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Hamilton, Ontario Mastermind Day

11/20/22, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Ruby Entertainment Company: 518 Alberton Road, Alberton, Ontario


I’m very excited to be doing another Mastermind in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!

This will be a mastermind sales training, so it’s not specific slide-based presentations, rather it’s a more organic flow through the sales cycle:
  1. Getting their attention – advertising, social media, networking, prospecting, referrals
  2. Getting the inquiry – once you have their attention, get them to make an inquiry, which is likely to be digital these days
  3. Have a conversation – too many inquiries get quiet (ghosting) because they’re not being handled the right way. Through the secret shopping we’ve done for years we see lots of businesses dumping info, PDFs and menus on prospects, only to get no reply. We’ll walk through how to get a better and faster response to take them to the next step
  4. Make the sale – whether in person, through email or on the phone, asking better questions and really listening to the answers is key. Then, asking for the upsell will help you increase the average sale so you can profit more from each event.

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