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There’s no “I” in team, but is there an “I” in Self-Employed?

By April 5, 2011August 8th, 20114 Comments

As I venture out into the world of self-employment I began to ponder my support system. The last eleven years of my life, at The Knot, have positioned me as part of a high-performing team. Prior to that I was self-employed, publishing two successful wedding magazines, after having sold advertising for them. We’ve all heard about the sports coach trying to bring his players together with the phrase “There’s no I in TEAM”. But what about when the team is essentially just you?

Sure I have a support system, but the bulk of what I do has to be done by me. I write my presentations, create the PowerPoints, write the books and articles… you get the idea. So if there’s no “I” in TEAM I began to wonder if there’s an “I” in being self-employed.

Then I realized there are lots of “I’s” in being self-employed. I’ve been here before as I’ve had several businesses in the past. So is this time any different? After all it’s been 11 years since I’ve been self-employed so has anything changed? We all grow from the experiences over the years.

So here’s are some of the “I’s” in being self-employed:

  • Ingenuity
  • Intelligence
  • Indigestion
  • Insomnia
  • Insecurity
  • Insurance
  • Incredible Opportunity
  • Infinite Possibilities

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with wedding pros and small businesses around the country. I’m looking for highly motivated individuals and businesses who are ready to take the actions necessary to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Most of you reading this are self-employed so what have I missed? What other “I’s” are there in being self-employed? Add your comments to the list! Thanks.


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  • Alan says:

    Fantastic, thanks!

  • Alan says:

    Love it, thanks, Carmen! Anyone else have any more to add?

    • Nancy says:

      incredible for all that we have learned and try to apply
      isatiable in our appetite for knowledge and things to offer our clients

  • Carmen Mesa says:

    Here are some others I thought about:
    Intuition – follow your gut
    Imagination – picture your future
    Impatience – you want that future now
    Investment – in yourself and your business
    Independent – or you wouldn’t be self-employed
    Individual – there is only one “you”
    Inventive – creating new opportunities
    Indescribable – the joy you get in your accomplishments and in helping others

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