Alan Berg speaking at WeddingPro COR NYC
Your Association Chapter CAN afford to bring Alan in to speak (yes, even with your limited budget)!
What to know how?

Local wedding and event association chapters around the country, just like yours, have found a way to bring the kind of sales and business education that Alan presents at national and international conferences, right to their local members, and you can, too! With some creative ideas, that have worked for small and large groups, you’ll create a more impactful event that will get your members excited and teach them new skills they can use, right away to convert more leads and close more sales.

Worth every cent! Alan Berg was so easy to work with and fully engaged for us in the entire process. Alan worked with me to structure the day for a successful financial outcome that really made the day work for us. – Bob Stock, Central Coast Wedding Professionals, San Luis Obispo, CA


our industry is full of acronyms, and Alan understands the code – and he understands you and your members!

How does it work? With a Master Class and VIP Tickets!

If you’re like most associations, you have either a lunch or dinner meeting, during which you have a speaker. Most of those speakers are industry pros who come to present to your group. Alan, on the other hand, is a professional speaker, sales trainer and author of 6 books, who has been called “The Leading Speaker and Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events.” Speaking and training is all Alan does, so your members will want more than a 45-minute speech. They’ll want to go deep into the topics that will benefit them most.

So, Alan will lead a Master Class for a your members. They’ll pay more for their ticket, because they’re going to get so much more than a 30-45 minute speech. They’re going to get a deep dive into a few topics, so they’ll have actionable steps they can use, right away. The value is so much higher, which reflects well on you, the education planner, and the association.

An even deeper dive with a VIP Ticket!

One of the best ways associations like yours have made this work is to have a VIP Ticket for the most valuable offering. The VIP ticket holders, in addition to getting the Master Class, will spend a few hours with Alan, either before, or after the Master Class, in a smaller, more intimate session. It’s like a mini-Mastermind session, group consulting. While usually the highest-priced ticket, these almost always sell out first! That helps you afford the event, and they get the best experience!

Heard enough and want to get a price quote, ask questions and/or check availability for having Alan do a Master Class for you and your association members? Emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Even though I’ve heard Alan Berg speak several times before, I still left his workshop with a list of ways to change the way I do business & increase our profits. He was so engaging that I didn’t even want to leave for a trip to the restroom… might have to wear Depends to his next workshop!!!” – Stephanie Yun, Ace of Hearts Films, Bend, OR

What kinds of topics can Alan present at the Master Class?

Alan Berg CSP speaking for Richmond Wedding ShowAfter presenting on a couple of topics, Alan will then dive deeper into them, the way he does with his consulting clients. For example, if you have him present “Why Are They Ghosting Me?”, attendees will come up with their exact wording for replying to an inquiry, how to follow up, when to follow up and more! If you have Alan present “5 Signs It’s Time To Fire Your Website,” after the presentation Alan can pull up the websites of some of the attendees (with their permission, of course), and show how to actually apply the concepts he just presented.

If you have him present “Why Don’t They Call Me? 8 Tips for Converting Inquiries Into Sales.” after the presentation Alan will review actual conversations of some of the attendees, to show how to improve them for better conversion. If you’re lucky, some new inquiries will come in during the Master Class, and you can all answer them, together. Other topics can include “Top Down Selling for a Better Bottom Line,” “To Discount or Negotiate – Pricing Strategies Decoded!“, “Review Revolution – 10 ways to use your reviews to make more money.” “Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events” and more – just ask, Alan’s an expert on the Business of Weddings & Events.

Alan, thank you so much for presenting to our Seattle NACE group, not once but twice this year! Your talk was so well received that we all wanted you back for more.” – Monica S. Newby, A Grand Affaire Catering, Greater Seattle Chapter of NACE

Read on to find out more, or click to see the 4 Easy Steps for arranging your own association Master Class with Alan. And then, to get a price quote, ask any questions and check availability for having Alan do a Master Class Workshop for you and your association members, emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

This was a phenomenal presentation and Alan was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He provided real-world examples that applied to our industry.” – feedback from ILEA Live, Denver

Alan was engaging and gave an amazing presentation. We had him speak at our May ILEA meeting. My sales team attended the event and they started using his tips the next morning.” – Steve Moore, Palate Catering/ILEA, Atlanta, GA

Here’s how to arrange for an association workshop with Alan Berg CSP in your area
Following are the 4 Steps to arranging for Alan to come and do a full-day workshop for your association:
Click to see the 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Contact Alan and arrange a date

Contact Alan to coordinate a date for your workshop. If you can arrange it for when Alan’s already in your area, you may save on his travel. See the FAQs below and then to check availability, get a price quote for your mastermind, or with any questions email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362 

Step 2: Choose the topics:

Typically, Alan will present 1 topic for your meeting (lunch or evening) and then 1 or 2 additional topics for the Master Class, all designed to improve the business skills of your members. To see his topics, visit the speaking topics page.

Step 3: Secure a location for the event

Arrange for an appropriate venue for the workshop. While we understand that if a meal is being served, some people will inevitably have their backs to the stage, it’s best to have Alan present either before, or after the meal – Alan will not present during a meal as it’s not fair to the people who are eating to have to turn around. For VIP events (smaller groups), a board room or “u-shape” setup will work. For larger groups, classroom tables are best for taking notes.

Step 4: Arrange the logistics

Since we’ll be there most of the day for the Master Class, we’ll need snacks, beverages and lunch. You’ll also need to have either a projector/screen, or large flat screen TV, plus a wi-fi connection (and power cables for laptops), and, for groups over 20, a small PA with wireless lapel mic.

From ILEA to the Wedding MBA, I’ve been very fortunate to learn from Alan over the years. His presentations have helped me improve both my marketing materials, website and blog. – Marcello Pedalino, MMP Entertainment, New Jersey

Still have questions?

Scroll down to see the Frequently Asked Questions, and then to check availability for your Master Class, get a price quote, or with any questions email metext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Here are just a few of the associations who have already benefitted from Alan’s education:
NACE National Association of Catering and Events
Rhode Island Wedding Group
Central Coast Wedding Professionals
Twin Cities Wedding Association
Maine Wedding Association
Triangle Bridal Association
Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about having Alan do an association workshop day for you.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, want to get a price quote and availability for having me doing an Association Dayemailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

How is an association Master Class different than our usual meetings?

Great question. Your association’s mission is to provide the best in education. When bringing Alan in you not only get his world-class expertise (he’s presented in 14 countries), you get to create an event that’s more than just an hour presentation, and show the added value of membership to your group or association. Whether seasoned pros, or industry newcomers, your members will leave with real-world ideas they can use right away.

What are some ways that we can make this work for our association's limited budget?

Alan’s been working with associations, like yours, for years, and your members know that you get what you pay for. Using an adjacent Master Class has make this work for groups, just like yours, even with the smallest of budgets. Looking for other suggestions? Alan has the ideas to make this work for your association, the way it already has for so many. Want to find out how to make this work for your association.  Get a price quote and availability for having Alan do an Association Master Classemailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

How long is a Master Class?

Typically running from 9/9:30am until around 4/4:30pm, your association workshop times will be customized to your association’s needs and area. You can choose to go morning/afternoon, or afternoon/evening, whichever works best for your group.

What will it cost to have Alan do a Master Class and speak at our meeting?

That’s the best part, since a Master Class is so much more than just a one-hour presentation, your members and their guests will benefit by learning to sell more, so it’s their tickets that will make this work. As Alan offers these domestically, and internationally, exact rates are quoted on a case by case basis, however it’s typically $7,500 per day, plus Alan’s airfare and 2 nights of hotel (unless you’re lucky enough to schedule your event while Alan is already in your area for another event, which could save you on his travel). Want an exact quote? Emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Can we have Alan do a Master Class just for a small group?

Yes, of course. Alan can do a small-group Mastermind Day, much more focused on the needs of that group, either as a stand-alone, or adjacent to a workshop. These are a great way to provide additional education, and value to your members, while offsetting some of the cost. Want to find out more? Email Alan, text, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Who pays for Alan's travel?

If you can arrange your workshop when Alan is already in your area, or if you’re within driving distance of his base of New Jersey, you can save on his airfare. Depending upon the timing, the group may have to cover one or two nights of hotel. Unless Alan is driving to your city, he’ll need ground transportation to/from the venue.

Does this only apply to businesses in the wedding & event industry?

No, while Alan typically speaks and trains in the wedding and event industry, the ideas are focused on business, not craft, so they do apply to many other businesses. If you have a specific business in mind, and you aren’t sure, just contact Alan and ask. Being a professional, he’ll tell you whether this format is, or isn’t appropriate for your group. Email Alantext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international 001 732 422 6362

Thank you for a very insightful NACE meeting.  I’m glad I attended and more than any other speaker I’ve seen you hit home on several topics. – Dave Schaffer, Schaffer Sound, Media, PA

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