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6 Steps to Wedding Show Success

By January 19, 2014April 28th, 20142 Comments
Click the image to get the PDF to use for your exhibitors

Click the image to get the PDF to use for your exhibitors

Are wedding shows still relevant?
Of course you and I think they are, but do today’s wedding pros? To stay relevant you have to be more than just a booth-seller. You need to be a resource. You need to help them succeed, not just at your shows, but in their businesses.

I wrote “6 Steps for Wedding Show Success” for my presentations in Vancouver, for BSPI member, Gary Meister. Gary wanted me to be the voice to say the things to his exhibitors that he, and you, have been saying for years, but they aren’t always hearing. It’s the same as when your children think the neighbor is brilliant for saying today, what you’ve been telling them for years. The outside voice carries a different credibility to the familiar one. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does.

What are the 6 steps? (as if you don’t already know).
Here’s the short version. The full version is available for download here
1) Before the show – prepare, in advance. Don’t wing it. Have a goal and a plan.
2) Prepare your follow-up before the show. Don’t wait for the list to arrive to decide what to do.
3) At the show – Make your booth stand out and reflect what you do, in an instant.
4) Staff your booth adequately and properly. Your niece may not be the best person to man your booth.
5) Follow up as soon as your list arrives. Sooner if you made your own “hot list” from people you met in your booth.
6) Follow up again based upon their wedding date. It’s not dead until the wedding is over… and even then there’s still value.

Preaching to the choir
We all know that what happens before your show, and especially after your show, is critical to your exhibitor’s success. So, how can this help you. Use this PDF, “6 Steps to Wedding Show Success” as your “voice” for your exhibitors. Let it be the your outside-expert voice.

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Here’s how else I can help you…
BSPI members Marc McIntosh and Barbie Howard are already using my 5 Things Your Wedding Guests Won’t Tell You to attract more attendees to their wedding shows. This piece is to help you be more profitable from your wedding show participation. You can use them both (with proper attribution, of course). I have other articles, for brides and exhibitors, that you can use to fill out the content on your website. Just let me know what you need.

Go big, or go home
Next you can take it up a notch and have me deliver “6 Steps to Wedding Show Success” live, for your local association or group as part of a Day of Education. We’ll bring them the tools they need to succeed, not just at wedding shows, but in their businesses. I’ll do multiple presentations for you, or a workshop and a presentation. You’ll  choose your other topics from closing more sales to improving their websites, handling email leads to improving their promo pieces, choosing a successful attitude to a realistic approach to social media. Let’s deliver them the kind of content they typically can only get at a large, national event, like Wedding MBA, The Special Event or catersource… but without the expense of time and travel.

Show to love to your premier clients
Take it to the next level and arrange a special, by invitation-only event for your preferred partners, the people who refer you the most business each year. It can be a lunch, meet and greet or a separate workshop. Show those that invest the most in you, that you’re investing back in them. It’s easier to keep those people happy than to find new partners. Show them you don’t take them for granted.

This isn’t just for other people,  you’ll benefit from the information, as well. Carol Bouche wrote me this after I spoke for her wedding show exhibitors:

I sold 7 booths today TOTALLY based on your principals of assume the sale, help them buy something, listen for buying clues, and asking for the SALE!!!!! Ok… Make that 8 somebody just called and booked that I talked to earlier today…lol… I’M NOT KIDDING!!!! I am a decent seller, but never so many good happy productive calls. Ever. This is fun! I can’t thank you enough for being WHO YOU ARE and sharing all your knowledge with us. You are the BEST.”

Vicki Taylor from the Tulsa Wedding Show wrote me this after I spoke for her exhibitors:

What better way to give wedding professionals tools for success than to have Alan Berg come to speak! Everyone who attended was so enthusiastic about the very practical, use-it-tomorrow tips Alan shared.”

What are the next steps?
First, download the PDF from my site. No charge, no strings. It’s my gift to you for the value you’ve brought to me over my 23 years in our industry. Share it with your friends and partners. Use it however you’d like. All I ask is that you please leave the attribution and authorship info and send me a copy of how you’re using it. If you’re wanting to change anything, please let me know, in advance. I’ll be happy to make you a custom version of the PDF.

Next, email or call me to discuss available dates and details on having a Day of Education for your local wedding association, or a even a private training for your company or a small group of event pros. Once we know which dates work for both of us, I’ll give you an air-inclusive, special rate, so you’ll have fixed, predictable costs (airfare can fluctuate so widely). Email or call me today so we can time this for maximum impact for your clients, 732.422.6362  Outside the US and Canada dial ring me at 001 732 422 6362.

If this is what you want your team or attendees saying after your next event, contact me today:
Cathy MacRae after the Day of Education I presented for the Calgary Bridal Association Day of Education

“I recently had the good fortune to attend one of Alan Berg’s workshops, sponsored by the Calgary Bridal Association. It was a fantastic day filled with amazing and relevant information that I could take away and immediately begin implementing in my small business – website updates, sales strategies, email contact with brides, settling disputes, and so much more! It was an incredible workshop and I’m already seeing the difference it’s making in my business. Thank you Alan!”

Email or call me today for date availability, pricing and with any questions about having me present to your company, prospects and/or association members, 732.422.6362  Outside the US and Canada dial ring me at 001 732 422 6362.

Download the PDF here: 6 Steps to Wedding Show Success – Alan Berg

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