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Who made my site?

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I get asked this question a lot because some people assume that I made my own website. While I had a lot to do with the content, I turned to professionals for design, structure and the actual creation of this site (much as I advise you to do). There are loads of people that you could ask for help from, for example you could choose Cefar or even but there are many others that you could also use.
In my book is not about how to design a site, rather it’s about how to think about your site, regardless of what you do, your audience or the purpose of your site. I speak about what makes a good, usable, effective site, not how to actually design and build it.

So, let me directly answer the question and then elaborate on why. Local Traffic Builder is the company that made this site. I went with them because they really listened to what I was trying to accomplish and they have the skills and background to take my ideas and make them even better. Are they the only ones who do quality work? Of course not, but it’s hard to find a company that understands design and marketing. Most are good at one or the other, not both.

This is a WordPress site?

We went with WordPress for the Content Management System (CMS) capabilities. It’s not a template but and it doesn’t look and feel like it’s a blog. The site design is totally custom, not a template. That’s because a template is only as good as the content and the people who use it. A real designer can be limited by a template. Non-professionals need templates (that are designed by professionals) to give them a starting point. Read More

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You can’t save your way to prosperity

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How much money can you save by reducing expenses? The answer is simple: you can only save as much as you’re spending.

OK, now for the flip side. How much money can you earn? An unlimited amount. You can work harder, come up with new ideas and try new things. You can even go as far as to read reviews of OppLoans and consider taking a personal loan.

For instance if you stop advertising are you saving money? Maybe, maybe not. If the ad was bringing you in more than it was costing you then you’re losing money if you stop. Of course the key question is whether you really know if the ad is working.

What does it cost you to make more money? Your ideas? Your money? Your time?

You can’t save your way to prosperity. It’s a losing proposition. The amount of money you can save is not only limited, it’s way less than you can earn… if you’re willing to invest in your own success.

So, do you invest your time focusing on reducing your expenses or on earning more money? I see too many people who watch their pennies so closely they miss the opportunities to earn dollars. They either don’t allow themselves to see those opportunities… or they just choose to ignore them because of the cost.

I’m choosing to find the opportunities in life. Who wants to join me?


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Profits are music to your ears… but are you really making any money?

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I recently gave a presentation for the NJ ABC/ISES/NACE chapters called “Am I really making any money?” Too often I hear people talking about the number of clicks to their ad, how high they come up in search results or how many friends they have on Facebook, but rarely do I hear people talking about how much money they’re making. Of course there are good reasons for that; you don’t want to share your personal finances; you don’t want to brag; or maybe it’s because you don’t really know.

There’s a big difference between getting people to click through to your website and making money from those clicks. There’s a difference between getting someone to open your email campaign and making money from that campaign. Getting someone to read your mailing piece or print ad doesn’t make you any money.

Learn to connect the dots

What you want to do is connect the dots between the people viewing your ads and website and the sales you make. That’s a lot harder than it sounds since there are many steps along the way. For example: someone sees your ad on a website or a search engine result, so they click through to your site. Once at your site you want them to contact you, which probably happens via email, rather than phone (a topic for another article). They email you for information and pricing and hopefully you get them in for an appointment. Once in your office for the appointment you hope to make the sale. So how are you going to connect the dots from that sale back through them seeing your website to the original source… the ad or search engine?

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