at the site and give us great feedback. He also did not make you feel like an idiot for things that were kind of no brainers…He also had great advice on marketing and sales follow ups. It was money well spent and now we are even considering having him out to the property for more ideas.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Missy, I’m looking forward to coming out to Medina to work with you and your team!

  • After seeing Alan at Wedding MBA and listening to a few of his pod casts, we implemented a few of his recommendations and saw immediate results. We decided to hire Alan for a Mastermind class and get more hands on advice and training. The class was full of information and my head is still spinning with ideas! We are making changes to our website, marketing materials and more – can’t wait to implement more and capture additional business. Worth every penny. Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth for bringing out the Bridal Bliss team for the mastermind day, and for sharing your immediate results with me. Kudos for taking action.

  • Ben Mercedes says:

    Usually day long presentations will leave you fighting to stay awake, This is not the case with Alan. I implemented what I learned from his Mastermind group two days ago and I woke up to the news of a new booked client. Investing in Alan is investing in YOURSELF.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Ben, for driving all the way down from Boston to NYC for the mastermind day. I appreciate that I’m like caffeine for you 😉

  • Amanda says:

    Alan visited our sales team recently and we can’t say enough positive things. We have been in business for over 60 years but Alan had our team looking at things with fresh eyes. We have been using the techniques we discussed and they work! With literally no effort just following the protocol we booked a huge conference the first week after the training. Even the little side conversations that were not part of the training provided a ha moments for us. Honestly it’s like Alan visited and gave each member of our team a brand new shiny tool box and taught them how to use every wrench in it! We are looking forward to working with Alan again in the near future, it’s worth every penny.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Amanda, I always love to hear how teams like your get immediate ROI from spending time together with me. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am new to the photo booth business and as a business owner. I had attended one of Alan’s seminars at the PBX in Las Vegas. The amount of material covered and the quality of teaching definitely exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect seminar for what I needed And to get the foundation of learning how to email potential customers. I can honestly say, out of all the numerous seminars that I had attended in those few short days, his seminar, I learned the most from! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get an exceptional learning experience and look forward to future seminars that I may go to.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kalina, it’s always great to hear from new businesses, like yours, and to see you coming to conferences and looking for ideas on how to succeed. I’m glad to be a small part of this for you.

  • Alan Berg is Second to none. I had the pleasure of consulting with him and look forward to the results that will come. There are few people I enjoy talking with as much as him. I would easily pay twice what I did to consult with him. I look forward to many more consultations.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Cole. It’s refreshing to work with someone your age, who is so progressive and willing to invest in your success.

  • LeAnn Batty says:

    Alan Berg’s presentation was informative and well presented. In the past few weeks, I have already experienced positive results from utilizing some of the techniques Alan suggested.

  • Nicole says:

    Alan is a DYNAMO. His thoughts and suggestions on websites, marketing, sales and pricing will inspire and push you to rethink EVERYTHING you’ve been doing and make it better.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nicole. We all need to get a little outside our comfort zones. So glad you came to the mastermind day.

  • Kim Moody says:

    Great job as usual Alan! We hope to see you in Richmond again soon. Thanks for taking the time to connect with us and help grow our businesses.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kim, it’s always great to see you. I hope we can make this an annual event.

  • sarah says:

    Alan is able to phrase (or rephrase) what I want to say to the client in a way that is way more articulate than what I say.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sarah, I’m happy to help, so you can make more beautiful floral arrangements.

  • Katie Hoer says:

    Alan is a powerhouse of profitable ideas. His insights are concise and intuitive! We will be making some big changes in the way we develop leads. We plan to “shut up- and sell more!”

  • After being selected out of a stack of card to have Allen look at my site. I loved his honesty and I wanted to crawl up in a ball and cry in a corner, but WOW!!! It’s exactly the kick in the butt I needed and went right home and started working on it. Alan’s cheeky smile when teaching us how to sell it the BEST, “ding”. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Paige, you were a very good sport with what I had to say about your site. Your photography is beautiful and we just need to show your customers that the person behind the camera is just as special for them.

  • Casey says:

    I saw Alan Berg speak at a 1 day Richmond Weddings event here in Richmond, Virginia and it was fantastic. He is very well spoken, his points make sense and really helped me think about hurdles that I see in my job day to day and how to tackle those. He spoke on ‘The Price is Right’ and how to navigate sales type questions between myself as a vendor and the client. I am going to start to implement some of his suggestions immediately to see the result as the market is ever changing and to meet the needs of clients is always evolving. Great way to spend the afternoon!

    • Alan says:

      That’s great, Casey. I’m looking forward to hearing how the changes are working for you.

  • Rob Wilhoite says:

    Today was a eye opener for my bbq catering business. Today I learned I could do
    a better job of listening to my clients, simplifing my pricing model and growing my sales. Thanks Alan for your time and insights. Best money I have invested in my company.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rob. It was great meeting you and I look forward to tasting some of your “Pig Candy” the next time I’m in Richmond.

  • WOW WOW WOW! Spent the day in a Mastermind Session with Alan in Richmond, VA. He provided us with so many practical tips for our businesses. His content was extremely relevant and now my “to-do” list is very long! Can’t wait to try some of his strategies for improving our web content and closing sales. His message was clear and simple. Even though we all had different types of wedding businesses , it applied to all of us. I would definitely love to hear him speak again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kim. It was great having you there and I want to hear how getting through you to-do list is leading to your success.

  • 3 Words: Knowledgeable, Generous, Entertaining. No wait, 4 words: Experienced. Ok, so, 5: Valuable. Thanks, Alan. You’re an incredible resource. Wait, that makes 6 words!

  • Rob Meagher says:

    If you are looking for the most effective way to improve your sales process, text or email Alan right now! The two-hour consultation that my team had with him was more than just a shot of adrenaline, it added true clarity to the things we are doing well and the things that we needed to change immediately. We put Alan’s suggestions to work right after the call and saw instant success!

    Thanks, Alan! We’re looking forward to your next book and hope to have you out to Denver for a Mastermind class in the near future.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rob, I love Jan was able to use these ideas, the same day, and already made a sale. You’re making back your investment already!

  • Joe R. says:

    Alan is a master of our domain. He is great with the psychology of our prospective clients. His insight and guidance just gave us a laundry list of things to help increase our brand awareness and closing ratios. With me being in this industry for over 30 years it has been rare to come across a gem such as yourself. Thank you for all you do, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Joe, for coming out with Joe C. It’s great to see that even with your experience you’re looking for new ideas.

  • Carla C. says:

    If you’re looking to really invest in your future, Alan’s advice is priceless! I’m so glad I attended one of his recent mastermind sessions as I’ve been able to utilize his helpful tips and ideas for growth – immediately! I’m certain my business will blossom as I intend to use Alan’s tools and advice in the months and years to come.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Carla, it was great of you and Julie for coming out for the mastermind day. I look forward to hearing stories of your blossoming business!

  • Alan, it’s only been 3 weeks since our phone consultation, and implementing your suggestions has made such a huge difference in our business. Since our consultation, we have booked 8 consultations and 2 weddings. I am very excited with the direction of where our business is going. What is more amazing is that potential leads actually really appreciate our conversational method of emailing them. I initially thought this approach would bother potential clients, but the reality is actually the opposite! Thanks again! I am so grateful I booked a call with you.

    • Alan says:

      That’s great, Nadine, I really appreciate you coming back to let me know. I often only get the ‘before’ view, so it’s nice to see the ‘after’, and that’s it a better view!

  • Cristina. Albulescu says:

    Phenomenal work!! Alan’s knowledge in the wedding industry is well above and beyond! He is THE BEST! After my 2 hour consultation with him I knew exactly that I made the right choice and that my website will definitely stand out and convert my sales to a much higher standard! His recommendations were extremely helpful! He really took his time to review every single detail of my website and covered everything from A to Z. Completely outstanding! service!,I couldn’t be happier that I got to work with him! Don’t spend your time looking for other professionals! Alan is your guy!,

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Cristina! It was great of Jake to refer you to me, and I can’t wait to see what Brian comes up with for your website.

  • Kenny Lewis says:

    Alan Berg simply has all the answers! When he speaks, I listen. I’ve consulted with Alan multiple times and will not hesitate to hire him again. I go to a lot of seminars and the deciding factor for me on which ones I choose spend my money on is whether or not he’s one of the speakers. He’s always personable and accessible and will always make you feel like an old friend when you drop by his booth at a seminar. His answers are quick and concise because he simply KNOWS! Thank you for transforming my business, Alan!

  • Nadine Araji says:

    Had a two hour phone consultation with Alan and really got a lot out of it. Although I made a list of areas I wanted to discuss, Alan came up with additional things for me to explore and think about. He is very helpful and resourceful, and pointed me to other contacts and websites that can help me get additional information. What I like the most about his approach is that you can tell he enjoys what he does and cares about the client, and is not just doing this for the money. Brilliant that he provides a recording of the meeting so I can go back and take notes. Can’t wait to schedule our next meeting!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nadine, it was great finding out more about your unique approach to your business. Yes, I love the recording feature, as well, so you don’t have to write down everything that we discussed. It comes in handy.

  • Rob says:

    Alan reviewed my website and did the job most will not. He kindly and caringly ripped it apart. Most will not admit to you that your website needs this or that fix and I was too blind to see it, having built the site with my own “brilliance.” But unless you are already a website god you need someone like Alan to tell you how to make your website a machine that will bring people knocking and get excited. Thank you, Alan, for sharing your wisdom and helping me see how to make my website so much better!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rob, for being so open to changes. So many photographers fight me on the marketing pieces, but you’re ahead of the curve on that. Thanks.

  • Website review with Alan Berg is a must!!!! for 2 hours the knowledge I gained, the understanding of a website and the value it can bring to my business was amazing. So glad I invested my time and money into this. Thank you Alan if mean the world to me….

  • Jackie says:

    Alan’s session was not only inspiring, but informational. I learned a lot of fantastic tools to help me sell and close the deal as well as be better at my job. Overall Alan was amazing and I’d love to see him speak again.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jackie, it was great meeting you and the EE team, I look forward to hearing great sales success stories from you all.

  • Korrine says:

    Alan is a wealth of very applicable knowledge. We asked him in for an onsite training session with our full team. This included everyone from sales, to operations, to management. He did a great job at building content that everyone could find some value in. He does a great job at keeping the conversation engaging. We all left with something to implement immediately. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Korrine, it was great seeing you again. I loved that we had everyone from the warehouse and drivers, through sales and management. That makes it so much more relevant and shows everyone how important they are. I hope the parts I did in Spanish added a little extra relevance to those on your team.

  • Alan! Thank you so much for putting on such a professional, engaging, informative, and fun training for us. We are still talking about it here! I have the orange cone sitting right next to my computer and you better believe that I (? send) every time now! I’ve gone thru a lot of sales training in my career but this by far was one of the best. I hope to see you soon at a conference or back here for additional training in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Farrah, it was great to have you and the EE team out on a frigid Saturday. I appreciate your kind comments about the training, and I look forward to hearing great things from you, and the team.

  • I have seen Alan speak at Wedding MBA since 2013. Every single time I am in his audience, I walk away with something wonderful and new. His advice can be used immediately. I contacted Alan after this past Vegas conference to present before 40 sales members of the Bonura Hospitality Group. For 7 hours, Alan did not stop motivating and coaching. My team found him inspiring, captivating, and unlike any speaker we have had present. He trained us with our own leads received in real time. In the 7 hours, my sales managers sent out two agreements and booked 4 tours. WE WERE ALL WAS AMAZED! Even members of our team who have been in the wedding sales industry for over 40 years learned new techniques and were excited to put them into practice. Thank you Alan! Can’t wait to have you with us again.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Margaret. The look on your face, when you got a reply in 9 minutes, was priceless! I’m so glad that you, and your team, are seeing such immediate results.

  • It has barely been a week since the Mastermind Day I attended with Alan Berg, and we’ve already overhauled several facets of our sales materials and process, including a redesign of our website! Our process and identity feels so much more authentic to our brand, and the response from our existing and prospective clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for all the insight, and you can certainly be assured that we’ll be coming back for more inspiration soon!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jennifer, for driving all the way down from Bar Harbor for the mastermind day. I look forward to seeing you the next time I come up to Maine.

  • Alan spent a day with our sales team last March. Talk about ROI! Within one month we had a 100% return on our investment and 8 months later, that return has catapulted to 500%! Our team has gotten much better at answering objections, providing appropriate and effective responses to leads, and, most important, closing. We were so happy with the results we scheduled a second visit this month and are looking forward to another round of improvements. Best sales training investment we have ever made.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jeff, for inviting me back, and for the JAM Catering shirt and hat. I’ll wear them proudly!

  • I took a Mastermind class with Alan after hearing him speak at WeddingWire two years in a row. Let me tell you, this was the most useful class of my career. I gained so many tools that I implemented right away. I immediately saw results in how our clients responded to us.

    Please invest in yourself and sign up for a class, one-on-one or whatever it is you are considering. It was the best decision I made.

    Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Divinity, for taking the time to share your experience. It was great having you at the DC mastermind, and I’m so glad you saw immediate results! I love when that happens.

  • Another incredible day spent with Alan Berg! He’s the best! I’ve seen Alan a few times and every time I walk away with fresh new ideas how to improve our marketing and communications to best serve our future clients. Thank you for a day great of inspiration!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Johnna, it was great having you at the Mastermind Day in Maine. I appreciate you coming out every time I’m up there.

  • Alan is THE expert. We discovered him on a Wedding Wire webinar (which was outstanding) and hired him for consulting on our web site. We’re so glad we spoke with him while we were still near the start of our site redesign. If even one of his many ideas for our site results in a sale, then his consulting fee will have more than paid for itself. We look forward to continuing with him.

  • Mike Garrasi says:

    ALAN BERG is THE MAN!! The amount of information he shares with you is just INSANE! His insight into what is in right now and what is going to be trending in the future is just incredible. Worth every penny!! I would have paid 10X what I have paid to see Alan. I have seen him 3 times now at his seminars and will never miss one! Thanks Alan! See you soon my friend!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mike, it’s always great to see you, especially up in your area. Your commitment to professionalism, and your success, through training and education, is admirable.

  • Mike Reilly says:

    Just completed a wedding master mind session with Alan and once again I am simply blown away!!! He is second to none in the wedding industry and his knowledge is priceless. This is my third time training with Alan and it gets better each time. Book him today!! It will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your business!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mike, it was great having you at the Mastermind. You always come out when I’m up in your area, thanks!

  • Amy Hammond says:

    Alan, I cannot thank you enough for the time, insight, and advice you provided during my consultation yesterday! There is nowhere and no one else in the wedding industry that a business owner can receive this type of personalized business counsel in such a short period of time. I have 8 pages of notes and probably only caught half of the information you shared. Thank you so much for recording our consultation; I will be listening again.
    I am working on your suggested changes and will be closely watching the results. I look forward to scheduling another call in the future to review what’s working and to see where else I can improve my business.

  • Our website review session with Alan was everything we expected and much more… I knew he was going to pick apart certain of his “pet peeves” with our layout and content… But we were amazed how one central theme can expand into a detailed (and very useful) two-hour evaluation!

    I have so many ideas and concepts I want to implement on my site now, thanks to Alan’s personalized attention. My wife and I own our own business and agree that a follow-up session (and regular annual checkups) are essential to the growth of our business. Thanks so much Alan; we will be talking again soon!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Amy & Randy, it was great having 3 piano players on one call! I’m looking forward to seeing your new website.

  • Sarah Martin says:

    You seriously need to Shut Up and Listen to Alan Berg!!! Read his books or go to see him speak. Being a down to earth person to talk to he is a wonderful speaker. I have learned to so much from him. My business is growing and all I did was LISTEN.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sarah, it was great spending the day with you and the Shutterbooth team. I’m so glad you’re seeing such immediate success.

  • Kelly Andres says:

    Alan was a wonderful speaker!! I had a meeting with the owners and they were very excited to start some of the ideas we talked about at the mastermind. Can’t wait to see this business get a step above the rest!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kelly. I’m so glad you decided to join us for the mastermind day. I look forward to hearing your success stories.

  • Kurt Nielsen says:

    Alan is a awesome speaker! His information on the industry is 2nd to none. We started changing things as soon as we left the meeting, sales tools, price list and even our website is being redone. If you ever get the chance to see him, WELL WORTH IT!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kurt, I can’t wait to see your new site, to show off your beautiful photos with a new “frame”.

  • Brad Stover says:

    Alan did a wonderful job of showing us ways to improve our connections with potential clients. I began using several of the ideas the very next day and received and inquiry, scheduled a meeting and booked by the end of the week. Great workshop and will ultimately make my company lots of money this year. Thanks Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Brad. It’s great to hear that you started using some new ideas, right away, and you’re seeing the results, just as fast!

  • Worth every penny! In a small group we were able to get very specific and address each persons strengths and weaknesses.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Michelle, for coming to the mastermind day. That’s what I love about the masterminds, too, getting to everyone’s issues in a small group format.

  • Jill Gordon says:

    Alan and I had a two-hour phone consultation a couple of weeks ago that left me feeling motivated and inspired to make some elemental changes in my marketing and sales approach. Before our meeting, I’d read “Shut Up and Sell More,” which was a fantastic source of useful, action-oriented information. After reviewing our notes from the phone consultation, though, I realized how many pointed, specific ideas Alan came up with for my business. We reviewed parts of my company’s website, sales material, “package” offerings and pricing, how to strengthen our brand recognition and some basic sales tips. After twenty-two years in business, it was time for a little “brush up” in some of these areas. Alan’s expertise and knowledge are solid, and I found him to be extremely generous and a whole lot of fun, to boot. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jill. I love working with veterans like you, who have an open mind to taking the necessary steps to stay relevant. As one of my recent articles says… you can teach an old dog new tricks (and it takes one, to know one!).

  • reese rowe says:

    Alan was an energetic and entertaining speaker. His suggestions for my sales team will help us get out of our own way. I can’t wait to put them into practice!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Reese. It was great spending the day with you and the Herban Feast team at The Foundry. I’m looking forward to hearing about your successes with “getting out of your own way”!

  • Adam Dove says:

    We used Alan for a 2 hour consultation, and it was invaluable. He gave us not only the 2 hours, but an extra 15 minute call prior to this when we had another issue come up (without a charge).

    We went into deep detail on our website, and covered 4-5 other topics on reviews & sales.

    It was great to get an outside perspective on our business, and was a tremendous investment for us.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Adam, to you Alicia and Kelly for a great call. I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes affect your response.

  • Kay Rountree says:

    Great conversation with Alan to go over the many details of marketing and web design for my business, all of which have created a long list of tasks ahead. Really excited to see how these changes impact the next year! Many thanks! So pleased to have had this discussion. Now to my list …

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Kay, I’m excited to see the changes, as well. Let me know when you’ve updated your site.

  • dave becherer says:

    It was great speaking with Alan. He gave me a whole lot of very practical advise and very clear direction. After I got off the phone I had a list of action items that are within reach and will definitely make a difference. Looking forward to seeing the results of implementing his great advise.

  • Tommy Waters says:

    The explosion of inspiration that happened after attending Alan’s Mastermind Class was so overwhelming that I was energized to immediately overhaul our entire business’s website and immediately start using his techniques for following up to our client leads. It’s literally been ONE day and I have already heard back from 3 new leads ready to start the conversation with me about their wedding day that will hopefully lead to three new bookings. If you have the opportunity to renew your passion and have a good time doing it, DO NO WAIT!!!!! You will no regret the decision!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tommy, to you and Jon for attending the mastermind. We’ve been trying to get together like this for a while, I’m glad it finally worked out. Looking forward to seeing you in December.

  • Liz Valles says:

    OMG- Alan is THE Wedding Guru!

    I spent two hours on the phone him. He had me outside my comfort zone, for sure! He helped me with my email responses to inquiries and reviewed my demo video and website.

    I started using his suggestions that afternoon and It hasn’t even been 24 hours but it’s working! I had two brides email me/call right after they got my new “Berg email response”.

    I’m so excited to start in on my laundry list of things he suggested!

    • Alan says:

      That’s great, Liz, so glad you’re seeing such immediate results. I know it’s outside your comfort zone, so I really appreciate you giving it a try.

  • Alan engaged a very diverse group at the McNamara Alumni Center. He effectively delivered critical points on guest service and taking it to the next level. Alan reminded the teams that “everyone is our customer” both internal and external. It was an outstanding morale booster, all attendees left feeling uplifted and with a positive attitude. Now we must implement what we learned and apply it into our day to day activities. I give Alan my highest endorsement as a champion trainer!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Barb. It was great working with you and your team from the McNamara Center, and your other properties. D’Amico has a great reputation and I look forward to hearing your success stories.

  • Danny Gee says:

    Alan’s approach and techniques have helped me become much better at sales. It’s amazing how some little adjustments can make a world of a difference!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Danny. It was great working with you and the team at Elite. I’m so happy to hear that you’re seeing success from the ideas we discussed.

  • Henry Chen says:

    WOW! I just spent 2 hours chatting with Alan Berg on how to improve my wedding photography website conversion rate (visitor to inquiries) and I walked away with a laundry list of actionable, tangible tips, advice, and strategies that I’ll be implementing in the coming days/weeks!

    I’ve heard of Alan for almost a decade now via The Knot, WeddingWire, and other platforms/companies, and have listened to/watched several of his webinars as well as speaking engagements (this past May at WeddingWire World in So Cal). Not only do I admire Alan’s knowledge of the wedding industry, but am inspired by the way he teaches and shares information.

    Thanks again Alan, I can’t wait to implement what he taught me and more than likely will be signing up for another coaching session in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Henry, for your loyalty, and for our time together. I look forward to our next session to work on your sales process.

  • Cassandra Koszarek says:

    I learned so much from Alan’s Mastermind training! His ideas and methods are both intuitive and revolutionary. I captured new business immediately after implementing his strategies.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Cassandra. I’m so glad you are seeing immediate results from our mastermind day. I look forward to hearing more success stories.

  • Laurie Smith says:

    Truly , thank you for the learning experience! It’s not often we attend continuing education events outside our industry; so, it was different but great!

    I incorporated the “? Send” tip into my e-mail communication with Members and Staff to increase my response rate, and it’s working! I ended up saving a membership last week when I reached out to a Member who was due to cancel with us on 05/01/17. This is the exchange:

    I would like to keep my membership !

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Apr 30, 2017, at 11:35 AM, Laurie Ann Smith wrote:

    Good Morning Lorraine-

    I hope this message finds you well!

    I’m just doing a brief courtesy check-in with you since you’re leaving as a result of being unsatisfied. Based on the Messages I reviewed on your account, it appears that we were able to work through your account challenges with Kolohe and your account. Is there anything that remains needing to be resolved? Are you still interested in cancelling your own membership?

    Thank You-

    Laurie A. Smith
    New Mexico Sports & Wellness – Del Norte | General Manager

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Laurie, for sharing this great story with me. I love how you immediately put this into use, and it worked!

  • Wyatt says:

    I schedule a consultation with Alan. He was very thorough in going throw my website and analyzing all my social media. He gave great direction on how to help drive business to my website and change my conversation during the booking process. I loved how he sent the whole conversation and the video of the call. I still go back to it and find more things to work on. I waited to post a review because I wanted to see if the changes have helped and sure enough it has. If you are starting out or even if you have been in the business and need a kick in the rear to re-energize Alan is money well spent!! Thanks Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Wyatt. I’m so glad you’re seeing positive results from our call, and I appreciate you posting your thoughts.

  • Damien Musto says:

    Working with Alan was an eye opening, inspiring experience. His knowledge and insight is exactly what we needed in order to begin building our new site. Having a fresh set of eyes as knowledgeable as Alan’s is highly beneficial. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend his services.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Damien, it was great working with you. I started working with Sumar Entertainment back in my WeddingPages days, so it’s great to continue the relationship.

  • Alan’s knowledge of the wedding industry is amazing. He is the best out there! We brought him in for two training sessions at our club. Money well spent. The impact he left on our sales force has been nothing but incredible. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Steve. It was great coming back to work with your team again, and speaking for your annual dinner about the “WHY”. You set a great example of leadership and positive attitude.

  • Brian Brown says:

    We/I took the LEAP of faith in Alan last year directly after Wedding MBA and reading his latest book on the plane-ride home. The results??? 2016 our golf course did 11 weddings and revenue for the year (banquets only) was just over 122k. THUS far as of April 3rd 2017 we have 25 weddings booked and 169k in booked business with 8 months to go! I’m out of Saturdays for the year and it kills me but I’m actually having to turn away some business. Invest in yourself, your place of business and Alan Berg – you will NOT be disappointed if you just listen and apply what he has to offer!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Brian, that’s fantastic! I love hearing great success stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Claudia says:

    Alan makes great use of every second of the teleconference. After the meeting I was left with so many new and fresh ideas for our website, I was excited and eager to put them into action. Without a doubt Alan’s website review is an excellent investment. Thank you Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Claudia, it was great working with you, for the second time. I look forward to the grand opening of your new venue.

  • Alan has been such an invaluable resource in providing insight in how to grow our business (a DJ company specializing in weddings and other private events). Alan is very experienced, insightful, and tech saavy as well. He takes great pride in helping his clients to develop their businesses, and he won’t hesitate to (politely) tell it like it is. I’m very happy with the investment we’ve made in hiring Alan as a consultant and I look forward to continuing to utilize him for his consulting. Cheers to Alan!

  • Alan came to one of our venue and ran a day-long sales training course for 15 of our account reps. All I can say is “Wow.” Best training class ever. I expect we will have an ROI within the next month. The ideas and techniques he presented were clearly laid out and easy to follow. He made the day fun, as well as educational. We learned a lot and had a blast at the same time.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jeff, for inviting me to come and work with your team. They have a great energy, and I have no doubt you’ll be seeing that ROI quickly.

  • Kelsey says:

    I’m already seeing positive results from Alan’s seminars that I attended less than a week ago! He offered relevant and useful tips, tricks and techniques that I was anxious to bring back to my office and share with my coworkers. We’re trying to increase sales by 20% this year and I know that many of Alan’s suggestions and knowledge will help us reach that goal. Already looking forward to the next time I can attend one of his speaking engagements!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kelsey, it was great meeting you at the ARA event. I love hearing that you’re looking to grow by 20%. I hope that the ideas you heard will get you there, and higher.

  • I participated in Alan’s Mastermind Class a few months ago and it was awesome! I had seen a few of Alan’s presentations and was looking for more one on one time to dive into the nitty-gritty business stuff. We fine tuned my emails to clients, Alan made suggestions for my website and gave me a few marketing ideas as well. Definitely worth the investment. No matter what topic is being discussed, Alan can always relate it to your business in a simple and easy way to understand. So when you go home, you can implement everything your learned. Thanks Alan! Looking forward to seeing your presentation in May. 🙂

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nicole, it’s always great to have you in the audience. I love your photography, and your dedication to improving your business. See you in May!

  • Ashley Backs says:

    HOLY COW! Alan rocked my world. After following the plan he set for my sales team and I we have had our best month in business and it’s only January! This time last year our sales were just at $4,500 and I thought we were doing alright. This year we have hit $14,500 in the same amount of time! The investment I made for him to come speak with my team was obviously worth more than what I paid! I will be calling him again this year just to refresh everyone, and smash our sales goals all over again! Thanks Alan for the great advise, insight, and knowledge you so willingly share.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Ashley, that’s fantastic. Thanks for being so willing to try something new. I’m glad it’s working out so well for you, so quickly.

  • Robin Selden says:

    Hi Alan,
    SO great getting to know you in Boston! Your sessions(although sadly I missed the last one) were my favorite part of the entire conference! Inspiring, somewhat obvious but very clearly helpful since so much of what you said are things that we need to be doing and are great reminders!!
    We came back to the office yesterday afternoon and the first thing we did was to stop everyone in their tracks and tell them about my favorite tip, your ?Send
    The best part of this story is that at the same time, almost on cue, we received a random inquiry with no information that came through the knot. I immediately jumped on my sales coordinator, Melinda, and said we need to try this and try it now!
    Here is Melinda’s response after getting an almost immediate reply: “HOLY SHIT A RESPONSE AND ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!!!! THANK YOU ALAN BERG =)”
    I needed to share this with you as I’m sure this won’t be the last a-ha moment we have! Thank you for your enthusiasm and infectious energy, your incredible insight and really fun and engaging delivery…I never wanted the class to end!
    Hoping that our paths cross again soon and look forward to a great 2017!

  • Alan is great! I have seen him speak many times. During my website review he showed me the changes I should make and explained to me why they would benefit me. I just love how he explains things so I can understand! I made some of the changes immediately and I am still making those changes now as I had a list….but one thing we talked about was my Full Planning Package….two day after I had a bride call that wanted a custom all inclusive package. With the knowledge from Alan I raised my price $1,500. and she hired me! I would recommend Alan to everyone. He is worth every penny and more.
    Thank you Alan for all your help!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Magadalyn. Talk about Return On Investment! That’s a 3X return, just from this sale. Fantastic.

  • After seeing/hearing Alan speak on multiple occasions at WeddingMBA and WeddingWire Education seminars, in the past few years I had been meaning to do a Website Review session. Finally, on my company’s third webiste, I told myself that I will not officially launch my new site until I have Alan fully dissect it. I did it yesterday and the biggest regret I have is not having done this for the first two iterations of my website. He’s professional, knowledgeable, personable and super accessible. The best part is not just that I am 100% confident his insight will help me get a much bigger ROI of his fee, but he went beyond the website insight and was sharing advice that will help my business in other way. Even though he has done this hundreds of times, you can tell he genuinely cares about the success of your business which is why I’m finalizing things to bring him to Washington DC to host a PopUp Workshop so my fellow Vendor friends can benefit from his breadth of knowledge. Thank you Alan! Looking forward to hosting you soon 🙂

  • Johnny Budz says:

    I had Alan come to our office for the day and it was awesome. My entire team benefited greatly from his knowledge and expertise in sales training. We have already seen improved results from changes we’ve made after meeting with Alan. His knowledge in the wedding business is 2nd to none! You will not be disappointed! Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Johnny. It was great coming in to work with you, and your team. You have a great energy, and the day went by, fast.

  • Karen Harvey says:

    I attended a 1 day workshop presented by Alan at a catering industry conference. I found Alan to be a dynamic speaker and the content of his presentation was very specific and relevant to our industry. I was able to implement some of his very specific techniques right away when I returned to work after the conference. I think these techniques will make an impact on the number of events I book immediately. The most important tip I got from Alan’s presentation was to continue to look at the client experience at our venue from their point of view from the minute they walk into their initial meeting.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Karen, it’s great to hear that you have tips you can use, right away. I look forward to coming up to work with you and your team.

  • Jeffrey Miller says:

    Alan Berg is a catering sales consultant par excellence! None better.

  • Larry Frank says:

    I was very fortunate to hear Alan this past week at our LCA training. All I can say is A+ and ? Send.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Larry. it was great having you and your team at the Leading Caterers of America event in Boston. I look forward to hearing how the ideas are being implemented by you and your team.

  • Anna says:

    Since doing a Sales training with Alan Berg our sales have consistently increased per sales person and overall. We were pleased with the outcome of and would highly recommend Alan Berg for sales training.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Anna. It was great working with you and your team at your beautiful venue. I’m so glad you’re reaping the rewards so quickly, of our time together.

  • My two hour consultation session with Alan was fantastic, well worth the money and time spent. He jammed the two hours with multiple ideas on ways to improve my website, create marketing campaigns, and specifically target my audience with the kind of messages that will get customers wanting to know more. Highly productive time. The call ended with my having taken over three pages of notes of “to do’s” and Alan records the session which will allow me to go back and catch the nuggets I may have missed.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Paul. You have a great product, and some of the most fantastic, emotional reviews I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to seeing the updates to your site and marketing.

  • Well, Where do I Start? If anyone in the Wedding industry knows as much as Alan they have not been found yet! The day I spent with Alan was truly amazing. Being in the Wedding Business for over 35 years and always having positive growth every year. I thought i knew it all. “I will tell you I did not” Alan made me realize a lot of great things I wasn’t doing or doing right! from answering inquiries to changing photos on you Advertising badges to create more impact and more visits to your website. He know all the right elements to make your business a success! His art of teaching you Selling are the right tools everyone in the Wedding industry must have! Your Money will well spent doing a seminar with Alan. He’s truly a Master at his craft.


    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Dean. Coming from someone with your experience in the industry, that’s high-praise. I look forward to hearing how you’re using these new ideas in engagement season.

  • Rob Alberti says:

    Alan is DA BOMB! I’ve seen him speak multiple times across multiple states. I’ve hired him twice now to review my site. Every time things just keep getting better. He always has some gem in his review that makes the light bulb come on. I’ve been working hard at implementing the changes he suggested. Can’t wait to see the impact on our business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rob. It’s always great working with you because you’re so proactive about your approach, and it shows in your success.

  • Having Alan coach our team was exactly the boost we needed going into the new year. He addressed ways to improve our active listening skills, connecting with others, and steps for better follow up. Within one week, we are already seeing improved results! People do business with people they know, like, and trust. We aim to be those people for our clients as Alan was for us!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Maggie, it was great meeting you, and coming out to work with the Little White Dress team in Denver. I’m so happy that you’re seeing results so quickly. I look forward to hearing more of your success stories.

  • If you are looking to boost your marketing and/or sales approach, I will recommend you that you attend a Mastermind day with Alan. I’ve been consulting with Alan for a few years now, however I feel that the Mastermind Day was a whole different approach to the learning experience. Ever since I attended the Mastermind day I made a few adjustments suggested by Alan and once again he proved his value.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Raul, it was great having you guys at the Mastermind Day. Your proactive attitude is what’s lead to your continued success. And thanks for posting that photo of you reading my sales book on the beach in Puerto Rico!

  • Ashley says:

    I just finished my first Mastermind session with Alan and could not be happier. He has a true gift for knowing how to relate to every aspect of the wedding industry. As a hair and makeup artist it is difficult to find education worth spending money on. Alan is worth every penny! Every time I have listened to him speak on stage he has rejuvenated my desire to push myself and my team to the top of the wedding industry. I always walk away feeling invigorated with a new passion for my bussiness and the tools to actually make it happen. The Mastermind session was another perfect example of Alans ability to give me insight into the wedding industry as well as practical tools and applications to turn my ideas into cash. Thank you for the great day Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ashley, it was great to have you and Lauren at the Mastermind. Thanks for hosting it, and I look forward to hearing your great stories of success!

  • Nils says:

    Alan is amazing at what he does. Our company had the opportunity to see him speak at a large event in Philadelphia, and the clinic was such an eye opener that we had to have him for a private mastermind session with the sales teams of three other companies that we work with in the City. We had the opportunity to discuss more specific issues in detail as well as talk about some of the personal challenges that each of our companies face. He not only brought some brilliant new ideas to the table for us to use, but also helped us figure out some of the most obvious solutions to the issues that we face but could never find an answer for. Our entire team came out of the Mastermind Session fired up and ready to put all of our new tools to use! Alan is a great mentor, speaker, adviser, and trainer with a wealth of knowledge. If you are looking to grow your business in any and all ways, Alan is the guy to speak with.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nils, I’m glad you’re fired up. I look forward to our website session next week, and I also enjoyed accompanying you on piano at the NACE event in Philly.

  • I wouldn’t call Alan a motivational speaker, although I was incredibly motivated after spending the day with him. Prior to doing the Mastermind workshop with Alan, I was struggling to communicate in the most effective way with our clients, ranging from leads to current clients. I found it hard to know exactly what to look for when speaking with them and how to give them exactly what they wanted. Through the training, I am now able to identify what the client is looking for through small conversations and effective communication. I’ve learned the appropriate way to to respond to leads, questions, and objections. They day after the workshop, I was able to speak to two leads and book appointments for more information! I was also able to upsell a client on a better product based on the skills I learned the day before. Many motivational speakers are able to excite you, but don’t give you any concrete steps to take action with. Alan gives you both excitement and solutions that can be applied the same day to see results. I you would like to have more people respond to you, get a better response rate from leads, sell bigger packages, and be much more confident with clients, I would hire Alan Berg for the mastermind class. He will help take your company to the next level.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Olivia. I’m so glad you’re seeing such quick results, with some minor tweaks. Those are often the ones that have the greatest impact.

    Thank you Alan and others in the room for sharing. Although it’s almost a month since the day, i am still going through notes and implementing the ideas shared and discussed across all 4 of my businesses with awesome results!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Steven. It was great having you and the other 9 DJs there for the UK DJ Mastermind. Sharing ideas in that small-group setting allows for a lot of collaboration. Thanks for being a part of it.

  • Alan was a speaker at a weddings online event and I was so impressed I bought all his books and got him to review my website today. His knowledge is fantastic but also the fact he makes it so simple to understand is great.
    I would highly recommend Alan to anyone looking to improve their business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dave. It was great working with you and Paul. I liked how Paul was making the changes during the call. Talk about instant ROI!

  • Euan Bass says:

    a great day with Alan, i implemented on suggestion about my website straight away, and within 10 minutes received a months worth of enquiries

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Euan. It was great having you at the Mastermind Day in the UK. I’m so glad you’re seeing such immediate results.

  • Erin Osaki says:

    This Mastermind gave the opportunity to have an actual conversation with Alan and other professionals in a way I have not experienced before. My two best takeaway items were to ask ‘What’s most important to you?’ and ‘Have you already decide to have your wedding with us?’ with each client. It’s so simple and effective. People really open up. I’ve closed two out of three site tours with that. As a Certified Speaking Professional, Alan is a master at conversation. The Mastermind created a casual environment with solid business building ideas that my business is immediately receiving benefit. Can’t wait till the next one!

  • Bob Charest says:

    Alan brings a fresh, useful insight into what works and why it does… or doesn’t. We all have much to work on, and are grateful to share and learn in an interactive way guided by Alan’s experience. Thank you!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bob. It was great hearing you guys perform at the Agora Grand, and then seeing you at the mastermind.

  • Johnna says:

    Always a great experience listening to Alan speak. The recent mastermind day was great and the past website review and marketing/sales trainings as well. Keep doing what you’re doing. I need to be reminded how important it is to speak the language of our clients. The bar has been set high!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Johnna, it’s always great seeing you, I’m glad you were able to attend the mastermind.

  • Tim Mitchell says:

    Alan is “THE GUY” for our industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to those in the wedding and events business! I’ve experienced the “holy trinity” of what Alan offers by attending conference sessions, hiring him for a website review and recently attending a Mastermind Day. All of my experiences with Alan have been top notch and I have walked away with ideas and insights that have better positioned my catering business for success.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tim. There aren’t that many people that can lay claim to having seen me speak, had private consulting and attended a mastermind day. And, if we add in how far you drove to come to the mastermind, you’re in a class by yourself. Thanks for your support and loyalty.

  • Joe Stone says:

    Great experience for a novice salesperson like myself. I’m going to shut up and sell more!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Joe, for coming to the Mastermind Day in Portland. You’re more of a salesperson that you give yourself credit for. I look forward to hearing about your sales success.

  • Alex says:

    Alan’s Mastermind is a must-attend event. Period. This is your chance to have total access to Alan’s sales training and decades of results-based research. I walked away with a whole new outlook on the psyche of couples and the mindset they use when making decisions. I’m rejuvenated and excited to start implementing what I learned.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Alex for you and A.J. coming down from State College. It’s great to see your commitment to your success.

  • Hi Alan…
    Your mastermind seminar yesterday was truly a great learning experience. The best aspect of your presentation is that you provide information, tips, feedback that can be immediately implemented; almost while you are sitting in the class. Your approach enables us to think differently about the wedding market, our brand, website and all related marketing pieces. I know we will begin to make these recommended changes and most importantly we will be able to track results.
    I attend many seminars that provide “concepts”. What’s different about an Alan Berg seminar is you get action steps on “how to” do it, “how to” read analytics, changes you can make in wording that will attract more business and bottom line how to better present your company so you book more business.
    Finally, the information in your seminars always seem to be cutting edge as over the years you continue to update your recommendations. Thanks again for great day of learning and meeting the other attendees, it is good to know that we all share some of the same challenges and how you provide tailored help to each one of us!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dom, for hosting us and for participating. I always love coming down to Drexelbrook and seeing you and your team. You always take such good care of us.

  • I was lucky enough to attend Alan’s Mastermind session in Philadelphia and meet him for the first time. From the beginning of the session it was, fun, informative and the information you get is invaluable. He truly is a genius and we are already implementing some of his suggestions two days later. I would definitely attend another session, and I would also love to see him speak to a larger group. I left invigorate and excited to start fresh with his ideas…being in a new job it makes it even more exciting…

    I knew I should have bought his book while I was there…:-(

    • Alan says:

      Hi Anthony, thanks for making the ride up from the Eastern Shore. I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing the changes you’re implementing.

  • OMG It was life changing I really appreciate the info you gave me in fact i went home called my web designer and we are totally changing my site to a new and improved one The seminar gave me confirmation of what i needed to do and how important social networking is I need another class But YOU, ALAN are incredible looking foreword to another successful year because of the help you gave me or my I say the insight I am the most of changing my website I also reached out to a new designer that is supposed to be the BEST at designing site I have an appointment in the city on tues to meet with him MY present guy that does my site had no clue to what you talked about That importance of CALL TO ACTION and testimonies thank you so much i was truly inspired

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Michele. It was great to see you, two weeks in a row, once in Vegas and then at the Mastermind in Philly. I’m looking forward to seeing your new website. Let me know how I can help.

  • As a sales manager for over 15 years, I can tell you that Alan really knows his stuff. All information that he gives is accurate, vital, and something that you can actually apply instead of “useless info” that some sales “gurus” will give you. Although some Alan’s sales training happened to mirror my own, I did learn A LOT from Alan. Specifically there are a few things that makes Alan better than anybody I’ve ever met or heard about in the sales world in regards to his training. One of these things is his website sales knowledge, I think Alan has probably forgotten more about storefront design, marketing and selling online than most people will ever learn. He tailors his class to specifically help each business’ website with crucial information. You can practically hear the sound of a cash register ringing up with each change he suggests for you. Another thing Alan does is listen to your specific issues you are facing, and give you individual feedback, something you will not get from most expensive sales training courses. Is mastermind worth the money? The better question is, how much longer will you continue to lose thousands and thousands of dollars without going!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Anthony, for your wonderful comments. With your experience that’s high praise. Kudos for joining us and knowing that we’re always on a journey for learning more, and being better.

  • Mike says:

    What can I say…..Alan is an absolute master. I was thrilled to enlist Alan’s services to work on my company website. He truly thinks outside the box and really sparks emotion and personalization when creating content on each page. When I go back through my “updated” web pages that Alan helped me construct, I read them as if I was a wedding couple thinking…I NEED to hire this company!! I will definitely continue to work with Alan to make my brand even stronger in the future. Thank you Alan!!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Mike. It’s always great working with you. I appreciate you letting me be a part of your success.

  • I just had a one on one consultation with Alan and so glad I did! Alan walked me through how to analyze my visibility in google analytics, The Knot, and Wedding Wire in a way that was easy to understand and immediately useful to make actual change on our call! He records the sessions so you can easily go back and view all the information you went through but, more importantly, I was able to hang up the phone and have a consolidated to do list that was manageable and should garner some immediate results once executed. Alan has a ton of experience in a variety of different wedding industry fields so the real life examples he shares are insightful and very relevant. My only regret was wishing I had a longer session, thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, John. You articulated so well what our session was about. I look forward to seeing the changes… and you can schedule another session any time you need!

  • While I have seen Alan speak at Wedding MBA and other local conference this time we tried out Alan’s Mastermind. It was fantastic! The small group setting was perfect to really talk about what we wanted and it was nice to collaborate with other professionals to gather best practices they use within their business. Because of the intimate group we were able to really focus on specific situations that related to us and tips and ideas for them. Once again Alan, thank you for sharing your knowledge. We certainly won’t miss the opportunity to hear you speak and we are so glad we participated in the mastermind.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Debbie for you and Rick coming to the Mastermind Day, and also for sharing me with your success with changing the way you communicate via email and the success it’s bringing you.

  • Aris Lambrecht says:

    Thank you Alan for giving our team a new insight to our sales process. We are all excited for the positive changes to come! The day we spent with you flew by, so much so that the first time I looked at my phone to see the time I realized it was now rush hour!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Aris. It was great spending the day with you and the sales team at Robert Ryan Catering. I look forward to hearing how you’re using the ideas to succeed.

  • Whenever I attend an Alan Berg seminar, without fail, I always return to the office with new ideas that will improve my business processes.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Doug. It was great having you at the mastermind day. You have a progressive business and are always looking for new ideas!

  • Robert Ryan says:

    On behalf of our sales and marketing team I want to thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom about the wedding industry at our all day conference held at our facility. Since our original two hour conference call with you we have implemented all of your creative ideas on how to generate more leads for our company. After that original call both my son Mark and I knew the next step was to bring you in for a full day meeting about how to get more tours and bookings. Your insight on our industry is incredible, from the original e-mail that we receive to what information to send out to how to conduct the tour we are sure our bookings will increase. Our sales staff has already started to use many of the strategies that you have recommended. The next step will be to review our new website and then another two hour conference call in November with the sales team to review everything we have executed. I am sure this will turn out to be the least amount of money I have ever spent to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business in return. Talk about ROI ! Many thanks again and we welcome you as a member of our team. Many thanks again Alan, Bob

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bob, for inviting me to spend the day with you and your sales team. You have a great, supportive attitude and it shows in your team, and your success.

  • Wendy Hicks says:

    Alan Berg provided our business an informative two hours stocked full of tangible ideas to improve our website, wedding wire page, and how we respond with our inquires! An awesome 2 hours well spent!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Wendy. It was great speaking with you and Karen and finding out how I can help you, help more couples have beautiful Tybee Island weddings.

  • This Mastermind event was Great! Our group was able to discuss specific challenges & successes that effect all of us.
    I would do it again when the opportunity comes.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Geoff. It was so great of you and Lamar to drive up to Nashville from Birmingham for the mastermind.

  • A Mastermind day with Alan is a great way to get a high quality tune up at a very affordable rate. It is a great educational opportunity while sharing the costs with other business- minded folks – creating great value for my company. I look forward to implementing these new and updated ideas to propel revenue results forward.

    There was no after lunch siesta – you kept everyone engaged! however, next time, I will order boxed lunches so that we don’t spend valuable time eating fried chicken!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Kellie, for helping to arrange the Nashville mastermind and I look forward to working with you and Danielle on your business.

  • Estimado Alan, para mi fue un placer haberto conocido y fue un excelente aprendizaje, gracias por compartir tu saber!
    Deseo poder poner en práctica lo aprendido ya!!
    Tus charlas en español fueron muy entretenidas.

  • Back in April, I hired Alan to do a website review. The process was easy, and the results have been fantastic. I made the decision to scrap the old site and start from scratch based on his suggestions. The recording of the session was invaluable – it gave me the chance to really digest concepts, making it easier to communicate with the website designer that I subsequently hired, while also forwarding the recording to the designer to make sure we were on the same page.

    I wanted to give it a few months before submitting a review, as to be able to give a relevant review. Today, I recieved an email from the web designer with Google Analytics data, which showed great SEO results – but that’s not what is important. Alan’s advice re: converting website visits into bookings has resulted in a great boom in biz for me 🙂 I plan on booking future “check ups” with him, the Dr. cured an ailing business 🙂

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Robert, what a transformation, and so nice of you to share your feedback. It’s a great testimony that whatever your business, there’s always room to grow, and you certainly took the bold steps to do so… and are seeing the results. Kudos.

  • Patti says:

    Alan is amazing at just stripping down the approach and getting to the heart of the matter. Listen to what your client is saying instead of dispersing info at a rate that makes the head spin. Be you and keep it simple, because that’s who they’re buying!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Patti. It was great spending the day with you and your team. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Ann Petronio says:

    I struggled with the decision to book a spot at Alan’s recent Mastermind session because I was already attending his day-long seminar with the Rhode Island Wedding Group the day prior, and I didn’t know if it was worthwhile to take another day away from the office to learn “the same things”. SO glad I made the right decision. The small-group, collaborative Mastermind session was a fantastic way to expand on the tips/advice from the seminar, and apply them to my own specific situation. My web designer is going to hate me when I call her with all my new ideas!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ann. It was great having you there both days. Thanks for making your success a priority.

  • Our venue had the pleasure of spending the day with Alan just 3 months ago in May. Our eyes became very open to areas in which we needed improvement, mostly on our website and also when communicating with our potential clients. By implementing very simple easy steps and tools, we have experienced a great number of bookings and less time between inquiry to booking conversion and our team would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow and improve your business. We are already planning a group day with another vendor in our area-so Thankful to Alan Berg for sharing your experience with us! Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming Wedding MBA 2016!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jenny, it was great spending time with you, Anthony and your team. I look forward to coming back for the Mastermind Day with Breezin’ and other proactive local wedding pros.

  • I saw Alan speak about wedding vendor website best practices at a conference. I implemented some of his recommendations and saw a higher conversion rate for contact form submissions. Recently, he gave me a website review. He found an issue on my site that was directing visitors to an inactive registration page. This was related to a recent multi-site wordpress implementation that went wrong. If he had not found this issue, it would have continued to have a major impact on our inquiries. In addition, Alan helped me to determine which pages should receive priority based on my Google Analytics data and he consulted me about how to grow into an agency-type business.

    If you are looking to improve and grow your business, then Alan is your man (and THA MAN)!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Omari. It was great working with you. You are so receptive to new ideas, and that’s why you’ll achieve even greater success.

  • We are grateful for our time with Alan and the new understanding we get to put into action.
    Alan is a supernova of ideas and experience.
    He guided us to solutions that had eluded us for years.
    We look forward to continue our work with Alan as we implement the products from our epic day with him.
    Get Alan, get results.
    Many thanks!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kristie, for inviting me to spend the day with you and Niall, and the whole team at firefly. I love the expansion ideas, and how you’re going to handle pricing and packages. I’m looking forward to coming back and not only seeing your success, but also re-experiencing your fantastic food.

  • Mike Potts says:

    Thanks for putting together this event Alan! There’s a huge benefit to business owners who get together in small groups like this and share ideas, and with you at the wheel, I felt we had a wonderfully productive day. Signing up for this Mastermind forced me to get out of my daily routine, step back, and reevaluate the small things that will inevitably lead to much bigger successes long term. I definitely valued this opportunity.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Mike, for bringing Mike S. to the mastermind. You have a unique service and I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re using the ideas you heard.

  • Thank you Alan, for spending the time with us today for our website review. Your expertise and advice was very informative
    and in the coming weeks will give us the tools to help improve our business .

    Thank you !
    Mission Dance wedding band / New Jersey

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Lee, it was great working with you, Jeff and Andy. I look forward to seeing what Anna comes up with for your new site.

  • Over the years I have always enjoyed watching Alan inform, educate and speak. After attending his Mastermind Day, I truly believe Alan is THE marketing leader in the wedding industry! I highly recommend this experience with Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Patrick. You were the lynchpin that brought the OKC mastermind together. Thanks for always supporting your local wedding community.

  • Chasen Shaw says:

    Attending Alan’s mastermind session was more than a refresher course, it was a soft but firm love slap for my business. Having time to talk specifics made for deeper learning and understanding. I believe consistent mastermind sessions will lead to drastic improvement in my business. Consistency is King! Looking forward to implementing what I learned through Alan and the colleagues that contributed in the mastermind. Thank you, Alan.

  • Listening to Alan isn’t just listening – it’s making me money. I think I need to buy him a drink for all the common-sense practical tips he’s given me! Thank you, Alan, again and again. And I’m looking forward to hearing you speak again very soon.

  • I’ve heard Alan at least 5 different times over the last 3 years, and I always learn something new. His enthusiasm and delivery are top notch. Believable and from the heart every time. How can you not share the passion with Alan?!?!? Keep it up Mr. Berg!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Scott. It’s my mission to always be working on new topics, and new approaches to topics. Thanks for confirming for me that you’re benefitting.

  • Not knowing what to expect in the Mastermind session, “what is said in Mastermind stay’s in Mastermind” allows for a non defensive conversation on topics regardless of you agreeing or not. Part of the sessions Q&A participation to discuss real issues being faced by the group allowed for open discussion from caterers, cakes, bridal gowns, photography, videography, venues, scheduling, IT tech consulting. It was the first time that I have participated in an open discussion with other professionals and we all realized we could agree to disagree without offending anyone. While learning and solving situations that we all experience. Being able to see things from another professional’s point of view is always eye opening.

    When you have the opportunity to hear Alan invest in your business and you will definitely see the increase.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, John, it was great having you, and your constructive input for the mastermind.

  • D’Plazzo Wedding Planners loved being apart of the Mastermind session in OKC. We learned a lot, and feel more confident in answering brides emails about pricing. I would recommend the Mastermind workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about marketing. Thanks Alan for teaching us your wisdom!
    Debra Sanders and Dacia Heinrich

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Debra, for you and Dacia participating in the mastermind in OKC. I look forward to hearing about how you’re using the ideas we discussed.

  • I was once told if you attend a conference/workshop and walk away with at least 1 tip to help you with future sales then it was work the time and money… I have now been to 3 of Alan’s workshops and each time I leave with several tips to help with future sales. This time I was lucky enough to have a 1 on 1 training with Alan, Eva (the owner of Centaur Arabian Farms) and myself, we have implemented several of his suggestions and have already began to have positive feedback. He suggested we shorten our “contact form” and within 1 day we had 4 submissions. Can’t wait to hear him speak again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Holly. It was great to spend the day with you and Eva… and this time you didn’t have to drive hundreds of miles to see me, I came to you!

  • Dacia says:

    Having Alan come to Oklahoma and speak to up about marketing for the wedding industry was more than what we could even have hoped for. The mastermind day was so informative, and Alan’s knowledge and experience made every single minute invaluable. We are so thankful to have been apart and couldn’t recommend him any higher to anyone who is thinking of using his services.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dacia. It was great having you and your mom be a part of this. I look forward to hearing great things from both of you.

  • Mastermind, was amazing!! I was able to learn from Alan, an expert in his field how to improve my information to show others how I am an expert in my field and gain more business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jennifer, for participating in the mastermind, and the ‘after-party’, where we delved even deeper for you. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Eva Sealey says:

    Our Pop Up Workshop was amazing. Small and intimate, it was possible for everyone to actively participate in questions and answers. Alan’s answers were quick and to the point and during the sessions, he kept everyone entertained with his quick wit and humor. I was approached by everyone who attended and thanked for bringing Alan Berg to Centaur Arabian Farms in Flint Texas.

  • Eva Sealey says:

    I have personally sat through 100’s of training and mentoring seminars and sessions, but never have my experiences been comparable to the wealth of knowledge gained in the 4 short hours spent with Alan. He is a cornucopia of “how to’s” and “what fors”. I harvested and stored more rewarding knowledge than I ever expected. My business has already been positively affected by the changes Alan encouraged me to make. All you have to do is put into action the methods he teaches. So thankful for the opportunity.

  • Alan has once again proven his invaluable services to me and our club. I have had the pleasure of seeing Alan at several conferences and meetings over the years and have always taken great ideas that have helped me personally increase my business. This time I hired Alan to evaluate our website and he not only showed us how to improve our traffic flow, he has shown us how to increase our capture rate immediately and this will have the positive outcome of increased sales and member satisfaction that will also result in increased facility traffic and usage. I will also add that it doesn’t just stop there. Alan Berg stands by what he teaches you by following up and answering questions that may come up after your session. If you are looking to stay competitive and ahead of the curve, I highly recommend Alan Berg’s services.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Richard, it was great working with you and your team. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how these changes are helping your conversion.

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Mastermind session, but I knew I had to be there. What I realized about an hour in was that the class was actually more concentrated than a conference because it was MY information that was on the screen. I loved how there was no formal agenda, but instead the topics of discussion were led by the group. By the end of the day, I ended up with 19 pages of notes, and was completely recharged and ready to go! I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do to increase our companies sales, because Alan gave me (us) a clear step-by-step game plan.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Nicole, what a great way to describe a mastermind day. I’m so glad you were able to be a part of it.

  • Liz Daley says:

    I have been an attendee at many of Alan’s seminar presentations over the years and have always walked away from these seminars with tons of actionable information that helped my business. His depth of knowledge regarding marketing and sales is absolutely inspiring. Besides that, he’s an awesome person. He always makes sure he is up-to-date with how brides are searching and more importantly, how they are buying the services and products for their weddings.
    Finally, while Alan’s seminars are extremely informative, they pale in comparison to what happens when he works with clients one-on-one to solve their business problems.

  • Alan is always inspiring and never disappoints. Even after hearing him speak multiple times I always learn something new. His help with my website is invaluable.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nicole, I loved hearing your story, and I’m looking forward to seeing your updated website.

  • Gerda says:

    We first met Alan at Wedding Wire World 2014. His tips from that seminar were so helpful, that we couldn’t wait to see him again this year! We set up a Website Review with him and had such a wonderful experience today! He is so knowledgeable in many different areas and really wants to help better your business. He told us key things that will dramatically change how our site runs and is viewed! Thanks so much Alan!!! You are a true professional, and we will be back after we use the tools you gave us today!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Gerda. It was great working with you and Barb. I know that your next site will be amazing, just like your photos.

  • Kaci Willwerth says:

    I have been listening to Alan’s webinars for last 5 years and recently had the honor to actually see him speak at Wedding Wire World in Washington, DC. The knowledge that Alan has, his gift to relay it, his passion to help and share it with the world is remarkable. I am very grateful for everything he has taught me. I have grown a tremendous amount in my career because of his guidance. Thank you so much, Alan! Cheers to your success!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Kaci, I’m humbled by your wonderful comments. It helps to validate that when I do a webinar, and I can’t see my audience, that I’m having a positive impact on businesses like yours.

  • I am so happy that I chose Alan to review my website! Alan gave me honest feedback and told me exactly what I needed to do differently in order to get more brides and grooms to contact me. Alan provided solid examples of successful websites and helped me to understand how I can implement these examples into my own website. I feel like Alan’s advice and feedback was invaluable and I would definitely recommend him to other wedding vendors (or anyone who owns a business). I am beyond excited to begin implementing these critical changes to my site!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Heather, it was great working with you and Brian. I look forward to the next iteration of your website.

  • Dave Mancini says:

    I had my 2 hour phone call with Alan right before the new year. After only implementing half of the amazing tips Alan gave me in that phone call, I had the best January on record as far as trackable leads go. Not only was I getting considerably more leads contacting me, just re-wording my initial emails with his suggestions has resulted in more clients responding to me than ever before. Now my new website (where I used the other half of the suggestions he gave me) is about to launch, I can’t wait to see how much more my business is about to blow up! Thanks Alan!!!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Adam, that’s fantastic. I love that you took action and are seeing such great results. Keep sharing your stories of success.

  • Alan Berg is the Marketing Guru for new and seasonal professionals. Alan can see what most business owners cannot. The subtle and not so subtle changes needed to create and polish a Brand. The key essentials needed on a website that most “webmasters” do not consider. Webmasters focus on graphic design. Alan Berg’s focus is on converting clicks to sales. Alan Berg is an indispensable tool for a growing business. I look forward to my next seminar with The Guru.
    Patty Sisselman. Shore catering, Inc. ,NJ

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Patty. It was great working with you. I’m looking forward to hearing more success stories from Shore Catering.

  • Zita says:

    I booked a two-hour consulting session with Alan, hoping for clarity on a key business decision I’ve struggled with for months. Not only did he help me untangle my options, he showed me how to organize them for maximum efficiency. Impossible to put a price tag on that kind of personal advice!

    • Alan says:

      I’m so glad to be able to help you, Zita. I’m looking forward to seeing how you implement your new ideas.

  • Darek NOvak says:

    I keep coming back here for new tips and stuff, recommended to attend to Allan workshop 100%.

  • Vivian says:

    I’ve listened to Alan for years through various webinars, but I’ve finally had the opportunity work with him one on one. He’s very detail oriented and specific, he maximizes time – you will learn something every minute.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Vivian. It was great working with you. I’d love to arrange that Pop-Up Wedding Workshop with you. Let’s get it on our calendars!

  • Carol Chaput says:

    I attended Alan’s conference on January 28 at the beautiful Sumner Mansion Inn in Hartland, VT. I will use the knowledge and insights I gained from him both in my business and in personal communications. The entire day was fast, furious, funny, fabulous. Thank you, Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Carol. It was great of you to come all the way up from Connecticut for the event. I especially appreciate your alliterative assessment of the day!

  • Rob Ferre says:

    Alan, thank you for spending 3 amazing days with us here in Utah. Your mastermind workshop was a full day of sales knowledge that I can start applying right away. The way we answer our emails has changed because of the mastermind and we have seen more responses and more bookings already. Second your presentation on 5 Reasons You Should Fire Your Website at our local chapter of the National Speakers Association was just great. I would often look around the room and everyone was furiously engaged in note taking. Third your mastermind lunch with my fellow DJs was perfect. I know everyone at that lunch walked away with a great ideas to sell more weddings. Last of all, the thing that makes you, Alan Berg, a unique presenter, trainer and consultant is the relationships you cultivate with your clients. I never feel like like a client I feel like a friend. You take the time to get to know me and my needs. What sets you apart from other presenters and trainers like yourself you are genuine and have vested interest in our lives and success. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my life and business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks for arranging for me to come out to Salt Lake City for the first time. You’re a wonderful host, both for your clients and for me.

  • Becky K. says:

    Alan has helped us improve in many aspects of our business from website review to inter-office Sales & Procedural training. His recommendation are clear, easy to understand and didn’t require us to spend many hours re-writing procedures. His suggestions were immediately implemented and revealed immediate results! We have hired other professionals for advice but none have given the professional results, quick responses and genuine concern the way Alan does. I would highly recommend Alan’s services and products to anyone looking for improvement opportunities for your service industry business!
    He even makes a great “role playing” spouse! Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Becky. It was great working with you and the team at Cross Creek Ranch. You have a beautiful venue and I’m looking to hear more about how many more couples will get to partake in its beauty this year.

  • Audrey Jones says:

    I don’t know where to start; Alan was invaluable in helping me to understand how I need to make some critical changes to my website in order to drive clients to contact me. He is so thorough with every aspect of discussng website reviews and overall website content. While there was so much I learned I could have listened to him much longer. I am looking forward to speaking with him again in order for him to provide more feedback once I am able to make the necessary changes/suggestions. I recommend every business work with Alan even if just for once because he is invaluable to assisting to making your business a success!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Audrey, it was great working with you. I look forward to seeing you at WeddingWire World and hearing your stories of success.

  • We saw Alan speak for the first time at Wedding Wire World. After his presentation I immediately went to his booth to find him. He asked how I was enjoying the conference I told him that what I enjoyed the most was his presentation & what I enjoyed least is that he didn’t speak longer. My partner Angelo felt the same way so we hired Alan to do our website review. After he provided us with his insightful knowledge how to improve our website we than hired Alan to come to our office for a private sales training. Alan has a true passion for what he does & we are very thankful we met him!

    Thanks Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks guys, it was great coming down to work with you, I love the direction of your new site and I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Ronan Burke says:

    Alan was a great help when I came to him for advice, he is very easy to talk to. He simplifies things with examples in order to break it down better. I would highly recommend Alan for any business consultancy. Thanks

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ronan. You have a very unique product and I look forward to seeing you expand your brand with the new site, and new branding.

  • Lauren M. says:

    I was a part of Alan’s mastermind sales training one week ago in Pittsburgh, and it was the most effective sales training I’ve ever taken. I have been putting what I learned into action and have seen immediate results! He gives great tips for communicating with your client more efficiently. I HIGHLY recommend Alan to anyone looking to increase their sales productivity!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Lauren, it was great seeing you the very next night and hearing how you’re already benefitting from the mastermind day. I look forward to hearing more stories of your success.

  • Theresa Kaufman says:

    Every once in a while you have an experience that makes you think “Why don’t I do this more often?” This workshop was one of those experiences. When you run your own business, it becomes difficult to take the time to invest back into yourself and your business skills. I am glad I took the time to attend and participate because I found the information valuable and confidence-building.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Theresa. It’s always hard to take that step back and make the investment in time, and money, but I’m so glad you did. I look forward to hearing your success stories.

  • Nehal P. says:

    Mastermind day is a wholesome, organic, relevant way to maximize your business’ potential. Alan’s industry knowledge, experience, and down-to-earth demeanor makes him very approachable and extremely resourceful. We are already experiencing an immediate positive business transformation. One of the BEST investments in our business – Thank you, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nehal, that’s very kind of you to say. I got a chuckle when you emailed me to ask “What would Alan Berg do?”

  • Alan was absolutely amazing. We set up a date for him to come and speak to my staff, my partners and myself. I learned so much from him, I didn’t want his visit to end. I definitely recommend you hire him to speak if you are like me and are always looking to better yourself and your business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mike, I love that you’re always looking for ways to take your already successful companies to the next level. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of that.

  • Bryan K. says:

    Alan was great! He really takes a practical and reasonable approach on how to conduct yourself and your business. His experience in our industry truly shows during his presentations. I highly recommend investing your time to consult with Alan. Thank you!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bryan, it was great to have you at the group mastermind day. I look forward to hearing how you and your team are using the ideas you learned.

  • Alan, after yesterday’s private coaching, I think I owe you a breakfast, also 🙂 The thought processes you unlocked for my team and I got us pumped beyond our expectations. We immediately applied several techniques to our operation and, again, we’re seeing immediate results. I inquired what my staff liked most about your presentation. Unanimously, it’s a tie between your immense industry knowledge AND engaging/entertaining way of coaching. You simply make learning FUN, and are undoubtedly worth EVERY penny. Thank you!!!!!!

    From all of us at Aldo Ryan Entertainment

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Aldo. It was great having you and your team for the Group Mastermind yesterday. I love hearing how you’re using the ideas and seeing results, right away. It’s not ideas that lead to success, it’s action… kudos and thanks for helping to arrange the mastermind day.

  • Alan Berg Is Simply The Best!!!! His presentation was flawless and extremely informative. Definitely an asset to anyone that is serious about their business and who is looking to grow their brand.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Massimo, it was great to have the mastermind group with you and the team at Partners in Sound, plus your affiliates. We crammed a lot of information into the one day, thanks for inviting me in.

  • For a while, I’ve been meaning to have a new website built but have been a little unsure of exactly how to change it and what needs to be changed. Well, all that indecision was resolved in a 2-hour period today through the sage that is Alan Berg. My head is still reeling from taking in so much salient and practical advice on the changes to make that will almost certainly reap the rewards I’m seeking. It might take me a couple of centuries to implement all the suggestions made, but it will be worth it!
    Beforehand I had been wondering if a website review with Alan was really a worthwhile investment? A few hours later the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tony, it was great meeting you at the UK Wedding Conference and I love seeing how progressive you are about your business. I’m looking forward to seeing your new site and hearing your success stories when I see you in the UK again next year.

  • Ali Burding says:

    Alan was wonderful to work with! He came to give my team a private sales training and was very engaging. I greatly enjoyed that the training was more of a conversation and was tailored to our specific needs. I would absolutely recommend hi m to anyone who is looking for personalized sales training. Looking forward to next year!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ali, it was great working with you and your team, for a second time. You have a beautiful venue and I look forward to hearing how you’re all implementing the ideas we discussed.

  • Evan Liaskos says:

    Alan was extremely helpful with a great combination of “out of the box” ideas and “things I should have known but missed” ideas for improving my website. although I was already familiar with many of his insights from seeing him speak many times, having him focused on my specific project one on one is going to help me take my website to the next level. Alan himself will tell you that you can not proof your own website to make it the best possible (he can not even do it for himself). He now proved it to me as well.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Evan. The most successful businesses understand that you need an outside look sometimes to fine tune what you’ve already done. Thanks for letting me be that voice for you.

  • Jordan Brian says:

    I had another great consulting session with Alan AKA the JEDI master today. He truly understands the force of not being forceful with selling but describing the emotion that you want to provide with your products. There is so much amazing tips and tidbits of information that he shares it is hard to really capture it all just with one session. I feel that every year my business can use a little kickstart and refresh from Alan’s ideas and help. Always a pleasure honing my craft of selling what I love and Alan helps me do just that…

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jordan, it’s great to work with you because you’re so proactive on moving your success. I look forward to hearing about your success the next time we meet.

  • Carl Jr. says:

    Alan provided so much great advice on my web site. Things that you never considered until he points them out. Really great and I look forward to the increased traffic. Now I need to put all these ideas to good use! Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Carl, it was great working with you. At least on the phone they don’t say we look alike! I look forward to hearing how you’ve put these ideas to work and your stories of success.

  • Nancy Vance says:

    I recently had the privilege to see Alan for a second time within a few months. And yes, he is that good that you will want to continue to glean from his knowledge and wisdom. The first time I learned how to look at myself from the customers prospective and think about what they may want to hear rather than what I want to say. This last time I learned how to refine my emails to start a “conversation” with my prospective client. Thanks again Alan for making me more successful by showing me how I can easily refine or change what I am doing!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nancy, it was great to have you in the audience again and I’m happy to hear how you’re using these ideas. Keep sharing your stories of success.

  • I had the opportunity to see Alan in action! He was lively, engaging, entertaining, funny, professional, and very knowledgeable. He knows your business whatever it may be because he knows people, what they want, what they look for, what they want to hear, what questions they are going to ask, what they expect from you, and then arms you with the right way to respond and reach potential clients whether it is on your website, answering emails, or reading reviews. The best advice to me was to LISTEN. Ask a question and SHUT UP along with other great tips I implemented immediately! Thank you Alan and The Springs Events for hosting this amazing seminar. Alan Berg is a must see!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nicole, I’m so glad to see you are using some of the ideas right away. I look forward to coming back and working with the great team at The Springs again. I love how you’re team and property lists are growing.

  • Mugu Radu says:

    Alan is amazing! I am listening to his webinars for years and never even thought we can approach him because he is too big to even consider spending time with us and teaching us his strategy or approach in this industry. On the contrary, he is a normal person, fun and friendly 🙂 Very knowledgeable, professional and it felt like he knew our business and the struggles we go through better than us. We got so much information that is going to bring our business to the next level. We’ll have to go to work and make the changes ASAP. Thank you so much Alan for everything!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mugu, it was great working with you yesterday. My passion is helping talented people, like you, and helping you have better businesses. I look forward to working with you again and hearing more of your wonderful music (just not automatically playing on your website 😉

  • Jeremy Brech says:

    Alan was amazing to work with when it came to analyzing my website. I have seen Alan speak numerous times and have gained so much respect for his professionalism, innovation, and inspiring energy. When I had the opportunity to setup a one on one consultation to review things in my business that could be improved, I jumped right on it. Alan took the time to really care about my business and the results I wanted to create. After making small and large changes per our discussion it made extreme differences in my results. I was getting more leads, more click throughs, more phone calls, and it made me more confident sending my clients to my site. I can’t thank Alan enough for the results I have noticed and my investment was worth every penny. I would and will be doing business with Alan again. Thank you!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jer. You’ve taken a pretty good website and made it even better. I’m glad to hear you’re getting such quick results… but that’s because you’re so proactive in making the changes.

  • We first met Alan in Austin for a two day marketing seminar. On the second day, we attended a website review along with about 5 other companies. We were amazed with how wrong our website was, especially since we have a marketing professional designing our website and handling our SEO and google analytics! The half day seminar was not enough for us. We invited Alan to our wedding venue in Houston for a full day of his advice and wisdom. We not only discussed our website, but also our sales approach. Since then, we have increased our inquiry to tour ratio. Alan is informative, innovative and passionate about online marketing. Investing in his onsite training was the best decision we could have made. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Melissa, I’m glad you’re seeing such quick results from our time together. You have a beautiful venue and now more couples will get to see and enjoy it.

  • Alan,
    Thank you so very much for your extremely thorough review and analysis of our association’s website. The detail and insights provided gave us much needed direction in the re-design of our website, and will allow us to work much more efficiently with a web designer, which I’m sure will save us quite a bit of money in design time and SEO work. I especially value the fact that the entire review was recorded so that it can be revisited as needed, and shared with all the parties involved in the re-design process. Best Regards,

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Danny. I like the proactive approach that you and MBWEP are taking and I look forward to the next iteration of your website.

  • Alan was very helpful and energetic. I like the fact that he dug in to the content and the back end of my website to see what was going on. It was an hour and a half of constant information that was just what we needed. He also referred us to a colleague and we ended up hiring him for an on-site consult.

    Thank you Alan, for your wisdom and expertise!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Julie, you have a beautiful venue and I can’t wait to hear how the updates are working for you.

  • Ashley says:

    Alan just visited us a couple of weeks ago for a private sales training and he was charismatic and very interesting to listen to! He had a lot of great pointers that we are currently trying to implement into our business now! We cannot wait to see and share the results from his informational training!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ashley, I’m looking forward to hearing how these tips and ideas are working for you and Briscoe Manor as well. Please share.

  • After 19 years working in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, I relocated to a new city. While I knew other DJs in town, I certainly had lost all of my referring vendors that made closing sales that much easier. Budgets in the new market were a tad below what they were in San Francisco, which meant that I was met with countless pricing objections — no matter how much I made couples fall in love with me. I have a background in motivation and influence marketing, but something working on your own material can drive you bonkers until you hit a roadblock.

    That’s where Alan came in and helped save the day. I’ve taken most of Alan’s seminars live, and have just about all of them on CD/DVD. But when I called upon him personally to get over this hurdle, he assisted in crafting a message that touched on the couple’s feelings, the excitement we had during our meeting, and the outcome they desired. While I’m still working my way back to the rate I made in San Francisco, I certainly believe that without Alan’s help, I’d be dealing with tire kickers all day long instead of creating magical experiences for couples that value what I have to offer.

    Thank you, Alan. I value our relationship more than you’ll ever know.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Jason, thanks for your terrific comments. The kudos go to you for not being afraid to take the actions you needed, and not being afraid to invest in your own success. I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and hearing more stories of success.

  • Alan spent the day with us at Briscoe Manor (Richmond, TX) helping us to tidy up our website and captivate potential brides from the first interaction (even if on a computer screen). One of the best takeaways from the day time with Alan, was connecting the dots that if we just listen, they’ll tell us exactly what they need. Thanks for your time, Alan. I learned so much and plan to incorporate your advice. I am excited to see how it not only helps our company but improves the overall experience of our Briscoe brides. Something we love to improve on! We hope you loved Texas (and Torchy’s Tacos, ha!).

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jamie, it was great meeting you and the team at Briscoe Manor. I could see the lightbulbs going off and know that you’re going to start using those tips, right away. I look forward to hearing your stories of success, thanks.

  • Nick says:

    I hired Alan for a website review earlier this year. I had just finished rebranding my business which included a BRAND new website. I started paying for ads but wasn’t getting the calls I expected. ALAN to the RESCUE! He went over the important pages of the website with me, recorded a video of the consultation and even gave me a few sales tips. I will benefit from hiring him for as long as I stay in business! Thank you, Alan, thank you.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, NIck, it’s great to hear that you’re seeing such success, so fast. That’s a testament to you taking action quickly. I applaud your enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing you in Vegas in the fall.

  • Diane Figari says:

    Thank you Alan for a fantastic seminar! I enjoyed your presentation as it was engaging, insightful and funny! I look forward to implementing all that I have learned. Kudos to you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Diane, it was great meeting you and the East Wind team. I’m already hearing stories of success (see Faith’s comments below) and I look forward to hearing them from you, as well.

  • Faith Crowell says:

    I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on one of Alan’s meetings and I have to say it was one of the most pleasurable experience’s I have had. I felt that Alan was not only easy to listen to but to relate to as well. He made sure to interact with us and didn’t just ‘ramble on’ for hours on end. He welcomed questions and made sure that we had a full understanding of everything he was explaining to us. I would travel great lengths to listen to Alan again… Shortly after his lecture I met with a couple interested in booking our venue and I took one very important piece of advice from Alan into action.. I simply ‘Shut Up’ and let our future bride & groom tell ME what the perks of them having their wedding with us was.. by the end of our meeting they left with a smile on their face, a warming feeling in their hearts & of course… a contract! Thanks to Alan I now go into every meeting with more confidence than ever and every couple can sense it and can’t wait to set the date! I would absolutely sit through another one of Alan’s meetings!

    • Alan says:

      Kudos, Faith, for putting what you learned into action. The learning means nothing without the action and I love hearing stories of success like this. Keep sharing please!

  • I had the pleasure of spending the day with Alan at East Wind. I have been in the Hospitality business for 30+ years and enjoyed Alan’s “fresh” and realistic approach to working with todays Bride. Ended the day with positive energy that will assist me in many ways. Thanks! Penny

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Penny, that’s high-praise coming from someone with your industry experience. Positive energy is exactly how to connect with your customers and staff. I look forward to coming back out and working with you and the team at East Wind.

  • Donna Chider says:

    I throughly enjoyed Alan’s presentation. It was interactive, informative, helpful and fun. The time flew by and I never once thought to check the time, my phone or emails! I look forward to attending future workshops with Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Donna. It was great working with you and the team at East Wind. I look forward to coming back and hearing more stories of success.

  • I have seen Alan many times at industry events including the WeddingMBA and Bridal Show Producers International conference. We decided to use Alan to review our customer’s expo websites usability and calls to action. Alan truly delivered on his promise to evaluate our site with an “independent perspective” and gave us concrete solutions toward getting better conversions from brides and grooms as well as potential exhibitors who come to our customers’ expo website.

    The concise and real world solutions delivered on stage as a speaker was exactly what we received with our one-on-one with him. Not only did he reflect actionable solutions he recorded our session for us to go over when ever we want.

    I have found many people who claim to be a marketing guru but Alan is one of the few who lives up to that title.

    Thank you Alan for your expert insight, you have improved all of our bridal show producers’ sites!

    Robert Lassers
    [email protected]

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Robert. It was great working with you and Steve and I look forward to seeing the new, responsive designs rolled out to the bridal show promoters around the world.

  • Soraya says:

    Alan Berg never disappoints !
    each seminar is better than the last and I continue to learn and be able to use new techniques with my business and staff !
    Thank you Alan for another great seminar & looking forward to the next one !
    Soraya Huguet & Reception Palace Ballrooms

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Soraya, it was great coming down to work with you and your team, and also to see you in DC. I look forward to working with you again, soon.

  • Alan was great! He’s energetic, a wealth of knowledge, and full of amazing ideas. Definitely worth the investment.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Maggie, for inviting me to come and do a Private Mastermind day with you and the other local wedding pros with whom you network. It was a great day, packed with lots of actionable items, and I’m happy to hear that you’re benefitting from our time together.

  • Maya Holihan says:

    Alan is simply amazing! His knowledge and expertise on succeeding in business and life is spot on. I hired him to review my company website and brought him in for a private training with my staff. We are still working on making the website changes he recommended, but even the little changes already made, have increased the daily traffic to my site, from about 520 to now approximately 630!
    Alan recently came to one of my stores and provided sales training for my staff and me. He was engaging, energetic, conversational, and spoke with my team in a manner that was truly relatable to them, and made the training fun! He offers a number of different perspectives and tools on how to maintain professionalism and enhance the client experience to close more sales. My girls absolutely loved him, and we have a new phrase when we discuss our appointments and client interaction, called “The Alan Way”. I have already witnessed higher productivity and an effort to implement what we learned, from so many of my staff. It’s paying off, with increased sales and absolutely wonderful client reviews.
    As the owner, he has provided me with a business platform that I will be able to refer to, and build upon as I continue to train and develop my team. His direction and honest feedback are priceless! I will definitely be bringing him back in the future!

    Maya Holihan
    House of Maya Bridal Salons

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Maya, you inspire me with all you’ve built into the House of Maya, and I’m honored to be invited to come in and work with you and your team. I love the energy among your team and I’m looking forward to coming back and continuing the “conversation” with them.

  • Bev Goldberg says:

    Amazing! .
    The review we had was incredibly helpful and insightful! Alan’s grasp of marketing and how to tease the customer into calling is like tossing bait to elusive fish.
    Alan has a “way with words” that totally mesmerizes. Even when you think you know what to do, he manages to put a new twist on things. Put one of his suggestions to work a few hours after his lecture; the client signed up within hours!!

    Shirley’s Catering

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bev, it was great working with you and I love hearing how you immediately put into use some of the ideas… and are seeing the rewards. Keep sharing your success stories, thanks!

  • This was my fourth time hearing Alan speak, but the first in a one-on-one setting. Not only did he review our website and give us fantastic tips to make sure that we’re getting a return on our time and our investment in marketing, but he spent time with our enormous staff ensuring that they were all on the same page with regards to customer service. His conversational approach cannot be matched – he’ll make you feel comfortable, he’ll make you laugh, and all while bestowing his epic knowledge and advice. Words cannot express just how grateful I am to have had the opportunity, and I look forward to meeting with him again in the future.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Misty, for spearheading having me come in to work with the team at House of Maya. I love what you guys are doing and it’s an honor to be a part of it.

  • Siraj Hasan says:

    I recently had a one and one consultation with Alan about my website. I think if anyone is serious about their business and want to grow their business either thru their web site or any form of marketing, Alan is the person you should talk to. I would highly recommend Alan to all my photographer friends and also Videographer’s who are in the business or want to start their own business. All in all this will be the best investment any company will make is to hire Alan who will help them and guide them to grow their business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Siraj, your photos and videos are beautiful. Now it’s time to surround those with a website that does them justice. I’m looking forward to seeing it and hearing your stories of success.

  • Nick says:

    Alan was very detailed in his website review. He went above and beyond just a website review, He took a look at my Google analytics, gave me some sales tips and gave me tips on how to raise my rates. All of this while keeping it fun and light. He is a true professional in every sense of the word and really really cares about his clients. I have recommended him to other companies that I have work with. What I learned from him in 2 hours will benefit my business for as long as I continue working, thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nick, it was great working with you. I loved reading your reviews and seeing how your clients love what you do for them. I look forward to seeing the changes on your site, and hearing your stories of success. Please share.

  • Chris Marino says:

    Alan was great with my website review! He provided me with fantastic examples and a clear picture of what I needed to do to help improve conversion. He is extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Alan to anyone in the wedding business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Chris, I’m looking forward to seeing the progress and hearing your success stories. Please share.

  • Lisa Morales says:

    Alan…IT WORKED! A bride emailed me asking me for my price. I attached my 3 packages and told her that I would love to discuss it further. “I wouldn’t want her to pay any more than she needed to, to have the wedding she wanted.” I gave her a price range with the average being xyz. She replied that she was happy that I had options and different rates for her as all the other planners only had a flat fee. We’re meeting tomorrow.