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Have you heard Alan speak for your company or conference? Please post your review here

By June 3, 2011December 2nd, 2022862 Comments
Alan Berg CSP

Alan brings his entertaining, engaging speaking style to your conference or group, large or small – read or share your review below

Review Alan Berg, CSP’s keynotes, workshops and speeches

Have you attended a conference, meeting, workshop or training where I presented, domestically or internationally? I’d love for you to share you thoughts on the presentations, the conference and my speaking/knowledge/skills.

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¿Ha asistido a una conferencia dónde presenté?

Por favor compártale pensamientos en las presentaciones y mis habilidades de hablar, en inglés o en español. Gracias.

Are you thinking about having me speak for your company, group, conference or Pop-Up Wedding Workshop?

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Have you had me do a website review, consulting or private sales training; or you’ve been part of a mastermind day? Please post your review here


Join the discussion 862 Comments

  • Bob Smith says:

    Absolutely loved your blog, pictures and information. Thanks for sharing. Radio App DJ West Palm Beach

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Bob. I appreciate you taking the time to send feedback. Let me know what other topics you’d like to hear.

  • Alan’s yesterday’ webinar was fun and as well as informative. I have already made few changes that he recommended and still working on it.

  • I had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak in Naples Florida at a seminar for the National Association of Wedding Professionals. He is a great speaker with great advice. I immediately implemented his suggestions and was successful right away. I look forward to reading his books.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mary Ann, it was a pleasure speaking for NAWP recently and I look forward to coming back again next year!

  • Hi Alan !! I would like to say thank you very much for the big impact you have had on me. I’m following you for a few years and took a lot of notes from your seminars and videos. Yesterday, I used all my day to review my notes and put together and learn from them more seriously. I have used some of your tricks for the last few years, but didn’t take time to look at it more deeply. I change a lot of things and it was right on time !!! I got 4 calls today and succeed 100% ! Not only did I get 4 new weddings for next year, I got 4 really happy customers and it took me about 25% of the normal time to convince them. I’m very grateful to you!

  • DJ AJ Falcon says:

    I have been in both the event industry and Sales (including a Fortune 500 company) for most of my life. Alan’s trainings, books, podcasts, and live presentations are among the very best if not THE best I have had the pleasure of viewing, reading, attending and benefiting from.

    For starters, he’s engaging and entertaining, then importantly, he’s concise and thorough in giving useful, powerful, logical information that has benefited my business as it will yours. The concise part is important for those with busy schedules. All the fat has been trimmed to just give you the meat of whatever topic he’s discussing/writing about, meat that will benefit you and your business. You will see RESULTS and have fun in the process. Who says learning can’t be fun?

    As with most great speakers, he motivates you to take ACTION, not just notes. If I could give 10 Stars I would lol. But a strong 5+++++ !

    • Alan says:

      Thanks AJ, I love seeing you in the audience and it was great to spend time with you in Miami.

  • AJ Falcon says:

    Alan is very knowledgeable, concise, to the point, yet also fun and engaging. Wish all speakers were like him. 5 Stars+++ galaxies lol.

  • Jason Cage says:

    Common sense advice to common problems. They often say the best answer is right under your nose, and Alan always makes me have “oh…duh” moments to problems I thought I had already solved. No matter what level of business you are running, Alan always has tips to make it better.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jason, the best answer is often so close that we can’t see it. Thanks for tuning in.

  • So I left a review a few weeks ago for Alan’s book Wit, Wisdom and the Business Of Weddings, and then recently had the opportunity to speak directly with him at a presentation for our small event professionals association. And I have to say that even though I’ve read his books, listened his seminars and seen him present at MobileBeat, I still came away from his presentation with a couple pages of notes from his presentation. Well done Alan. Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you again soon, as soon as we can efficiently travel to US and back.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Aaron – wow, two reviews from you in a week! So glad you were able to come to the Edmonton presentation, it was great to see you.

  • Susan says:

    I listened in on Alan’s latest webinar and I’ve already implemented one of the ideas his panelist brought up.
    Truly was a great opportunity to tap into some amazing knowledge.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Susan, thanks so much for watching the panel discussion, we’re so glad you enjoyed it and got ideas you were able to use right away.

  • Alan did a fantastic 2 hour speech for my association last night. It was absolutely mind blowing. His techniques and even the way he words things are amazing. He reminds us of how simple sales and conversations should be. We’ve just forgotten how to do them. Alan, you’re an amazing guy, your boss are an easy read and in general fun because you write like you speak. I highly recommend anyone thinking about booking Alan to speak, don’t think, just do it. Highly recommended.

    • Alan says:

      Chris, thanks to you and Heather for tuning in to the CEP presentation last night. I’m touched by your kind words and hope to present for your group again soon.

  • Where do I start??? I first saw Alan quite a few years ago and since then I’ve seen him at several different conventions and events. One would normally ask why would you go to a speaker you have seen before yet I’ve never asked myself that. The reason I see Alan every chance I can is because he brings value to me every time. I can’t think of one time I haven’t walked away saying how amazing his presentation was!! Then there’s the 5 books he has out. When I pick up his books I’m able to dig deeper into what will make me a better salesperson and business leader. I can’t say enough great things about Alan’s speaking and writing. I’ve learned so much and received so much value which is why I organized an event to have Alan speak at for a local association. Now the pressure was on since I knew how great Alan was but what if nobody else thought the same and then I would be left explaining why I spent association money on such a speaker. Well, the second the event was done I started to receive texts and emails from the group thanking me for bringing such an inspiring speaker to our group. He knocked it out of the park and left every person there wanting more. Thank you to Alan for what he brings to the event industry!!! Can’t wait to see you speaking again.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Sheldon, I really appreciate you inviting me to present for the CEP and I’m so glad your members enjoyed it as much as you did.

  • I attended Alan’s webinar ” 4 Reasons you are Ghosted” and it never gets old. I always learn something new AND very a much in the butt to reload!
    Thanks Alan!

  • Roberta Thompson says:

    Alan’s webinar yesterday was fun and informative. I have already made two changes he recommended.

  • Aaron says:

    Attended Alan’s “Ghosting” webinar yesterday and I am so glad I did. I like a talk that isn’t just teaching, but gets your creative juices flowing. And this was it. I found plenty of practical uses afterwards and made some changes to my website and how I approach wedding leads.
    Afterwards, I had to pick up one of Alan’s books because I wanted more.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Aaron, that’s exactly my goal, to get you thinking about new ways and then trying them!

  • Alan always has the most up to date content for dealing with the new generation of brides, we always look forward to his classes.

  • Randy Drewel says:

    First time viewer and listener. I have so much to learn! You are so informative and FUN to watch. Thank you so much. I wish I would have found you sooner. Have you ever been to NE before? Need to buy a book. Thanks again Alan!
    Randy Drewel-A Lasting Impression DJ-Lincoln, NE.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Randy, yes, I’ve spent lots of time in Nebraska. I was there many times each year, for many years when I was VP at The Knot. I love NE!

  • The perfect speaker-coach in my opinion.He uses a simple way to describe examples with couples, he uses his character to contact
    with them and us to!Everytime i read his books or listen to his webinar i get new ideas for my job(Dj entertainer from Greece).
    Thanx for the great value and enspiring Alan!

  • Alan Berg is an exceptional consultant/advisor/trainer who is incredibly approachable, clear and filled with integrity every step of the way. I urge anyone wishing to improve their business stance, image, approach to attend his webinars, purchase his books and/or schedule individual consultations with him. Throughout the years he has offered insurmountable wisdom…encouraging, supportive and sage advice (in my interactions with him on The Knot) and as recently as today I attended an incredible webinar in which I was able to implement strategies (even while the webinar was being held) that are so incredibly effective. Bravissimo, Alan! Truly brilliant and filled with such clarity. Thank you!

  • Found Alan’s tips extremely helpful. His calls to action motivated me!!!

  • Found Alan’s tips extremely helpful. His calls to action motivated me!!!

  • Jeff Dutzel says:

    Alan always does a great job presenting and sharing ideas on how to grow your business. I have heard him speak on various topics at conventions as well as attending some of his smaller webinars. You walk away with actionable items that you can implement immediately. We saw a return on our investment within days.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jeff, it’s always great having you and your team in the audience. Can’t wait to do this again, live and in-person!

  • Donna Little says:

    I attended Alan’s webinar on 3 Easy Things You Should Do Now To Get Your Website Ready For Engagement Season. I learned so much that will help my future clients maneuver my website easily. Alan is easy to follow and helpful with questions. I appreciate the opportunity and will definitely sign in for future webinars.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Donna, I appreciate you attending the webinar and I’m happy it helped. I have fond memories of our Mastermind Day at your iconic venue in Knoxville. I hope to be able to get back there, soon.

  • I have had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Alan Bergs’s topics and see him in person speaking about sales and how to capture those clients. I think he is so knowledgeable and such an amazing speaker that always makes you stop and think and leaves you feeling uplifted with ideas and a new structure for your business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jackie. My goal is always to have you thinking a little different after a presentation than you did before. Thanks for the validation.

  • Jon Wise says:

    Hi Alan, I just wanted to say Thank you! I recently watched your seminar on the knot about ghosting and it has changed everything for me! I’m a 25+ year veteran of the wedding industry and was looking for a different strategy for replying to knot/wedding wire requests without getting ghosted. I’m happy to say your formula has worked wonders! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    *We’ve never had any issues booking referrals from past clients or other vendors but the cold leads from knot and wedding wire have always been a challenge until your seminar.

  • Keziah Jones says:

    I own a beauty company called THE KEY LOOK doing makeup and hair for weddings and I advertise and market on WeddingPro with Wedding Wire and The Knot. I received an email about a webinar that Alan Berg was hosting about “How to avoid getting ghosted with client” and let me tell you guys…. IT WAS AMAZING! I’ve rewatched that webinar 50 times already since it came out. It was amazing. If you follow exactly what he tells you to do, it works. Don’t half do, do it all the way. At first I thought it wouldn’t work for makeup and hair and of course I had to put my own little spin on it to make it relatable to what we provide but it has helped so much. No longer getting ghosted by clients and I love it ❤️❤️ I can’t wait to hear more from Alan Berg and I will be seeking more training from him in the future. Thank you again for the knowledge ❤️❤️❤️

  • Just a few days ago I watched Alan Berg’s webinar on How to Avoid Being Ghosted by Couples. The next day, I tried one of the tactics he said to use in terms of following up. I had several messages out to people who had reached out to me on WeddingWire and TheKnot, and had not gotten any response in several weeks. Within ONE minute, literally 60 seconds, I got two responses. What!!! I have listened to a few webinars before and found them extremely helpful, but I was in shock to see such fast responses, just based on his suggestion on how to reach back out. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • Chris says:

    Very well presented and informative webinar, which has helped us with useful info and tips to improve our customer relations

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Chris. Your books are on their way and I look forward to the day when I can visit you in Alicante Spain!

  • Thank you Alan for both an informative and insightful presentation – ‘Top-down Selling’ touched on many fundamentals of sales approaches to weddings with some powerful key points made along the way. From the initial “Avoid Decision Paralysis” to start the sales process with a “Full Jenga”, this presentation was chock full of useful and applicable examples and easy to understand information.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Carole. I’m so glad the private webinar for your company has connected with you. I look forward to hearing your success stories.

  • Adison says:

    Had a webinar with Alan for my company. We are in events within the Country Club community. Alan had a refreshing take on event booking, marketing and branding! Highly recommend his outlook!

  • Alan,

    It’s always a pleasure listening to you speak! Your presentation “Top Down Selling- Building a Better Bottom Line” was extremely thought provoking and inspired me to make changes on the spot. I have already implemented some of your ideas/techniques and have had immediate results. Thank you! I encourage anyone looking for an original outlook on selling to see him speak or purchase one of his many books. You won’t regret it!

    I can’t wait for the next one!

    Thank you again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Anna. We couldn’t be together at a conference this year, so this webinar was the next best thing.

  • Alan is the epitome of professionalism, in every single interaction he is clear, concise, and detailed. Beyond those incredible traits, what I appreciate most is that Alan has great energy, and is direct and authentic.

    I had the pleasure of attending a small group session with Alan a few years ago and that helped me personally glean tactics for my sales approach, that I have continued to engage. When looking for a speaker to speak at an industry educational event, knowing we needed someone that would have both the right energy, as well as invaluable insights to share – Alan was my first thought! He delivered exceptionally and the ILEA Napa-Sonoma attendees have been complimentary of the educational session and have expressed their appreciation for the tools and resources that Alan offered.

    Alan helped us all think about (and rethink) how we are and could be navigating the challenges of selling during COVID, selling during a time that events are not actively in progress and while there is much uncertainty. Alan sharing his wisdom was the perfect fit for these talented professionals looking to fine tune and hone their sales techniques to overcome this unique time and to continue to grow bookings and see success in their businesses!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Samantha, for inviting me to present for ILEA Napa-Sonoma. I’m looking forward to doing my next presentation for you in-person!

  • I just watched the Top Down Selling webinar. I so appreciate that you mentioned sometimes we need to hear things repeatedly before we take action — that certainly fits me perfectly – and I have always felt badly that I don’t do All The Things. You said we cannot do all the things – I appreciate that you gave me permission to let that feeling go.

    As usual, I did take away important nuggets to add to my daily work. I was moving to higher commitment questions too quickly and look forward to backing off and seeing what results happen.

    I appreciate the stories that you shared and I made note of the stories to help jog my memory – love the 85% sales at Season52 story!

    I am going to review my website now before my monthly call with the web person – to make sure that I am showing images that demonstrate results.

    So that is a long way to say that I appreciate the format of your education, the relevant stories you use to illustrate the topics and the positive direction. I have purchased your books, your private coaching, attended masterminds, the “free” covid sessions and now these timely webinars – thanks for continuing and practicing what you “preach” — keep moving forward.

  • Ray Caddell says:

    I’ve seen Alan speak and moderate a number of times. He’s always precise, informative and genuine.

  • Anuj sahai says:

    Alan is a grrat speaker. He communicates really well and makes it very simple for people understand the concepts. Will recommend taking his seminars/webinars.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Anuj. I really appreciate your thoughts and confirmation for me that I’m delivering valuable content, in an easy to digest way. Thanks!

  • Alan’s webinars are awesome! I try to catch as many as I can. Whether Alan is running the webinar or if he brings in another expert – the results are the same, regardless of how much you know, you will always find something of value. If Alan’s name is attached to it – regardless of who the speaker is you know it is going to be top notch

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Mike, I really appreciate your comments and loyalty to my content. I look forward to seeing you at the next webinar.

  • Caught Alan on live feed today. I decided to go back and follow up on a dead end inquiry…or so I thought. They booked a wedding with me. Follow up !!! It pays.
    Thanks Alan

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Donny, I’m so glad you were motivated to try again and it worked right away for you!

  • I have seen Alan speak in person and online many times and he is always a wealth of knowledge!
    Cheryl Fletcher

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Cheryl, it was great having you tune into the webinar. Let me know how else I can help you.

  • Erik Kent says:

    Great presentation and discussion! ????Thanks to you and Brian Lawrence for putting this interesting and fascinating webinar together on the topic of “Demystifying Contact Tracing,” featuring VenueX.

  • Laurel R says:

    Another informative and delightful webinar by Alan Berg! Will definitely be using his suggested techniques to emphathasize and communicate well with my current and new clientele. Just purchased his updated book “Shut Up and Sell” rewritten for venues. I can’t way enough about this book – my wedding sales (hotel) increased 45% in 4 months and that information was through his audible book. Now I will have the soft cover book to refer to. Thank you, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Laurel, WOW, that’s so great that you were able to increase your sales that much, in that short of a time. Kudos! Let me know how else I can help you.

  • Letrice Penn says:

    I’m so glad that my ILEA Detroit board brought Alan Berg to virtually present at one of our meetings! He is amazing at his craft and I highly recommend booking him for your next event, conference, workshop etc! He was able to keep our attention and provide us with very valuable knowledge in the area of leads and sales. He made the content very relatable and easy to understand and put in place in our businesses now! This meeting led to me taking a group lead conversion workshop with him as well and it was awesome! Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Le’Trice, it was great having you on the webinar and in the Lead Conversion Workshop. Looking forward to hearing your success stories!

  • Kristyn says:

    Alan’s webinar on achieving success at wedding shows was extremely informative.
    I run a new, small business and I believe that his advice will make all the difference for me!

    He offered more information than I could have expected, and was happy to answer any question besides. He put a lot of ideas into a new perspective, so that I feel I understood every point. I’ve already applied several of his suggestions, and the wedding show isn’t for another month!

    Thank you, Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Kristyn, thanks for tuning in to the webinar. Best of luck with your burgeoning business!

  • Bonnie Hope says:

    LOVED your webinar yesterday! I took 4 pages of notes!
    It’s so good to get your clear insight into the now and future of our industry.
    So many thanks!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bonnie. It’s feedback like that which helps me know I’m delivering the content you need.

  • Bill Celnick says:

    Alan is an excellent resource for just about anyone in the wedding industry, whether he’s speaking about current trends, websites, or sales training.

    I’ve attended several of his live appearances including his Mastermind session, many webinars – read his books, bought his CDs. They’ve helped me considerably, and I keep going back for more becasue there is so much information, and it evolves with a changing world. Whether it’s a new topic or revisiting old ones, it’s always very helpful and useful.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Bill, it’s always great to have you attending. You’ve attended more events of different kinds of mine than most. I appreciate your loyalty my friend.

  • Lauri Dixon says:

    Alan is a dream! Entertaining & engaging while informative!

  • Karen Buck says:

    Alan is amazing. His knowledge of the Wedding & Special Events industry is second to none. As a speaker he is engaging and speaks authentically TO his audience, not OVER them! What he speaks about is easily actionable for individual professionals and for businesses. Everyone will take away something, whenever and however they hear Alan talk – from his webinars, live presentations, audio programs or one of his books. Time with Alan is time well spent and I encourage anyone within the hospitality industry to include some “Alan Time” into their continuing education plan!

  • AJ FALCON says:

    Just attended a BRILLIANT webinar from this admired, knowledgeable, personable colleague on Selling Your Way to the New Norm. As usual, VERY informative and game changing info whicch for the small investment paid was such a bargain. High recommend him for any speaking engagement s pertaining to the wedding industry or just sales in general. Thank you Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, AJ. It’s great that you were able to attend the webinar. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  • “Yer Killin’ Me, Alan!”
    I’m going to start gifting my friendors with your books, and tickets to these webinars…
    Who Loves ya Baby?
    I had 20 + creative ideas and scribbled 27 to- do’s listening to you today… especially inspired from the basic principles I’ve heard you present dozens of times!
    Your webinars and talks are now like visiting a meditation center.. a focused sales monastery for contemplation and brainfood.
    Guru Alan… Namaste, Mahalo, Shalom!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Marc. You’re such a loyal friend and follower. It’s always a pleasure to see you in my audience.

  • Alan consistently over-delivers to his audience. I listen to his webinars and his valuable guest speakers every chance I get! Thanks, Alan

  • Yesterday, I attended Alan Berg’s webinar on, “Is Google listing your business as temporarily closed?” . He hosted it with 2 of his associates, Brian Lawrence and Matt ( I’m sorry, I didn’t get your last name). Not only did they cover the Google question but also went over all the important things to have on our websites. Needless to say, I have my time in quarantine covered! Thank you so much!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Betsy. We appreciate you tuning in and validating that we’re bringing valuable content for folks like you.

  • David Campli says:

    Alan, you are always a gem at what you do, but pivoting to teach us all the things we needed to be very aware of in times of crisis was paramount. We so appreciate what you do and the professionals you partner with. Thanks again for a super informative and even entertaining webinar.
    David C.

  • Kate White says:

    Alan is the gently spoken wedding business genius you need in your life.
    He provides thoughtful direction and inspiring resources to assist you in the journey to optimising your own talent.
    I have read his books, listened to his audio casts and seen him speak live. Each experience has been a pleasure.
    Having access to Alan’s wisdom has changed the way I do business.
    Thank you, Alan, for enabling me to to achieve better business and helping me to serve my clients more holistically.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kate, I appreciate your kind thoughts. Sorry I couldn’t make it down this year, but we all have to stay close to home now. I look forward to coming down again next year for EasyWeddings Evolve!

  • I have had the good fortune to hear Alan speak over the course of 9 years. When I reached out and asked him to do something for my Wedding Network Seattle members, he agreed immediately. We set up a Conversation with Alan – and is was very well received. One of my team who had not heard Alan speak, said she learned more in 90 minutes than she had attending other seminars & webinars.

    His expertise in the wedding & events industry tops anyone else and he teaches effortlessly. He shared so much information that everyone was begging for the replay – which I might add he delivered that same evening. He is a pro when it comes to his craft.

    Thanks again Alan, you are the best!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Cherie. You’ve been such an amazing supporter for me, for so long, it’s a pleasure to work with you and your network.

  • I work with weddingsonline in Ireland as a consultant for nearly 400 wedding businesses and I have to say Alan is the best speaker for wedding-related businesses I have ever heard. He knows his audience and has lots of practical and relevant examples to get the points across. He knows what is key in the online marketing world for weddings. His presentations are very well structured and to the point. He is very engaging and interested in his audience. He gets around a lot but tailors every presentation for the local suppliers and venues. I have heard Alan multiple times but I learn something new every time I listen to him.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Nicky, it’s always a pleasure to have you in the audience, or share the stage with you!

  • Rory McDonald says:

    I’ve heard Alan speak many times and I’ve always come away with excellent learning points.
    I love his easy to listen to, conversational approach because it’s so accessible and digestible!
    In all the times I’ve heard him questioned, he has never been stuck for an excellent, well thought out answer.
    Highly recommended

  • Connie says:

    I’ve just listened to the recording.
    It was first class … very very informative with excellent examples, I find a lot of marketing videos are jargon and cliches … this was nothing like that
    Thank you

  • Lorraine says:

    Such a motivating and positive speaker! I feel like I really learned a lot from just a 1 hour webinar. I think I learned more in this one hour than I did whilst studying marketing for 3 years!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Lorraine. I’m so glad you were able to tune in, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Alan since 2011. He has been integral to our marketing and sales efforts and We have arranged many different conferences with him and most recently he kindly arranged to give a webinar on 8 Proactive Ideas for Your Wedding Business Today.

    This was tailored specifically to Irish Wedding Suppliers and took place in the middle of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic when our clients need the most help and support possible and as always he hits the mark.

    Alan has fantastic insights, ideas and and know-how that can help any business to do better and to succeed more.

    I will certainly use him again as our clients would not forgive me if I didn’t 🙂


  • AJ Falcon says:

    Alan is brilliant! His knowledge, delivery, presentation, the whole package is just superior. It’s obvious he knows what he’s talking about, and shares it in a interesting, passionate way with just a touch of humor and trademark grin!

  • I first heard of Alan when he did a free webinar with Wedding Wire & The Knot. His information was so helpful and useful that I had a work meeting with all my employees the next week and we all listened to it together while eating dinner. 🙂 I sure love his expertise on selling tips! The knowledge he shares can be used in any type of business that is selling a service or product. I then met Alan at the 2019 Wedding MBA conference and of course loved attending all his classes that he spoke at. I have since listened to his books on Audible. I could honestly listen to the books over and over because his easy advise for selling is just that good! Thanks Alan for all you share and teach others. Sincerely, Veronica Chapman

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks, Veronica. It’s so nice to hear that you’re such a big fan, I’m humbled.

  • Delores Crum says:

    Alan’s “10 Proactive Things You Can Do to Lean In” is a positive message for these trying times. As we in the events industry face the COVID-19 crisis of health and of confidence, Alan’s 10 specific and specific suggestions are thoughtful, helpful and useful. Thanks, Alan, for the content and recommendations, but more importantly, for the hopeful tone and on-target message. I’ve shared with the Premiere Events / Party Time Rentals teams, with others in our community and with my contacts across the country.

  • Alan, your webinar today was the perfect “vaccine” to protect the health of my officiant business… not to mention my mental health! Your skill set is a rare blend of expertise, clarity, and encouragement.
    As they say in the old country: “Mazel Tov!”
    -Cantor Marc

  • The webinar Alan held today regarding how to deal with COVID-19 Pandemic was so helpful! Providing us with the tools and information to increase our productivity and help our business during a trialing time is wonderful! I appreciate how Alan finds the glass half-finding the positive in every situation. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dalia, for tuning in to the webinar. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, my glass is always half-full (with bourbon!)

  • Craig Vincent says:

    Hearing Alan speak at Wedding MBA this week was worth all the money I spent being there! I bought 3 of his audiobooks to listen to on the long trip home. I can honestly say my business has changed because of Alan. Thank You!!

  • Brooke says:

    I first saw Alan at Wedding MBA. There were so many great speakers, but Alan stood out to me from the beginning. After seeing an early talk, I quickly scanned the program so that I could attend any breakout session he was giving. His infectious personality and fun, interactive presentation is rivaled only by his incredible knowledge of the wedding/event industry. I recently attended Wed Midwest (4 hour drive) solely because I learned that Alan would be one of the speakers. You can attend a training confident that you will walk away with tools that you can implement and begin seeing immediate results! Next up – Mastermind Day… and I Can’t Wait!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Brooke, thanks for driving to KC for the conference. I’m looking forward to having you at a mastermind day, soon!

  • Loren Miller says:

    I used techniques gleaned from Alan’s talk on a sales call the morning after his conference. I was amazed when the bride booked over the phone! That’s a 2x ROI in less than 24hrs.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Loren, it’s great that you got new results while still at the Marquee conference!

  • I believe Alan genuinely cares about my success. It’s like he has adopted me and my colleagues into his own family! He is approachable, accessible, smart, funny and down to earth. We love Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Justin! That’s so kind of you to share. I look forward to seeing you in Omaha in a couple of weeks.

  • Steve Bowen says:

    “I saw Alan Berg present at the Marquee Show in Chicago and I was so impressed I purchased all of his books and have implemented some of his strategies in my business to with great success. I beleive Alan’s knowledge can be incorporated into any business who is looking for that extra edge in their market.”

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Steve. I told you when we met in Chicago that I’d make it down to Australia! I hope we get to meet up in Sydney or Melbourne!

  • I watched Alan speak several times at the Wedding M.B.A. in Las Vegas last year. I couldn’t get enough – the entire crowd were holding onto every word. Alan is a fun and engaging presenter and his topics are relevant and on-trend. In a sea full of 5,500 people, Alan stood out. After each presentation I watched him stay to answer questions and talk to the delegates, he was caring, had time for everyone and was genuine and invested in each persons business. Alan is a legend in the US Wedding Industry and an incredible Key Note Speaker. I hope the stars align and he can present to The Celebrant Society members soon.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Sarah, it was so great meeting you at WMBA. I hope to get to speak for the Celebrant Society soon in Australia!

  • I have had the privilege of watching Alan present a number of times at the Wedding M.B.A. and I own and have read a number of his books. His knowledge of the wedding Industry, what makes couples tick, how best to engage with them and his practical, real world examples are worth every cent you spend to see him, hear him and learn from him. His business acumen has the ability to transform your business if you embrace his ideas and act upon them. I would recommend Alan Berg and his programs to anyone looking to dramatically improve their understanding of their business, their opportunities and the relationships they have with potential clients. Thanks for all your help and your invaluable advice over the years Alan, it is very much appreciated. Regards, Ron.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Ron, it’s always great to see you traveling all the way to the US for your education, and I appreciate your input and support.

  • I travelled to Mobile Beat Las Vegas 23 from Sydney Australia and I was blown away with Alan’s Presentation. His knowledge and passion for helping others build their strengths in their field were paramount. Meeting him in person felt like I knew him for years. Learning to build such a bond instantly is unique and vital for anyone’s business.
    I highly recommend everyone engages with Alan one way or another to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Alan. 🙂

    • Alan says:

      Thanks John, it was great meeting you in Las Vegas. I hope to get to see you in Sydney when I’m there in June!

  • I’ve been lucky to hear Alan speak on a number of occasions and love the way he is able to connect with everyone in the audience. No-one is checking their watch when Alan presents. He knows his stuff and always delivers an engaging presentation that is easy to understand and tailored to his audience. The knowledge he shares will help any business (big or small). It has certainly helped ours become the success it is today. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Miranda, it’s always great to have the opportunity to see you, usually in Vegas, and I hope to get to see you in Sydney in June!

  • Anna Ferris says:

    I saw Alan talking at the Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas. As the owner of a membership community of over 5500 wedding industry professionals largely based in Australia, I felt that Alan’s insights could really benefit our Australian members in their commitments to improving their business practices. When we spoke further with Alan, we were convinced he could bring a lot of value to our conferences in Australia. Although the timing didn’t quite line up with his visiting Australia and our scheduled 2019 conference, we would have loved to have Alan talk with our members and help expand their minds and their capabilities for entrepreneurial success. We really look forward to being able to work with Alan in the future.
    Anna Ferris – Co-manager of The Wedding Society (formerly The Wedding Experts)

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Anna, it was great meeting you and Sarah in Las Vegas, I hope to get to see you in Sydney in June.

  • Glenn Mackay says:

    Alan is a speaker that is not only engaging, but gives real world practical content that you can implement. We’ve been able to implement strategies shared by Alan and see tangible results. What Alan shares is the super useful information that can easily seperate you from your competition. I’ve seen Alan speak on many occasions, plus has the pleasure of chatting with him over meals and he is a wealth of relevant information that is always up to date and ahead of the curve. If you have the chance to see Alan present, take it. As and Australian, I’ve seen him present in the USA and been able to implement things back here that have kept me well ahead of local competitors. It’s obvious that Alan is an experienced presenter who can tailor his message to suit each group, which means you’ll get something from his talks no matter what level you see yourself at. And above all that, he’s a top bloke.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Glenn, I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve crossed paths in the states. Thanks for being such a great supporter.

  • David Young says:

    Alan, I heard you speak at the Hy Cite National Sales Convention. It was a great message and very motivational. Your insights into our industry and work were uncanny. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your skills with us!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, David for reinforcing my intention of leaving you and your team with a motivational message. I look forward to coming back for another Hy Cite conference.

  • Nora Knerr says:

    I want to thank Peter Johnson and Steve Owen for having an outstanding speaker Mr. Alan Berg at our Annual
    Convention last year. The message in his speech was one that everyone needs to hear. His wisdom and knowledge
    are priceless and I feel very prevledged to have had this opportunity to hear him speak. I encourage anyone in
    the business world to have Mr. Berg speak at their meetings. I promise your staff and employees will all walk
    away with a new enlightenment and excitement for their roll in your company. Mr. Berg always has tapes and
    books available to buy at the end of our meetings and they are superb in keeping your continual motivation.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nora, it was great meeting you and Lou. I really appreciate your kind words about my presentations.

  • Lou Knerr says:

    Alan was our guest speaker at the Hy Cite year end convention in December. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Alan at our year end convention. I’ve been in the direct sales business for 34 years now and I’ve read many books, listened to a million CD’s and heard many speakers in person so I feel I’m qualified to say “Alan is truly one of my favorite speakers”.
    The reason is simple, Alan talks in plain language that I and everyone in the audience can understand, we don’t have to wade through the fancy words or delivery, I’ts just to the point. Alan spoke on customer service at this years convention, I’ve always prided myself with delivering excellent customer service but when Alan spoke about giving the very best customer service I learned more things that will enhance my customer service.
    Alan used an example of good customer service at Chic Filet. If you need anything they will deliver and when you say thank you, they say, it’s my pleasure. I never really noticed they said that but sure enough I was traveling and good Chic Filet, I needed an extra ranch dressing, young lady handed me one , I said thank you and she said “I’ts my pleasure.
    At the end of the day we all need good customer service skills to communicate with everyone we meet regardless of whether you are doing business with them or just catching up. Thanks Alan for another outstanding presentation, I look forward to seeing you in the near future. Happy 2019, Lou

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Lou. I love that you experienced the same thing I do at Chick Fil A, and realizing that we can all learn some new tricks.

  • Jonathan Connell says:

    Alan is a wonderful motivator and easy to listen to. He challenges you to think differently and overcome mental barriers to success. He spoke at our convention and I could have listened to more! Thanks Alan

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jonathan, it was great meeting you at the Hy Cite annual conference. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  • Steve Owen says:

    Alan is the ultimate professional. He does an excellent job of tailoring his presentations to fit the audience. He is engaging and entertaining in delivering his message. We have had Alan participate in our conventions on two different occasions and I know we will have him back again in the future.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Steve, for inviting me back to speak to the Hy Cite team. I look forward to coming back again to be part of your success.

  • Renee Maddison says:

    Alan delivered exactly what I needed at our year end convention to help me rethink the approach to customer service and what it really means to engage with the customer on a transparent and genuine level while maintaining the corporate voice. I’ve had the pleasure to hear Alan on multiple occasions; I always walk away with several action items I can implement to grow, connect and improve my interactions with consumers. He always delivers so much relevant content I usually purchase his books to take a deeper dive to continue improving my business. Thank you Alan for your fresh and compelling content!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Renee, it’s always great when I see you in the audience. Thanks for being a loyal fan.

  • Rob Arken says:

    Alan spoke at our year end convention
    As always he was amazing. His energy and how he applies his knowledge to our industry is unmatched. If you want an A+ speaker with all the wedding / marketing experience then Alan Berg is your speaker. I can’t recommend him highly enough

  • Within 12 months of attending one of Alan’s talks and following his expert advice my turnover increased by 230%. If you want to succeed in the wedding industry Alan is the man to help you achieve this.

  • Ankit Singh says:

    Alan is a very talented and eloquent speaker. His content is very meaningful and he delivers it with passion and purpose. And with a smile. Was great to hear him at Silk Inspire in Bangalore, India and attending his workshop could really help my business go up a step.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ankit. It was great meeting you in Bangalore and having you in our master class. I look forward to coming back and hearing your stories of success.

  • I had the pleasure of attending Wedding Wire World in Washington, DC where Alan Berg was the keynote speaker. I read a couple of his books prior to hearing him speak and listened to his podcasts on Wedding Wire and have seriously learned so much from him. I can’t say it enough, how positively his methods have increased my business. I had a booking within one day of leaving his seminar. The lessons I’ve learned in “Shut Up and Sell More Weddings” and “Why Don’t They Call Me” are ones I carry with me day to day and are utilized on each lead. Thank you Alan. You truly are a sales genius! I can’t wait to see you again- hopefully in Vegas!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Andrea, I’m always glad to hear success stories like yours. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.

  • Jessica says:

    Alan was spectacular; his speaking and presentation is inspiring and knowledgable to everyone in the business world. I had the honor of partaking in one of his sessions through my company and I am so happy I got the opportunity. His methods apply to new and old businesses alike to rethink their platforms and sales tactics to increase sales and overall develop better business practices.

    As a young attendee, everything resonated to me to better myself at my own sales, attitude towards selling and the in and outs of website designs and advertisements. Alan’s teachings applies to every age group, every business level, and every person in the sales industry. After hearing him speak, and attending the class, I’ve never been more excited and determined to dive straight into applying everything I’ve learned from him and seeing the benefits of changing my tactics.

    Thank you Alan for giving me courage and knowledge about business success and sales strategies, and as someone who is new to the industry, I have found a new confidence to pursue my dreams and belief that I can get there!

    By the way, your piano skills are superb!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jessica, it was great of Powerstation to host the Mastermind Day, and I’m so glad you found it valuable. Not all young attendees appreciate the investment their companies are making with these.

  • Caity Karner says:

    I am truly impressed by the Wedding Guru, Alan Berg. Getting clients to return my emails was always a drawn out process for me. After implementing what I learned in the On-site Sales Training with Alan Berg , 37 out of 40 of my emails have responded to me within the hour I sent them and scheduled 5 phone calls from those emails. I am definitely sold on Alan Berg and will keep implementing new techniques I learned from yesterday. Can’t wait until he’s in the area again for the next Sales Training/ Seminar. Thank You Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Caity, that was fast ROI! It’s not even 24 hours and you’re getting so much better response. Kudos for trusting and trying something new!

  • Kimberly MIller says:

    I have heard Alan speak several times now. Honestly, after hearing him the first time, I find where he is speaking and make sure I am there! Each time, I leave with a new idea, a new strategy and always something else in the back of my head. The first time, I thought some of his ideas were a bit out there – after hearing them again and implementing them, I am finding the exact success he was offering me in the first place! Alan is entertaining, shares real life examples, and keeps his content current! I will continue to chase him across the North East as I chase my goals year over year!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Kimberly, for trusting that these new ideas might work for you. And thanks for being a groupie 🙂

  • Alan was great!
    Could listen to him all night. I didn’t know he was talking for 2 hours until I turned around the sun had set and it was already dark. He talks to you as if he has knows you for years – its very comforting.

    He gets to the point with tons of examples and shows real life scenarios – he picked the vendors that were helping to set up the venue and went through their reviews customers had left them. He did his home work. I was so impressed!

    I immediately went home bought 2 of his books and finished them within a week. Tons of tips which I am implementing now for my position – Catering Sales and Marketing.

    Thank you Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Kishara, it was great of you to come out for the Tri-Valley event. That sunset was pretty epic.

  • I have developed a thick skin when people in the marketing industry speak. Specifically any type of seminar, speech, or consultation.
    Alan Berg is a prophet versus for profit. I enjoyed the things he taught me and have already had some success just applying the principal of using my ears more than my mouth.

    You are good at what you do and you make people better at what they do.

    Keep up the great work and let me know when that new book drops!

    Very sincerely,
    Your new friend,
    Steve McDowell

    • Alan says:

      Hey Steve, I really appreciate you keeping an open mind about my presentations and training. Ultimately we prove ourselves by what we do, not just what we say, so thanks for the kind words.

  • Alan’s website review had a tremendous impact to help me grow my business through my website’s reach. His clear, focused approach to evaluating and offering suggestions and improvements for all of the pages on my site allowed me to see how others view my site and how much room there is for improvement!

    Alan’s marketing expertise translates brilliantly to the web and implementing the changes he suggested has made an immediate difference in the appearance and effectiveness of my website. The website review was an outstanding experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sales, marketing impact and ranking with Google.

    Linda Trignano
    Certified Workplace Grief Coach

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Linda. It’s always great working with fellow speakers, and seeing how the same ideas I use for the wedding/events industry can work for you.

  • Ryan says:

    Alan is amazing speaker and industry expert in his field!
    I’ve seen Alan speak twice now and I’ve read 2 of his books the most recent being “Why Don’t They Call Me”. It was a quick read but after putting some of Alan’s tips back in action I was quickly able to see a positive effect from it. I highly suggest to anyone that needs a reboot to their sales process to reach out to Alan or pick up one of his books. I guarantee reopen your eyes to contacting and creating a better relationship with your clients!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Ryan, I’m so glad you are seeing such quick results. That makes me very happy about the new book.

  • Paul Hoke says:

    If you really want results, buy one of Alan’s audiobooks. Put it on your calander to review them every other month. He not only gives you the Why he explains in detail the How.
    If you are busy and don’t have time to turn marketing theory into Action steps Invest in his books….then study and implement. Alan’s advice has made a significant difference in my business growth and profitability.

  • Euan Bass says:

    I have heard Alan speak on a few occasions, and at a recent seminar, Alan asked if any of us get an enquiry to let him know.

    I did, for someone who said they were on a budget did not want to have a telephone conversation (I prefer to talk), after some email interaction with the help from Alan, I spoke to them, had a meeting and they booked my full package

    Thanks Alan

  • Well, he’s done it again… we’ve had Alan in for 2 years now to talk to our vendors and help them with everything from customer service to closing the deal. Again, he amazed, delighted and, most of all, helped our group. He’s worth every penny and that’s not me saying that – that comes from my vendors who come to the conference. Oh, I’ll say it too! Thank you, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Stacy to you and Scott for bringing me back in for a second year. And thanks, also, for your generous hospitality.

  • David Pellot says:

    I am sure by now I am just repeating what everyone else has conveyed – Alan is a true master of his craft. I am totally blown away from Alan and his understanding of how couples think. He is truly a “wedding whisperer”!

    When it was time for me to re-evaluate my sales process, I purchased Alan’s book, “Shut Up and Sell More Weddings and Events.” Needless to say, it was a real game-changer. What really astonished me was how Alan was able to break down the sales process for people like me who are not fans of the sales process. The idea of considering objections as opportunities was really valuable to me as well, as I had always considered objections to be the final say. Now, it’s another way for me to explain my uniqueness and value and convert doubts into customers. Also, Alan’s straightforward approach to asking for the sale is both simplistic and eye-opening.

    I have recently applied Alan’s approach to email inquiries, and again he hits the mark. Not only am I saving time and effort, I am able to consistently close on inquiries, which allows me to put more focus into what I do best.

    I whole-heartedly recommend seeking Alan’s advice and applying his methods wherever possible – you will thank yourself later!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, David, it’s great to see that you tried some new ways, and it’s paying off for you, big time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • I had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak in Vegas. This man knows exactly what he is talking about! He kept my attention the entire time and was just a wealth of knowledge!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Dianne, thanks for coming to my session at the Photobooth Expo. I’m so glad you got some ideas you can use, now!

  • Recently heard Alan speak at WWLA and instantly knew my business was going to change for the better. Within a few weeks, I had received and closed six clients when I was averaging one to two previously. Talking and closing clients have never been easier. I highly recommend all of his books which I have read multiple times. Alan is also a stand-up guy off stage as well. Thank you for all you do Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Joe, I really appreciate you letting me know, I love hearing your success stories. Keep them coming!

  • I’ve been officiating weddings for 20 years now. In April of 2017, I attended a Wedding Wire networking event that Alan spoke at in Orlando. He spoke on how to construct reply emails I believe. I remember taking notes and immediately made changes to my email responses and I got rid of my Gmail address and got a He also spoke about having multiple packages to offer. I basically had two, my civil, non-religious ceremony and my personal and unique custom ceremony. He suggested I add a third offering that would be above my more expensive of the two. I thought about what I could do more, came up with some ideas and added a third package, my platinum package. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many of my couples are choosing my platinum package, thus adding 37.5% revenue to that wedding.

    On Tuesday I tuned into the webinar on responding digitally. Alan emphasized that once a bride contacts me I am already engaged in a conversation so just continue the conversation. That really hit me. Tonight I got a text through WW My Client app. I responded in kind and asked a question. She replied right away so I responded with a brief comment and a question. Within four back and forths, she text me and told me she wanted to book me. Within ten minutes she made her deposit and filled out my on-line contract. I actually had gone to get gas and go to the bank while all this took place.

    I can’t thank Alan enough for the help he has been to me, even though I’ve been at this for 20+ years. These millennials are nothing like the boomers and gen xers I was booking 20 years ago.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Mike, thanks! I’m always glad to hear that taking action is having a real impact, and you are certainly a testament to that.

  • Lisa W says:

    Thanks again for another informative webinar. I reached out a few months ago, and you completely changed my reply style…short, conversational and always ending in a question…
    Well, I “fell off the wagon” as inquiries slowed down, and returned to my old ways. Fearing I wasn’t sharing enough, I reverted to long email form letters, multiple attachments, videos, and links, (Distractions) and worst of all, not ending with a question (Dead End)…

    Fresh from your webinar, I am back on track, and looking forward to absorbing more of your wonderful wisdom next month at WeddingWire World!
    Is there a sign up for your lecture? (see what I did there? ?)
    Best Regards,

    • Alan says:

      That’s great, Lisa. We all tend to fall back to the old ways, and then we need to get snapped back to reality. I’m glad you tuned in.

  • OMG – awesome presentation, as always!!! I’ve seen him several times between Wedding MBA and Wedding Wire World – he never disappoints! I have FOUR pages of notes (front and back) and I can’t wait to get started! Thank you, Alan, and thank you to Amye and Scott of Richmond Weddings! P.S. I bought the book “Shut Up and Sell More” from WW World and am reading it now! Watch out world!!!!

  • I’m at Catersource in Las Vegas, and have attended both of Alan’s sessions so far. Super inspirational, I feel like he hit the nail on the head with everything he spoke out. Answered a lot of the questions I continually ask myself in regards to catering sales. I bought his most recent book and was the first in line for the signing. Fantastic speaker.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Meghan, for coming to my sessions and for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you at my sessions today!

  • DJ Pat says:

    THE REAL DEAL! Just when I think I know everything, and believe me I am that guy, then I read or hear something Alan is saying and I am like “wait a minute” . Its like an “ah, ha” moment. Some things he says right off the bat are like that. Like I should have known this! And then I make that adjustment and my business continues to go. And even sometimes I look at what he says and I hesitate because I am not sure. But I ultimately put my faith in and lo and behold… BOOM! It works! I can’t thank Alan enough for his insight, wisdom and overall knowledge of what it takes to make ones business thrive. Alan, Berg is the REAL DEAL and I thank him!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Pat, it takes a strong person to know that they don’t know it all. I’m always learning, too, my friend.

  • Had the pleasure of listening to Alan speak at The Special Event show in New Orleans. He was by far the best speaker out of all my sessions, and the most informative. He has a way of engaging the audience without giving them the uncomfortable feeling of being called on by the teacher. There was smart dialogue throughout the presentation and that is what I truly enjoyed. He tells you at the beginning of the presentation that he is going to give you access to the slides so you’re not spending the whole time taking notes and then realize at the end you didn’t have to! I even saw him later that night in the hotel and he had the exact same friendly personality. I’m exciting to read his books and start subscribing to his bogs! 🙂 THANK YOU ALAN!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Gabbi, you validate so many things for me. Every time I’m honored to be in front of an audience, I want you to be informed, but also entertained. I look forward to your book review next!

  • After 3 days of sitting through classes to where it was difficult to pay attention I happened upon Alan’s class 5 tips
    He was so informative, enthusiastic and engaging.
    The time flew by and my only wish was that he could of spoke longer. I can’t wait to implement all the great advice and tips he shared with us at TSE.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Suzanne. I wish I could have spoken longer, as well. There’s always so much more I want to share.

  • Aaron Lane says:

    I enjoy Alan’s emails, and talks at WeddingMBA. His insight and ways of phrasing client-facing questions have had such a positive impact on my business!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Aaron. It was great seeing you in your home city. I look forward to seeing you next time.

  • Nicole Vecchio says:

    I was familiar with Alan before attending his seminar and had high hopes. I got to see him in Pittsburgh and he did not disappoint! I learned a lot from what he said and will be definitely using it day to day. If you get the change to hear him speak, jump on the opportunity. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

  • We just had Alan back today for our third session in 4 years in our area. This private mastermind group was again mind blowing. The info, format and time spent was worth the investment 10 times over, as it was in the past. If you’re considering Alan for a mastermind, or any of his presentations, we again highly suggest locking it on now. Spend more time working on and investing in your business, Alan will not only help you, but, will make it so easy! Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mark, you’re the catalyst for getting me up your way, yet again. Your dedication to the local wedding and event pros is honorable.

  • I recently had the pleasure of joining my fellow Central Coast Wedding Professionals colleagues for one of Alan’s workshops, and was completely blown away! It was an invaluable experience! I’ve already implemented several of the changes he suggested in my business and am already seeing results. Thank you, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Amanda, I’m so glad you came out for this. It was also great spending time with you and the others at dinner.

  • What a breath of fresh air! Alan’s workshop was like no other. I walked away not being overwhelmed, or left wanting more. The information, knowledge, insight, action items and humor were the perfect mix. I am already instituting some of the changes I needed to make to my website. Plus, I feel more confident with his training in how I am responding to wedding inquiries. I am not just shooting in the dark hoping something sticks. I now have a plan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Amy, it’s comments like yours that are my ROI for flying cross country for events like this.

  • Thank you Alan for such a great event at Avila for the CCWP pop-up workshop! You were so easy to listen too and everything you said was very informative. I didn’t want it to end! We were able to take a lot of tips back to the office to share. I look forward to attending another one of your seminars in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jess, for hosting me and for coming out for the CCWP workshop. I look forward to coming back to your beautiful venue in warmer weather.

  • Wow! That about sums it up!! If you are looking for motivation and great tips on booking and communicating with Brides you need to go to one of Alan Berg’s conferences. He passed on so many amazing tip’s and information that is so easy to apply to your business. He reviewed a few lucky attendee’s, and if you were not the one chosen; you were able to learn loads from his review of others material and websites! Thank you Alan for sharing your knowledge with other professionals!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kim, for your gracious words. It was great of you and your team to come out for the CCWP event. I look forward to seeing you there next year.

  • Mandi Nack says:

    Alan Berg was a great speaker for a pop up in Avila Beach, California. I have heard him speak at different conferences before but this topic really hit us when we needed it most. It was great to have him in a smaller atmosphere where he could be really hands on answering questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and also feel I got a lot of value out of the material that will add value to my business.

    Thank you Alan for coming out for CCWP and being so funny yet informative to listen to. -Mandi & Kayla, A Sparkling Event

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mandi and Kayla for driving down from Monterey for the event. I appreciate your dedication to your success… and to me.

  • Jaydyn Blair says:

    What I learned from Alan has changed the way I run my business. I’m so much more effective in my bookings and more confident dealing with clients. I appreciate all of Alan’s suggestions and tips. I highly recommend attending any of his workshops!!!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jadyn, it’s so great to hear that you’re more confident with your clients. Confidence comes through in everything we do, and it’s a great way to show your clients that you’re right for their weddings.

  • Worth every cent! Alan Berg was so easy to work with and fully engaged for us in the entire process. When we decided to bring him to Central California for our “Pop Up Wedding Workshop” it was no secret who he was. Many of our local wedding pro’s had seen him at MBA or one of the other big industry events and couldn’t believe we could spend the money to have a speaker of his calibre here. Alan worked with me to structure the day for a successful financial outcome that really made the day work for us. We did an early Masters Class and another completely different workshop for the afternoon with different price points. Almost every one of the participants chose the entire day and paid the higher price. The day was a huge success with 50+ businesses represented and allowed us to show our Central Coast Wedding Professionals group off to many non members who also participated. If you’re considering having him present to your group, DO IT! It’s that simple, I have 4 pages of notes to put into effect and We’re just getting started. Thank You Alan! You are worth every cent!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bob, for being the catalyst to make this event happen, and for your generous hospitality while I was in town. I look forward to coming back next year!

  • What a pop up workshop yesterday!!! Thank you Alan, you are very inspirational. I signed up not know what to expect, I went with a longing to learn more for my business and boy did I. Your information and knowledge was way more then i could have imaged. I am looking forward to my website review with you soon.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. I’m so glad you took a leap of faith and attended the workshop. I look forward to our website review next month.

  • During a break in Alan’s presentation, I was able to start applying his tips and had a positive response within 5 minutes. Sold a booth to a new vendor on the spot. It was easier than my usual approach and more effective. Thank you, Alan! I shut up and was able to sell more!

  • Finally got to an Alan Berg Pop Up Wedding Workshop and have to say that Alan exceeded all expectations! Not only is he engaging and smart, but he is also funny and entertaining. Alan’s knowledge of the wedding industry is stratospheric and he has a wonderful way about him to communicate it. His anecdotes are spot on and highlight the points in a memorable way that is easy to remember. I also love that he took the time to research the companies that were present and use our on line reviews, etc as examples. We are jazzed to start implementing his tips right away. I’ll post another review soon raving about how much business we gained because of him!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Janice, to you and David for hosting the Pop-Up Wedding Workshop. Your Reading Art Works is such a cool space, everyone had a great time.

  • I first heard Alan speak at a Wedding Wire Networking event on Monday this week. His talk was absolutely an eye opener! The tips and ideas he presented to generate more business were soooo very helpful! I have implemented most of them already and have seen a 90% increase in replies to my emails, Just this week! I can’t thank him enough for the impact he’s had on my business!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Craig, that’s fantastic. Kudos for giving something new a try, and for seeing such immediate results.

  • Alan was hired by the corporate office of Complete Weddings + Events to present to the franchisees in May of this year after several of the corporate team saw him at the 2016 Wedding MBA. We’ve had a lot of people come to speak at our meeting over the years and Alan is definetly one of the best we’ve seen. The information he presented was incredibly valuable and he delivers it in a fun and engaging way. I decided to attend the 2017 Wedding MBA in part because I knew Alan would be one of the presenters. I made sure to attend as many of his talks as possible. I also purchased two of his books while there, that he graciously signed for me and as a bonus he gave me a bag of brownie brittle too! I guess you can say I’m now a Alan Berg super fan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Shawn. It was so fun to be out there with the Complete Weddings team from around the country. There is such a good energy in the room, and clearly you guys are doing so many things right already. I love working with high-performing teams who want to get even better!

  • C. Rodriguez says:

    Great personality – Excellent speaker

    I attended this year’s Wedding MBA and all of Alan’s presentations were extraordinary. All of his classes provided so much useful information that without a doubt will help my business prosper!

    The website review and consultation session we had with Alan opened up our minds to new and fresh ideas. I strongly recommend it.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Claudia. It was great working with you, again, on your business and website. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes.

  • I first heard Alan Berg speak at WeddingWire World DC 2017. He has a dynamic stage presence that draws you in and keeps your attention. Within 30 seconds of him speaking you realize that you need to be on the edge of your seat not only listening and taking in every word that he is saying, but also vigorously taking notes so as to not miss any of his wisdom. I went to WeddingWire World DC as a relativity new business and after two days left thinking that RCC Weddings & Events could take on the world (of weddings and events at least). I am looking forward to hearing him speak again – hopefully soon!

    Renee Coshin Coolbaugh
    RCC Weddings & Events, LLC

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Renee, thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I’m so happy to hear that you feel empowered to take your business higher, and higher. That’s my ROI for speaking at events like WeddingWire World.

  • Jan O. says:

    Fantastic! Seriously. Don’t know how he takes a topic like reviews and actually makes it engaging, but he does. He thoroughly understands his audience’s varied industry and yet still gives invaluable information and suggestions to all of us on how to improve our businesses, from very small businesses to large corporate giants. I was really excited to get the opportunity, along with other “friendors”, to spend most of the day with him, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I would’ve brought my entire team! I took so many notes and we’re immediately implementing all of it!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks, Jan, I’m humbled by your comments. It’s always my goal to make it interesting, and engaging, no matter the topic.

  • Alex Derenne says:

    Being able to see Alan speak early on in my sales career is a real treat! His presentation gave so many useful tips that he proves with real examples. His presentation certainly will have an effect on how I conduct myself professionally. Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Alex, it’s great to see Millennials who are driven to success. Thanks for coming to the workshop.

  • Khodr Elmasri says:

    Yesterday I have attended wedding summit 2017 hosted by in Dubai, UAE.
    I must say that i have heard the best sales motivation speech in my life. Alan Berg is such a straight to the point speaker (no word less, no word more).
    Knowing about the business, what is needed to be done, what sales techniques we need as hoteliers and wedding planners.
    Alan is defiantly speaker to look at and learn from his global experience.
    For sure i will read the books and the articles released previously by him to have more knowledge and skills.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Khodr. It was great chatting with you at lunch. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Dubai Wedding Summit.

  • 17 years with National Geographic, I’ve seen my fair share of public speakers over the years. I’m finding the talk from Alan engaging, particularly poignant in terms of winning new clients and relevant to my goals of growing the business. Very much looking forward to the next session.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tania. It was great meeting you at the Dubai Wedding Summit. I look forward to seeing you at the next one.

  • Luba says:

    It always feels great when you interact with professionals, doesn’t matter in which area of your life. It is particularly rewarding when you see the immediate benefits of such an interaction for you and/or your business.
    Alan Berg is one of those people: smart, inspiring, funny and expertly helpful, – at least for a novice entrepreneur as myself. I first listened to his WeddingWire webminar about conducting sales where he was talking about handling the pricing questions with prospective clients. I was impressed by his logics, liked it a lot and – as if it was done on purpose – did receive an inquiry the same day I’ve listened to his webminar. In my answers to this inquiry I’d followed Alan’s advises- and ended up closing a sale! I then came to his talks at the WeddingWire World and participated at his Mastermind Day. All these meetings were interesting and helpful. Looking forward to new interactions!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Luba, that’s fantastic! I’m so glad to hear that you made the sale. Big things are happening for you.

  • Pearl Thomas says:

    I recently heard Alan present during several workshops at the WeddingWire World 2017 conference at the Washington Hilton and I was so impressed with his presentation. He was informative, humorous, and had a great knowledge about the workshop topics. I look forward to hearing him present again in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Pearl, it was great to meet you at WeddingWire World. I look forward to seeing you at the next WWW.

  • Lisa Ratliff says:

    I attended Weddingwire in DC the past 2 days where Alan Berg was a speaker. I learned so much and even applied his technique to a lead I received while at the conference. The bride was so excited that I responded so quickly and the price range I gave her was perfect! Thank you so much Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Lisa, that’s fantastic! Using a new technique, at the conference, and seeing such an immediate response, is a great ROI from WeddingWire World.

  • Cory Gosik says:

    Alan spoke to us at the ICA Board Retread about branding and redefining ourselves in an ever moving industry. The way he presented the information made it easy to understand and see what we needed to do to make ourselves better. His energy was through the roof, which we all loved! I’m looking forward to the next time I get to meet and watch Alan present. Thanks so much Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Cory. It was fun working with you and the ICA Board on your new direction. There was so much positive spirit in the room, I was honored to be a part of it.

  • IMPRESSED! Wow… Energy, enthusiasm, and obviously an expert! After attending two separate presentations by Alan Berg, I felt compelled to make immediate changes in our business which should pose instant reward. Alan’s overall knowledge of websites, Social Media, marketing, sales and the overall event business is phenomenal.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Michael, it was a fun event. I really appreciated getting to meet you, and I look forward to hearing your success stories.

  • Ari Jones says:

    I’ve attended several webinars and a small group seminar that Alan conducted and both were fantastic! I always hear Alan’s voice in my head saying, “What are you going to do, prove that the customer is wrong?’ That helps me so many times when I try to deliver the best customer service possible. Alan’s webinar on pricing was so on point that in the 24 hours that passed between attending the webinar and putting his ideas into practice I closed my first full planning wedding package a higher rate! Thanks so much for the advice and inspiration Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Terrific, Ari, that’s fantastic. Kudos to you for taking a chance on a new way, and for it working out so well for you.

  • Rob Ferre says:

    Alan recently did a “secret shopper” seminar for the group I was involved with and it was amazing. When Alan told us that he had secretly shopped all the attendees in the room, a hush went over the audience. Everyone immediately leaned in and wanted to learn more. The seminar that followed opened our eyes to our businesses and what we can do to improve. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and believe me I have seen Alan speak more than a dozen times and this one took the cake. I always look forward to every opportunity to learn from Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rob, it was great having you there… and you avoided the secret shopping as you weren’t yet on the list! Lucky you.

  • Jodi Harris says:

    No matter how many times I see Alan Berg present, I ALWAYS come home with a takeaway to help increase sales in my business. His presentations are always different, fresh and unique. Thank you Alan for always delivering solid content that rocks!

  • From ILEA to the Wedding MBA, I’ve been very fortunate to learn from Alan over the years. His presentations have helped me improve both my marketing materials, website. and blog. I just saw Alan last week at a business conference for entrepreneurs. His focus was customer service this time around. Alan has a very cool way of weaving his educational content into some very entertaining stories! Anyone who learns to speak Spanish so he can deliver keynotes for a tri-city Latin American tour is awesome in my book.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Marcello. I’m enjoying watching your speaking and training practice take off, as well.

  • Jazmine says:

    Alan knocks it out of the park again. I had the pleasure of attending TWO sessions with him this week and always leave with “WOW” as my reaction. His knowledgeable, straight forward and interactive style of presenting makes his presentations top notch! Thank you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jazmine. It’s always great to see you in the audience, as I know how progressive you are, so it’s an honor to hear your thoughts.

  • Alan always “hits a home run” when he speaks. But this time hit he “hit a triple”! His team secret shopped all of us to prepare the response times & critique our response methods. How shocked but enlightening it was to see how we are doing in the communication with prospective clients. The time & energy put into prepping for the presentation was amazing. Anyone looking for a great speaker should contact Alan. You’ll LOVE him!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Geoff. I love seeing the evolution of your business, and websites, over the years, as we’ve been working together.

  • From the Association of Bridal Consultants, to the Knot to Wedding Wire, Alan’s presentations have always left me with a renewed perspectives and a list of tasks to improve my business. Truly an expert!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kerline. It’s always great to see you in the audience. Keep implementing those ideas!

  • Taren says:

    I had the pleasure of listening to Alan last evening (7-11-2017) at the Wedding Wire Networking event in Orlando. He is very engaging with his audience. However, what I truly liked about his was he brings LOCAL statistics not just national for you to truly grasp what is going on in the area you are marketing. He also took the time to speak one on one with several people afterwards and offered some constructive and very helpful advice. I am in the process of implementing his suggestions already. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Tarren, it was great meeting you in Orlando. I look forward to hearing how implementing those ideas is helping your business.

  • Justin says:

    Alan Berg is everything a business owner wants from a teacher: a person who is fun, personable, knowledgeable and relevant. There is so much information and experience Alan brings to the table I recommend reading his books and attending an event involving Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Justin, I’m humbled by your thoughtful comments. I look forward to seeing you when I’m in ABQ next year.

  • I was told about Alan from another industry friend. The friend told me “You have to hear Alan Berg if you don’t do anything else at Catersource.” He was not lying. Alan was engaging and gave an amazing presentation. As luck would have it, we had him speak at our May ILEA meeting. My sales team attended the event. They started using his tips the next morning. I highly suggest booking Alan. You want be disappointed!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Steve. It was great seeing you twice this year, at catersource and in Atlanta for ILEA. I look forward to coming back, and your books are on their way!

  • Spotlight Events Houston says:

    I’m listening to the sounds of my PayPal bling because of your response templates that convert leads into clients. You are AMAZING! I learned so much from your presentations during the WeddingWire World 2017 in LA. I can’t thank you enough!!!

  • We just hosted Alan for an all-day seminar for local wedding professionals and our attendees are still raving about him. We ran over our allotted time and everyone stayed to pick his brain, and he humbly obliged. Even my mom enjoyed him, and she’s a hard sell!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Barbie, to you and Tom for inviting me out for the workshop. Your Mom is so sweet, I’m glad you got the seal of approval from her, too.

  • Josh Franz says:

    Alan came to the Twin Cities in May for a full-day seminar for our members and we couldn’t be happier with the results. As I looked around the room throughout the day, I could see that the audience was always fully engaged. His speaking style is the perfect balance of education and entertainment. I have to say it was a very good investment for us! Not only did our members appreciate the seminar, many of them have increased their marketing budget with us and as an added bonus, the tickets we sold covered Alan’s fee. We’ve heard very positive feedback and our members want more! So, we are having him back in August for another seminar and a group Mastermind day. We look forward to another great experience with Alan Berg.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Josh, to you, Gary and the team at TCWA. I’m looking forward to coming back August 8-9 for the workshop and mastermind.

  • Robin - Arthur Murray Dance Center Swansea says:

    I attended my second Alan Berg seminar and I would go again, again, and again. He is fabulous and informative.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Robin. In that case, I look forward to seeing you in the audience, again and again!

  • I attended Alan’s Secrets to Marketing Success event hosted by the Twin Cities Wedding Association last week and learned so much. I’m a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings and honeymoons, and since I’m not working in a more typical wedding related industry, I wasn’t sure how applicable any of the advice would be for my job, specifically. Alan proved me wrong, giving me a ton of ideas on how to sell these once-in-a-lifetime vacations better. The best part is that all his tips are easy to do, and something you can incorporate right away. I’d recommend one of his speaking events to anyone looking for great insight on how to better grow their business. Thanks, Alan!

  • Ryan says:

    Alan is a great speaker and teacher! His thoughts and points on effectively communicating with clients has helped us shape our own processes for the better. Very well done!

  • Cara Winter says:

    Alan is a dynamic, animated speaker, with a head full of knowledge to benefit your business. Within hours of attending his engagement here in the Twin Cities, I made a few changes to my website, my “Digital” conversation style, and began asking for reviews. In only a few short days, I have seen increased traffic to my site, and more people actively engaging in conversation not only about their wedding photography, but also their portraiture needs. Thanks Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Fantastic, Cara. I’m so glad to hear that you’re already seeing results. Kudos for taking action from the ideas you heard.

  • Ann Margaret says:

    First time hearing Alan Berg speak and we were not disappointed. He gave such great practical examples I can see that my catering managers have already put some in place in their daily activities.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Ann Margaret. I’m so glad you all came to the Twin Cities Wedding Assoc. event.

  • Alan was great! I throughly enjoyed his presentations. He had a lot of good and practical advice that will be very helpful, plus he’s got an entertaining delivery that made him very easy to listen to. I would highly recommend him to any wedding professional who is serious about moving their business forward.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Shawn. It was great speaking with you, and your team, at the Complete Weddings meeting.

  • Sese Cadmus says:

    I Loved listen to Alan…He gave simplified insights into marketing.

  • Meghan K. says:

    Alan was very easy to listen to. He’s entertaining and knowledgeable about marketing for companies big and small. I never once felt bored or like I wanted to cut out early. Thanks for a great seminar.

  • I had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak last week. It was incredible! I have already put to use the things I learned and had great results. He was funny and very easy to listen to. I highly recommend going to hear him if you get the chance! Thank you Alan!

    Jami Williams

  • Sarah Erb says:

    We were so blessed to have alan come and speak to our team of owners. The knowledge and passion he brings to this industry is like none other. Thank you for re-igniting so much passion throughout our company! I can’t wait to hear you speak again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sarah. I loved seeing your passion, and hope to see you again, next year.

  • Dane says:

    Alan is fantastic. His direct approach to selling and working with clients can help any business owner in any industry. Also, as a speaker and a host, he was very humble, and low mainenance, no crazy demands and came overprepared. Thank you Alan for Being Awesome!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dane, for inviting me to come and spend the day with your team. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

  • Curtiss says:

    I have seen Alan multiple times and have enjoyed every time immensely. Alan’s persona and delivery will keep you entertained and focused to what he’s speaking of . What Alan is presenting, you can consider him an expert and it will light a fire under you and send you in the right direction for you and your business. Well worth it!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Curtiss. It was great of you, and the Rhode Island Wedding Group to invite me back for another wonderful workshop. I can’t wait to see the photos you took, and of course, to plan an encore visit!

  • Alan Berg turned my sales team into a selling machine! Because of Alan my website conversion rate is up 44%, my sales team’s closing rate is doubled and we are back on track to have an amazing year. Alan Berg has the best ROI of any business investment I’ve ever made. Alan Berg is is rocket fuel for your bottom line!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Robb, this is fantastic. It was so great working with you, and your team, on-site. I’m looking forward to hearing more great stories!

  • Renee Borges says:

    I have been in the Sales industry for 25+ years and have been to many conferences and training sessions. Alan Berg seminars/trainings are the only events that I request my Employter to send me to! I have had the pleasure of seeing Alan at larger seminars and also small scale events and have always left with useful information to help me grow on a professional level. If you want to be engaged and learn Alan is by far the best! Thank you Alan for all the tips and information. Hope to see you again soon.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Renee. It was great seeing you and your team, again at the RIWG event. I love how you come out any time I’m in the area, and I really appreciate it.

  • i attended wedding wire world in anaheim, may 1 and 2, 2017 where alan gave four separate talks. i was initially somewhat reserved about the conference due to some perceptions i had about the wedding “business” in general. i’d just launched my business only a month ago (making vintage looking wedding films). but the engaging and relatable way in which alan spoke to us immediately shifted my energy and got me excited, in many ways. his sharp wit, his “getting it” and really knowing how to make sure his audience gets it as well, really won me over and frankly made me enjoy the rest of the conference so much more. it made me more attentive. i feel like i’m more ready to step up to the plate as business owner and part of that i owe to his presentations. also, i chatted him up during a break, and the few comments he immediately gave me about the way my business card was designed were entirely worth the price of admission of that entire two day conference. new business cards are on the way, website design next. alan, thanks; i appreciate you.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Michael. I could tell, when we first met, you were a little skeptical. Thanks for being open-minded. I look forward to seeing you at the next event.

  • DJ Will Gill says:

    Im a Los Angeles wedding DJ who attended my first conference may 1st-2nd in Anaheim. Alan spoke for the Wedding WIre Conference and while there were tons of speakers and great info to take in all around, no one was as charming and fun as Alan. He even allowed the crowd the ask a few Q’s. Not only was he ready for every question the crowd brought, he had a little bit of humor to his conversations. He definitely kept me awake and refreshed as it was a long 2 days. I won a free copy of his book for presenting a few popular wedding dances on stage, and for that I’m grateful! Im looking to start blogging this summer on my DJ website and I definitely going to do a piece on Alan because more people should know about this shining star!

    Thank you so much for the very very valuable information this May.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Will. I’d love to have you do a piece on me. That sounds like fun. Let me know when!

  • Arianna says:

    I just heard Alan speak at a Wedding Wire conference this week and he was so engaging and funny it kept everyone locked in and entertained while being fed some vital information on how to bring in the sale!

    He reassured me on somethings I’ve been doing right, but also gave my that kick in the pants to change up the things I needed to improve on: like having a conversation with leads instead of just dumping our PDFs on them and being pushy about a phone call or meeting!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Arianna. It was great meeting you at WeddingWire World. It’s great to get reinforcement on what you’re doing right, while keeping your mind open to new ideas. Thanks!

  • Estelle Mathis says:

    You are definitely a wedding guru. In a matter of 2 minutes you were able to change my approach to converting leads to clients at Bridal Expos, in 4 easy steps.

    Thanks Alan, for changing the way the game is played.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Estelle. I look forward to hearing how those 4, easy steps are working for you.

  • Alan Berg was by far my favorite speaker at the WeddingWire World conference. The amount of insight he provided led me to filling pages and pages with useful notes. Thank you, Alan for providing generations of business’ with strategies and tools to help with achievable growth.

  • Kira Conkle says:

    I had Alan’s “Shut up and sell more weddings” book given to me as a gift. It was one of the best gifts that I have ever received! I took some of the key points that Alan made and switched them out, one a week, with things I was doing on a daily basis. I noticed a huge change in the responses I was getting for clients as well as an increase in responses. And just as the book says…SHUT UP! I realized that I don’t need to tell my potential clients all about all of what we offer. I don’t need to continue to over-sell. If I just listen to what the client is expressing, I will be able to give them the best service possible instead of selling them on something that they don’t need.

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Kira, that’s fantastic. I love how you didn’t try to do too much at once, and are seeing such great results.

  • Bonnie says:

    Big Thanks! It was great meeting you last week in DC. I have to share my success story with you!! After listening to you speak at Wedding Wire World in 2016, I changed how I responded to my emails. ? send rules!! I started seeing immediate results after changing my email style. After your speaking engagement in DC, I am paying more attention to buying signals and ditching my pitch. I managed to book a wedding of $18,000 in less than 4 emails. We never spoke on the phone or met in person. I am doing the happy dance over this sale!
    We have a set of your books on the way for everyone on our team and we are starting our own little book club. Hopefully, we can also arrange to have you come down to Richmond for a Mastermind event this year.

    • Alan says:

      Fantastic, Bonnie. Once you trusted that you can do it, without having a call or visit, you’ve proved that you can!

  • Matthew says:

    Truth be told, I’m new to the event industry, and didn’t know who “Alan Berg’ was. After some research, and listening to you speak, I’m happy to know who Alan Berg is. You are an amazing speaker and I’d bet you are an amazing person, as well.

    I was able to use the lessons he taught me THE VERY NEXT DAY!

    Thank you for being you Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Matthew, it was great meeting you at the ILEA NJ North event. I’m so glad you are seeing such immediate results.

  • I invited Alan to do 1/2 a day with my entertainment company for a mastermind session and had the second half as a “pop up wedding workshop” where I sold tickets for fellow wedding pros in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area to learn and improve their businesses. The entire day was truly beneficial and we can’t wait to implement Alan’s suggestions. Thanks again Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Iman. It was great working with your team, and meeting some wonderful wedding and event pros in DC at the cool venue.

  • Kim says:

    Catersource 2017 New Orleans! Alan’s 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Reviews to Make More Money was the best of all the sessions I attended. I incorporated 2 of them in my business before the conference ended! Hope to see you as a keynote for BNI Michigan in the future. Thank you for feeding my brain!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Kim, it’s fantastic that you were able to use those ideas right there at the conference! I look forward to coming up there for BNI.

  • Miriam says:

    Tuve la oportunidad de asistir a las conferencias de Alan Berg en el evento CASAR 2017 de hoteles Mayakoba en la Riviera Maya, y cambió totalmente mi visión sobre las ventas que hago, dándome clara cuenta de los errores que cometo, porque si, yo contestaba más de lo que me estaban preguntando, y si, mandaba paquetes a montones. Estoy realizando los cambios, es reciente, así que aún a veces caigo en mis errores del pasado, pero poco a poco los estoy puliendo, y ya estaré comentando de los resultados a partir de la conferencia con Alan Berg. Gracias por todo, ya estoy leyendo tu libro: Cállate!!! Y vende más. Muy enriquecedor.

    • Alan says:

      Que bueno, Miriam! Es fantástico tú exito. Tengo muchas ganas de leer tú reseño de mi libro!

  • Leigh Cantu says:

    Thanks Alan for such a wonderful and enlightening Wedding Pop-Up Workshop this past week. You provided me so much insight and tips to help my new venue business get headed in the right direction. The purchase of a venue business has been a lot of hard work but with your solutions and fixes I know I can use them immediately to grow our business and achieve my goals and dreams. I’m sure I will be talking to you soon for help on our website. I cannot thank you enough for all the information you provided. Thank you!!!!!

    • Alan says:

      Leigh, it was so great hearing your story and how you are building your new business. I look forward to hearing your success story going forward, and working with you on your site.

  • Mark Wilson says:

    Alan, as Mel B. from “America’s Got Talent” would say…you are “SPOT ON”. So much practical insight, helpful tips, real-world applications…your seminar is by far the best in the industry and I have attended a lot of them over the years. Thank you for giving us solutions and fixes that we can take back and use immediately to grow our business and achieve greatness with our collateral, websites and in our client communications. Simply put…”WooHoo” Alan Berg!! Thank you!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mark, it was great to have you at the Pop-Up Wedding Workshop, and thanks for your enthusiastic review of our day.

  • Michelle Chavez says:

    I heard Alan speak at The Special Event Conference in 2017 and he was nothing short of fantastic. He gave incredibly inspirational advice and easy to implement ideas on how to improve your sales techniques with simple and non-salesy phrases that can help put your client in the right mindset to make a buy. I’ve always had a hard time feeling confident in a sales role, but in the last month since learning from Alan, I’ve implemented strategies that have made me more confident in my role! I’d highly recommend Alan as a speaker, consultant, or sales trainer. He’s also really funny and easy to listen and talk to!

    • Alan says:

      Fantastic, Michelle, thanks for sharing this with me. I love helping people like you sell more. That means you get to do more of what you love!

  • Jaime Zurat says:

    I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to hear Alan speak. His level of enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge is unparalleled. I appreciate his interactive nature and ability to connect with attendees, as well as provide tips that are easy to implement. I consider Alan to be one of the top three speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to in my 15+ years of attending seminars, meetings, etc.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jaime, it was great to see you again. It’s refreshing to see you take such a proactive approach to your marketing. Thanks for coming out.

  • Denise Zera says:

    Hi Alan,

    Yesterday was great in Lancaster PA at the Cork Factory!  I responded to an email yesterday and wrote like I talk keeping it short watching for buying signs. Guess what your right it works!  The bride agreed to hire me. What was two of her reasons?  Response time and I talked with her like a person and didn’t use a sales pitch. Your the best!

    Denise Zera

  • A very inspirational and educational day gearing to our wedding market!1
    Left with a lot of promising ideas …can”t wait to read his books!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Pattie. It was great of you to come out for this. I look forward to hearing your book reviews!

  • Anne Murillo says:

    Alan, thanks for a “mind blowing” seminar yesterday in beautiful Lancaster, PA! Such simple, logical steps to communicating with customers. I had a lead during lunch, tried your technique and heard back from the customer within an hour, working on closing the deal now!! Thanks again ! Anne Murillo, Chef Exclusive Catering

  • So much inspiration Alan!!
    thank you ?

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Carmina-Cristina. It was great to see you there, one of our newest US Citizens (congrats)!

  • Kristi DePew says:

    Alan’s simple, easy-to-implement strategy of using “Question Mark-Send” has made an immediate impact on my productivity. Our clients are responding faster, and we are able to complete our tasks faster as a direct result. Mind: Blown.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kristi, it’s so great to see that you’re using, and benefiting from this simple tip, and seeing the results, right away.

  • Ron Davis says:

    Alan Berg is a can’t miss presenter. I’ve seen him many times and always come away with something new I can use TODAY.

  • Tonya says:

    IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! I bought your book and cd’s at Wedding MBA, read them and listened to them every night for weeks now and guess what? They work! I booked a stranger on FB. She posted looking for a DJ, my son tagged me and said my mom is a planner she will hook you up, she is the best, so I friended the girl. A past client tagged our DJ company while I was asking her questions one at a time, wait for an answer, next question, answer, and so on. 20 minutes later she hired us for full price! Still have never met her, and only know her through FB!! Glad I listened to you Alan! Best year yet 2017! Hope to see you in Pittsburgh soon!
    Tonya Edinger – and Sean Edinger – Ultimate Entertaining

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Tonya, that’s fantastic. I’m so glad you were able to put these ideas into use, and see the results so quickly. Looking forward to seeing you at a conference, soon.

  • Dave Grimm says:

    If you are marketing your goods or services to the millennial generation, then you will undoubtedly benefit from insights that Alan Berg provides! He is a master of the techniques you will need to thrive in the digital age. As both a business owner and the former president of the American Disc Jockey Association in the Washington , DC region, my interactions with Alan have always been beneficial. Every time time I speak with Alan Berg, I make money.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, David You and ADJA DC have always been great supporters of me, it’s wonderful knowing that you’ve benefited so much.

  • Graham Jones says:

    I was told by a friend who had heard Alan speak that he was “world class”. I often hear that about speakers and rarely is it true. In Alan’s case, it definitely is a well-deserved label. I heard Alan speak in the UK recently and he really is brilliant. Not only is he clearly an accomplished speaker, but he is informative, entertaining and knowledgeable. I was hooked the moment he started speaking and I was paying full attention throughout his speech. He is well-prepared, engages the audience constantly and packs his talks with up-to-date information and practically useful tips. In my line of work, I get to hear a lot of speakers. Rarely do I hear one as good as Alan Berg. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him as a speaker. Plus, chatting with him afterwards I discovered something else about him – Alan is a jolly nice chap too…!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Graham, that’s incredibly high praise from you, the CEO of the Professional Speakers Association (UK). I enjoyed meeting you, as well.

  • Matt Fairlie says:

    I was lucky enough to listen to Alan at a conference and at a smaller mastermind over two days. Truly inspirational and motivating. So much information but delivered in a way so I didn’t switch off! Lots of lightbulb moments! He listened and he “got” my business, can’t wait to make some changes. Highly recommended will certainly be booking a website review with Alan soon.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Matt, it was great having you at both events, and getting to know more about you on our drive to the airport (thanks for the ride).

  • Tom Jay says:

    Wow, your Pop-Up Workshop yesterday was fantastic! You cover so much in a short amount of time and we now have many points to work on in our business.
    Also, your books are easy to read and very insightful, thank you for coming to central Oregon!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Tom, for you and Marlise coming to the Pop-Up Wedding Workshop. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Erica says:

    I attended a pop-up wedding workshop in Bend, OR the other day and it was the most valuable thing I’ve done for my business this year! I have already implemented his recommendations for responding to emails since the workshop on Tuesday (it’s only Thursday) and I’ve already booked one client and have a meeting scheduled for the second. His knowledge and passion for helping others is absolutely evident in the way he presents and you can’t help but love him. I’m relatively new to the wedding industry and I had never heard of Alan before our local wedding association secured the workshop, but so glad I am now familiar. I can’t wait to see more of Alan Berg in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Wow, thanks Erica. I’m glad you came, and I’m glad you are seeing such immediate success from the ideas we discussed. I look forward to hearing more stories of your success.

  • Taylor Damon says:

    I left the wedding Pop-Up Workshop enthused, motivated, grateful and wishing we had unlimited time. You have a lovely way of capturing a room, mixing both professional and personal stories to keep everyone engaged. Thank you for your continual example of hard work, and passion!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Taylor, for you and Barb coming to the Pop-Up Wedding Workshop (and VIP session). I look forward to hearing about how you’re using the ideas from our day together.

  • Even though I’ve heard Alan Berg speak several times before, I still left his workshop with a list of ways to change the way I do business & increase our profits. He was so engaging that I didn’t even want to leave for a trip to the restroom… might have to wear Depends to his next workshop!!!

    • Alan says:

      Hi Stephanie, it was great to have you and Brian there at the Pop-Up Wedding Workshop. We’ll add a few more breaks next time, so you won’t miss anything. I look forward to our website review.

  • Thank you for a very insightful NACE meeting. I’m glad I attended and more than any other speaker I’ve seen you hit home on several topics. I’ve got some changes to make and hopefully they pay off.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Dave. The NACE event was great with a beautiful venue and a fantastic turnout. I look forward to being invited back, again.

  • Evan Liaskos says:

    Alan’s mastermind session had all the benefits of a one-on-one session, with the added benefit of the input of other wedding professionals all coming together to make for a very customized problem solving session in an intimate setting. This format forced us all to consider both newer, out of the box as well as older, time tested solutions to all of our individual challenges in a smaller environment where we all learned from each other. Much more personalized and focused than just a seminar, and much less expansive than a personal session.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Evan. Having you and George come all the way down to Philly was a real treat for me. As you know, your dad and I started working together a long time ago, and it’s been great seeing you take the reins and grow your family business even more.

  • #DynamicWeddingDuo went to #weddingmba for the first time this year in Las Vegas and we heard Alen speak on conflict resolution. It was one of the best talks at the convention, it was interactive and we were allowed to tell about what was going on right now in our business and Alan took time to listen to each one and offer action items to put in place right now.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Tonya. It was great to see you again, and I look forward to seeing what action you’re taking.

  • Rob Schenk says:

    Wedding MBA 2016 was the first time that I had been able to catch Alan live, and he is by far the best speaker that I have ever heard. Whatever you have to do to earn the title “certified speaking professional,” he did it. Trust me. I could have thrown a battery at his head in the middle of his seminar, and he would have been able to catch it, swing around, and throw it back at me without missing a beat. He’s that prepared. [LEGAL DISCLAIMER: PLEASE DO NOT THROW BATTERIES AT ALAN BERG]. This particular presentation was only 15 minutes, but I took pages of notes and had lots of action items.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Rob, that’s high praise, for sure. I’ll be sure to look out for flying batteries next time I see you in the audience 😉

  • Arlene Nappa says:

    Alan Berg’s seminar was so informative, thought provoking and motivational. Looking forward to hearing him again tomorrow at WeddingMBA.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of not only listening to Alan speak professionally but also meeting him and speaking with him personally. He has a way with words that not only makes perfect sense but is also common sense! He’s easy to listen to, and his advice is valuable for today’s wedding professionals!

  • I had the pleasure to meet , listen and learn from Alan Berg in the WB 3.0 Congress in Uruguay . One of the most inspiring and possitive speakers!!! Alan enthusiastically transferred all his knowledge, and has a great ability to keep your attention the entire time. A wonderful person!! Hope to see you soon again, and keep on learning.
    Thanks for all the tips in your presentation, I promise to use them day to day .

  • Luis alberto Payeras says:

    Un excelente aprendizaje, gracias por compartir tu saber! Desde ya pondré
    En práctica todo lo aprendido, muy
    Agradecido y satisfecho por tu charla, todos muy satisfechos!
    Tú español está excelente !

    • Alan says:

      Muchas gracias, Luis. Fue muy divertido en viajar contigo. Tengo muchas ganas a ver su sitio web nuevo.

  • I’ve been in the hospitality industry for 45 years, and I’ve been to a lot of seminars. I can’t remember a seminar that kept me as engaged, and where I took more notes.
    Robb DeSimone, General Manager, Lake Pearl Wrentham – New England’s Most Versatile Estate Event Venue

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Robb. It was great seeing you there at the VIP session and the rest of the day. You have a beautiful venue.

  • Laura Cadrin says:

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak at a few of the Wedding MBA’s as well as on webinars hosted by Wedding Wire. Lately I attended a networking evening hosted by Wedding Wire where I was privileged to listen to Alan once again. Each time I hear his messages I gain more insight as a wedding vendor. His knowledge is incomparable to many other speakers. He offers information that is specific and useful to me as a business and it is offered in an easy, professional and enjoyable presentation. I have checked his own website where I am assured that he practices what he preaches. Alan is a very sincere and approachable person. I will be looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity of attending another of his presentations.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Laura, it’s always great to see you in the audience, and it was even better that we had time to chat at the networking event. I look forward to seeing you again, soon.

  • I have been in the Wedding business for a little over 14 yrs first in New Zealand and then in Canada,and it took 15 minutes of his presentation at tonight Wedding wire Networking Event to realize how much I DONT KNOW! and say to my self.. it makes sense! Great communicator and so personable thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, George, it was great of you, and a limo full of wedding pros, to come down to see me in Calgary.

  • Day two with Alan Berg today in Raleigh, NC and SIXTEEN pages of notes! I couldn’t write fast enough. Alan takes the time to get to know the attendees and listen to their needs and he shares wisdom applicable to that need. His passion for strong marriages and family shines through in his personal stories about his wife and close-knit family. Alan sets such a great example of a successful business man, Husband and Dad! It’s clear that Alan lives what he teaches and applies it to all areas of his life.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Brooke, for coming to both the Mastermind Day and TBA Summit + Social. I love your message and mission and I look forward to hearing when your venue gets going.

  • I have heard Alan Berg speak 3 times now. Each time I have learned and implemented techniques to my business. He is such an enthusiastic speaker and gives his audience examples to explain his statements. I always leave feeling pumped up and empowered after his talks. I also love the fact that he will talk one on one. His passion to help people thrive in business really shows. I will definitely go to his talks in the future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jennifer, it’s always great to see you in the audience. It shows your commitment to your success.

  • Scott says:

    Hi, Alan,

    I saw you speak at ArmsDJ 9.0, and found many of the things you shared were valuable and timely for me. I’m actually working to build a side career as a freelance editor, and your three pricing packages are something that I anticipate using. I also like your sales philosophy — I found it refreshingly honest.

    Thanks, and Best Wishes,

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Scott. I’m glad you walked away from the Arm DJ conference with something you can use, right away, even outside the wedding and event industry.

  • Justin Reid says:

    I recently had the amazing opportunity to hear Alan speak and I must say the information contained in his message is invaluable. He was so engaging and it truly talented and a master of what he does. I’m looking forward to listening to his Sales Series 1&2 that I got from his as well. I just started listening to it and there are some real nuggets of great information there too! Can’t wait to see you speak again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Justin, it was great seeing you at the Arm DJs conference. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the Sales Series CD collection, and how many more nuggets you are getting.

  • Ron Michaels says:

    I’ve seen Alan speak several times at various wedding and DJ conferences around the country over the years. He is without question, one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Always engaging. Always informative. And most surprisingly, always fresh content. I’ve never heard the same seminar twice even though I’ve heard him speak at least 6 or 7 times. Most in the wedding industry consider him to be the foremost authority on marketing and social media.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ron, I appreciate you coming back, again and again, to hear me speak. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always creating and updating my content. Thanks for noticing.

  • Steve Moody says:

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak several times over the past few years. No matter whether it has been a DJ industry event, a wedding industry event, or any other, Alan has had the unique ability to make me feel as if he is speaking directly to me.

    Though he has never owned an entertainment company, it is quite obvious that he has taken the time to educate himself on my industry. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that he does his “homework” before each event, as he always brings up current topics and has even featured pics, testimonials and website info on event attendees within his prepared PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, his ideas always seem as if they are presented by an industry insider, which makes him more relatable to all of us.

    Lastly, his concepts are presented in a fun and upbeat (conversational) manner which always make his seminars a highlight of our conferences and conventions. People can’t wait to hear Alan speak and always talk about him for weeks after.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Steve, it’s always great to see you in my audience, and it was so nice to meet your family. You’re such a consummate professional, and I appreciate you understanding the work that goes into what I do, to bring you the latest ideas.

  • Mary Klein says:

    I truly enjoyed hearing Alan speak two times first at a group session, then following a private session within my office. He was phenomenal and has taught me the best tricks to perfect my emails and so much more!

    Thank you again!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mary. Breezin’ Entertainment is a very progressive company, and I look forward to seeing you reach even greater heights.

  • Craig Carl says:

    My wife and I have attended many seminars in the past decade, since joining a PPA-affiliate (PPA of PA) as professional photographers. Alan Berg’s session was the best! Furthermore, he continues to personally advise us in our work-in-progress effort to convert our antique website into an up-to-date, effective marketing tool. We are so grateful!
    ~ Craig & Vicki Carl

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Craig and Vicki, it’s great to see you taking action so soon. The new site is a great upgrade.

  • Melanie Hill says:

    Alan spoke to a group of wedding industry professionals in Dallas, TX on 4/19/16 sponsored by the Association of Wedding Professionals. WOW! I’ve heard Alan speak before, but he knocked it out of the park this time! He is so engaging and shares valuable information in a fun and entertaining way. Never a dull moment or a time when everyone wasn’t on the edge of their seats. Thanks Alan for elevating all of our businesses! Melanie Hill, Exceptional Events

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Melanie, for validating for me that which I try to achieve: I don’t ever want to be the best I can be… just the best I’ve ever been, and do that every time.

  • John Redford says:

    Alan, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at BSPi in Greenville this past week. Even more, I gained some key information to use in training my staff at my lube shop. I also enjoyed our conversation trading stories before the banquet Saturday night.

    You have a message that is so pertinent to anyone who is in sales of any kind (aren’t we all). One of the things that I took away was the positive “spin” a sales person should develop to help a potential client make an informed decision.

    Thank you again. Your presentation and the information will drive my training program for my staff. I would recommend you to anyone as a great resource.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, John. I often say that I speak about business, not weddings, but mostly to wedding and event professionals. Most things I share are applicable to other businesses, like your lube shop. I’m glad you came to BSPI to hear it.

  • Alan is real, he speaks the truth and very empowering. There was never a dull moment in all the hours of listening to him.
    That is hard to achieve these days in our attention deficit world. A true gift to the business world.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Penny, for your wonderful comments. You’re so right that our attention spans have gotten shorter, and shorter. I try to keep it entertaining, as well as educational, so thanks for the validation.

  • Alan is a down to earth, genuine guy. His strategies are relevant to today’s marketplace. He made me realize what I was doing five years ago is obsolete in the are of web and social media. Real answers- real approach- for real business… that’s what I got out of the day with Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Phillip, it was great you could make it to the event. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Alan- I’m not very happy with you! No one told me I wouldn’t be able to sleep after your workshop because I’m pretty sure my head has EXPLODED! Wow! 12 pages of notes (just now beginning to feel feeling again) after your visit here in Dallas! The best for me? I had a sales call with a bride scheduled right after the workshop. I closed them to an appointment at a per person price that was $15 more per person than our “usual” price point…this equates to an additional $1500. Run, crawl, Uber, hitchhike, beg…do whatever you need to do to get your butt in a chair and go to this! You’ll be glad you did! Alan- dinner is on me next time you are in Dallas so please give me a heads’ up! Now, how else may I create value for you today? (question mark, send!)

    • Alan says:

      Mark, thanks for your ‘complaint’. I’m so happy you were able to use the ideas so quickly. I look forward to our dinner next time I’m in DFW.

  • Lance Panton says:

    I attended Alan’s “Sell More Weddings” Seminar in Dallas. My laptop battery went from 100% to almost 0% TWICE, because Alan was churning out so much valuable information. For whatever you think you know, you don’t know it all. This landscape changes almost daily. The good thing is, Alan stays 3 steps ahead of those changes. Never miss an opportunity to learn from him. The education is truly priceless.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Lance, for letting me give you the power, both literally and figuratively, to help your business succeed.

  • Alan Berg was a breath of fresh air to listen to about the importance of reviews in the jewelry industry at the SMART show in Chicago. As a millenial helping to run a business, technology comes easily to me but at times is a disconnect with the owner. Alan gave me many ideas how to approach my superiors to demonstrate the importance of reviews, the bad as well as the good. Thank you for giving me that little boost I needed to open this conversation!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jessica, it was great talking with you. You have an edge, being a millennial in a business trying to sell to millennials. I hope your boss is smart and open to learning from you.

  • Lisa Manis says:

    Thank you Alan for an awesome seminar! It was very inspiring and refreshing to hear your perspective on sales, answering emails, our brand and closings. I bought your book and can’t wait to start reading. (and I didn’t look at my watch once)!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Lisa, I look forward to hearing how you’re using the ideas from the conference, and from my book.

  • Lauren Coffman says:

    I just finished a seminar with Alan at The Smart Show in Chicago, IL. Be was both informative and entertaining! I learned a lot and have many take backs to implement when I get back to work! Thanks so much!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Lauren, I look forward to hearing about how you’re using those take-backs in your business.

  • Andre LaCour says:

    For me, the bottom line is if attending Alan Berg’s presentation was worth my time invested? The answer is yes! I came back to my office with vital and actionable ideas. I have no doubt that I will recoup my investment many times over. Highly recommended. Alan’s seminar came at the prefect time as I am building a new website.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Andre, vital and actionable ideas are exactly what I am always hoping my audiences to take away, so thanks for the validation. Now, I want to hear about how you’re benefitting from them.

  • I have attended several conferences with Alan and I am always in awe of how the content is always fresh and continues to push me to up my game. Thank you for a great day of education and I am looking forward to the next time you are back in Chicago!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jazmine, it’s always great to see you in my audience. Your success is a tribute to your thirst for learning… and applying. I look forward to hearing more about your new venue.

  • Gayle Jan says:

    In attending any kind of seminar or presentation, I hope to take home a couple of ‘gems’. We have not started the pm session & I have 14 pages of To Do’s. Thank you -Gayle Jan

    • Alan says:

      Wow, Gayle, thanks! Just remember to take action from those notes. Without action there is no change.

  • Peter says:

    I’m looking at my watch… hoping this workshop will never end. Don’t want to leave, but can’t wait to use everything’s I’ve learned!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Peter, and I can’t wait to hear how you’re using the ideas, and your stories of success.

  • Caleb Williams says:

    Alan came to the Professional Photographers Association of Pennsylvania for a whole day seminar. I’ve been hearing about “brand” for years, and never really got it. But I learned more about brand in that one day, and he wasn’t even teaching “branding!”

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Caleb, I’m so glad you had your moment of accidental learning. Branding is so much more than just a logo.

  • Rodney Clark says:

    After seeing Alan at many WeddingWire World conferences, I knew that I wanted him to be our… “All Day Speaker” for the Professional Photographers’ Association of Pennsylvania’s annual convention. Having Alan Berg speak to our members and guest was more than informative… It was “Eye Opening” as many of us never saw how “Our” websites needed to be updated to today’s standards. I personally can’t wait to make changes to my own website so that I now can get more clients to it.

    Thank you Alan from all of us!

    Rodney Clark, M. Photog., Cr., CPP
    PPA of PA, Talent Chairman

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rodney, to you and everyone at PPA of PA for inviting me to spend the day with you. It was lots of fun and I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Lexi says:

    On behalf of Karen, Jill and Lexi at Harmony Hall we love Alan Berg! We recently heard him speak in Carlisle for the PPA of PA and have loads of notes to review and start using to help prevent dead ends and help us to use social media to our advantage. As we are preparing a new website ourselves, we found that all his knowledge on how a website should be set up and how it will increase the amount of leads was extremely helpful and something we will be working on in the coming weeks. Thank you Alan for all your insight and I’m sure we will be hearing much more from you in the near future!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Lexi, to you and the Harmony Hall team for coming out and showing your dedication to education and success.

  • Tara Paige says:

    Seeing Alan Berg speak was the jumpstart I needed. Invited by a colleague last minute I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the night did not disappoint. The confidence that exuded from him filled the room and truly had me hanging on his every word. I have since gone back through my plans and pamphlets with new eyes. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, the whole room left better for it!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tara, it was great of you to take the leap and attend. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Theo Wheeler says:

    What a pleasure it was to have Alan in Rochester, N.Y. To speak with some of the areas top wedding professionals. Our attendees included some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, but Alan’s presentation brought new and fresh ideas to the table, even for them. After surveying our attendees, they all spoke of how much inspiration and solid techniques they now have to bring back to their business for potential growth. I look forward to seeing what’s new in Alan’s next presentation of inspiration.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Theo, you and your team created a great day of education for the local wedding pros. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of their success. It shows your commitment to helping your customers, and the local community.

  • Eric Edwards says:

    I went to hear Mr. Berg speak, with my type of business I never thought I would get anything from him. I learned more about how I should operate my business in an hour than the years before. His talk was entertaining and full of ideas that will help any business. I learned even more after hearing the second day. It would a mistake to pass on the opportunity to learn from Alan Berg. How much money do you not want to make?

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Eric, the ideas I share on how to sell more are universal, even for your beautiful custom wood pens and gifts. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • It really amazed me how much I DID NOT know about “selling my wedding services”. Not only did I learn a lot today, we are having Alan upgrade our website.
    Brenda Nickles
    Lakeside Reflections
    Banquet & Catering Facility

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Brenda, I look forward to our website review session, and hearing about how you’re selling more!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Having some background in Martial Arts, it was great how you combined it with business/ life success. Do to lack of finances and fear of getting in debt, being that I’m a single parent, I’ve been struggling with thoughts of going back to school to get a degree of some sort since it seems that no matter how much experience you have, a worthwhile company requires a degree…even if it has nothing to do with the job you’re applying for. The day after your presentation I started looking into schools and came across resources that may be of great benefit to me, as well as my daughter who will be a senior next year. Needless to say, not only did you give me insight to share with my boss, you said the right thing to push me towards my own success. I would love for my boss to have you review our website and do some consulting, it would be of great benefit to him/us .
    Thank you for your valuable time!
    Maria Sanchez-Acevedo

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Maria, it’s wonderful to see you motivated, and taking action. I look forward to hearing more about which direction you take. And, please let me know how I can help you and your boss with your website and business.

  • I was introduced to Alan a year ago at Catersource, and have seen him speak 7 times since. When it comes to sales training, there is just no other speaker that hits it out of the park like Alan. His approach is so easily received, because he looks at your website, your sales approach and pitch as if he were the client. Get ready for the “aha moments” because they are coming when Alan is at the podium!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Nicole. It’s always great to see you in the audience, or as the caterer. The food you supplied for the training day at House of Maya was terrific (as it was at last year’s training there, too)>

  • Rebecca says:

    Alan Berg is fantastic! I’ve heard him speak at WeddingWire World, TSE and I just heard him again yesterday in Virginia Beach at a conference. He’s such an amazing speaker, motivator and extremely informative on sales + simply how to make your business the best it can be! I can’t wait to read his book — Thanks again, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rebecca, I can’t wait to hear your stories of success as you implement the tips you’ve taken away.

  • Rebecca says:

    I had such an amazing time listening to Alan Berg speak in Virginia Beach yesterday! Super informative, entertaining and his knowledge on sales is amazing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to better their business — Can’t wait to start reading his book! Thank you again, Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Rebecca, it was great having you at the mastermind group. Let me know how you like the book.

  • Meredith says:

    I heard Alan speak yesterday and have already implemented what I have learned. I now have brides wanting to sign the contract rather than waiting months to hear back from them. If you have a chance to hear him speak, do!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Meredith, that’s fantastic! It’s great when a little change can have such a big impact.

  • Amy Jurist says:

    I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Alan Berg. I took one of his classes at a conference I was attending and he is such an engaging down-to-earth speaker. His suggestions, input and direction were so clear and helpful and he gave us real actionable ideas that we could easily implement into our business!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Amy, it was great meeting you at Catersource. I look forward to hearing how you’re using the ideas, and to hear your stories of success.

  • Bob says:

    Entertaining, Informative and Right on Point. Busy wedding professionals benefit from his presentation by refreshing their approach to selling. I highly recommend Alan Berg to any business person. Take the next step in your professional growth, attend a Alan Berg event.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bob, for coming out to the event. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • My wife and I recently attended one of Alan’s seminars and we were both more than impressed. We walked away knowing what we were doing wrong, and what we were doing right (it was assuring to hear that we were doing some of these things right). But the things we were not doing right were causing a big impact on us. Day one back in the office and were are already implementing some suggestions…and we are in the process of booking a job today I’m SURE because we used some of Alan’s techniques….first day back after the seminar!! What I enjoy most about Alan is that he really does care about our success.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Brian, it was great having you at the event. I’m so glad you were able to immediately put into use what you heard. Kudos.

  • Kenny S. says:

    I was honored to work with Alan to coordinate a great day of education in Eastern Pennsylvania, and was absolutely blown away by the knowledge and the quality of content that Alan presented in his seminars. While I have several of Alan’s mp3’s, this was my first time seeing him present live, and I learned so much in just one afternoon. I purchased Alan’s books at the event, and will no doubt be signing up for his new service, If the opportunity should ever become available for you to see Alan in person, make sure you jump at that opportunity! It’s a learning experience that you will never forget!

    On top of all of that, Alan is just a great guy! One of the nicest guys I have ever had the chance to meet!

    Thank you Alan! You’re absolutely AWESOME!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kenny, for inviting me to come and speak out your way. I look forward to seeing you on Wedding Industry Insiders.

  • Christy Nickell says:

    I had the privilege of being sent to one of Alan’s pop-up wedding workshops for the first time last week. Prior to becoming an Event & Wedding Planner, I was in the corporate world for almost 20 years and have been sent to many Speaking Events, Workshops, etc… of all the speakers I’ve heard, Alan’s personality, workshop content, ability to make the audience feel comfortable in Q&A and participation not just after but throughout the workshop and his intelligence in this field simply blew me away. I learned a lot in this single workshop and am already noting in my planner, to look for his future speaking events throughout the year so I can attend. I have purchased a couple of his books that I’m dying to read and I now know where to go when I need more learning material for my career. THANK YOU ALAN! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Christy, your words are so sweet. I look forward to seeing you in the audience again, soon.

  • Bryan Hooker says:

    I have heard Alan speak at conferences a few times now, and each and every time I learn something new. Just putting one of his recommendations onto my website has given me a 20% increase in my leads. It’s like Alan said “You might say you cannot afford something for your business, however if you are losing clients because of it, you are actually spending more money not doing it.” Looking forward to you coming to Virginia next month!

    • Alan says:

      Fantastic, Bryan. The kudos go to you for taking action on what you’d heard. I look forward to seeing you in Norfolk next month and hearing more success stories.

  • I recently attended a conference and heard Alan speak a couple different times. I enjoyed his way of teaching and speaking and learned several tips. One of his suggestions has gotten me 4 new leads in just 3 days! Thanks Alan!!

  • Kara says:

    Alan- we always look forward to seeing you at Wedding Wire World! You give helpful information in an easy to understand delivery. Communication is key and there is always room to improve and you help us all see that!! We’ve succeeded so much because of you and your awesome knowledge!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kara, it’s so nice of you to share this with me. I hope to see you when I’m in Norfolk March 21-22.

  • Alan spoke at the Wedding Wire World 2016 and was by far my favorite and most informative speaker at the conference. He gave me and my colleague expert advice regarding a magazine which we are currently designing. He gave us clear and concise direction that we consider invaluable. We thank him for taking the time to speak with us and helping us succeed in not only doing what we love but having the opportunity to offer our clients a valuable resource in planning their wedding day!

    Thank you!
    Ella ODonnell
    Vintage Floral Design

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Ella, I look forward to hearing how you’re putting these new ideas into action. Please share.

  • Jon Brose says:

    Incredible wealth of knowledge from this pro. I wish he could have spoken the entire day. Very motivating and very informative. He keeps you engaged to the point where you just want to hear more from him. I feel very honored to have talked with him face to face. Thank you Alan and I hope we can see more of you soon.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jon. Let’s work on that day of education for Main Street Weddings… and then you will get to hear me speak all day!

  • Adam Leffel says:

    A session of any title with Alan Berg at the front of the room best be called “Home Run Derby” – this guy knocks the ball out of the park everytime he gets the mic! Practical, useful and effective advice and points for every business and every level experience – you cant lose with his guidance!

  • Emer Lunasin says:

    What I’ve seen online and heard in person from Alan Berg has definitely enriched my life with my wedding business. Alan understands how his message can boost any self-esteem issues, and how we can adjust our business and personal habits in our day-to-day grind. I never get tired of hearing him in person year after year on reminding me on how to continue to improve myself. If you don’t know Alan, please consider hearing him out or getting his materials available to you online or at his next event presence. if you already know him, then you know that consistently connecting with him is a given and it never gets tired or old. Your personal development and professional reputation will definitely improve with any and all that Alan has to share! You will not regret it!

  • I’m not a stalker. Honest. But not a day goes by that I don’t listen to one of Alan’s CDs or read one of his articles or listen to one of his webinars on WeddingWire. His ideas range from simple to strategic. He shares them with humor and backs them up with experience. Thanks to Alan, I can now close a sale without shaking.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Zita, it was great to see you again, and thanks for sharing your story of success, crossing over to be better at sales, and feeling more comfortable with the process. Kudos to you.

  • Marième Faye says:

    Alan’s Training at the NSA Mountain West Chapter meeting was authentically Relevant, Fresh, Entertaining and Valuable. I am excited to implement all the juicy secrets he shared with us!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Marième. It was great meeting you. I’m excited to hear your stories of success when you start using those ‘juicy secrets’!

  • Curtis G. Marsh says:

    I have attended many presentations, and heard many of the best speakers in the 30 years I’ve been in business…Alan is definitely one I would highly recommend. His presentation is so full of energy and information that will benefit and engage all types of audiences.
    Looking forward to working with you often Alan!!
    Much continued success!

    Curtis G.Marsh
    Capital Growth Management CGM, LLC

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Curtis, it was great meeting you at the NSA Mountain West event. I’m humbled by the high-praise coming from someone as successful as you.

  • Mike Coyle says:

    I just attended a Private Mastermind meeting with Alan. As someone starting my own business, I am grateful for the time Alan spent going over my business with me. we went over key elements I need to work on to improve the brand I’m trying to market. The Mastermind groups are awesome because it allowed for an awesome personal touch. By the end of the day, We had all connected as if we were old friends. Alan I could tell he had a genuine care in all of our personal success, and for that I was truly thankful.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mike. It’s great to see how proactive you’re being with your new business. You have to invest in your success, if you want others to invest in you. Cleary you got that message.

  • Adam Conway says:

    This review is long overdue! Alan Berg is an amazing speaker and authority in the wedding industry. His website consultation really helped to improve our websites and he showed us the best way to use our customer comments and reviews.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Adam, I love working with progressive businesses, like yours, because I know you’ll act on the ideas, and see the results!

  • The more that I hear other speakers at wedding conferences the more I realize what a gifted, engaging and inspirational speaker you are.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Jonny, it’s always great traveling the world with you and weddingsonline. It shows your commitment to education and the success of your customers.

  • Thank you Alan for a great Monday seminar, that left me FULL of items and suggestions on simple, easy and effective ways to grow my Business!!! I drove home thinking “what is one thing i can do in 5 minutes?” …. as soon as i got home, i went onto my wedding wire contract template and increased my hourly servicing rates!! Will it result in a $50 increase for all wedding, probably not, but in at least half of them for sure!!

    Looking forward to learning from you in the Fall at Wedding MBA 2016

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Larissa, that’s fantastic. Keep working that average sale up and you’ll be seeing more profit from the same number of weddings & events. I look forward to seeing you at Wedding MBA and hearing your success stories!

  • Before i walked into the weddings online sumit, India today I was in thoughts of hiring help with negotiation and cracking deals for my makeup business but with just the privilege that i had to hear you speak about weddings made me change my mind .i think i am going to give it a try myself again:after all its my business and i understand what i can deliver best… you make it sound so easy and intresting that i am going to implement your tips at the earliest! not to forget you are so proactive and animate that it was not difficult LISTENING to u at all…. thanks a lot Alan!hope to hear you speak again soon!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sanjana, I’m so glad you are feeling empowered and I look forward to hearing your stories of sales success.

  • Leslie Sargent says:

    Alan knocked it out of the park at the 2015 Wedding Pro Convention. I left his seminar “The Price is Right” with useful ready to use knowledge on how to raise our prices, get our brides to buy into those prices and understand how the bride ‘buys’. The information you take from his presentations can change your business! I can’t wait to hear Alan speak again.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Leslie, I’m so happy you gleaned useful information. It’s one of my favorite topics these days because it’s so applicable to everyone in our industry.

  • Monique says:

    I had the honor to assist Alan Berg with his booth at the Wedding MBA last week in Las Vegas. I was simply AMAZED at the number of business owners who stopped by to share what a wonderful impact Alan’s teachings had made in the success of their businesses. Countless people wanted to have their photos taken with him, hug him and share their successes. Truly mind blowing! All I can say is if you want to take your wedding business to the next level, experience growth and achieve your goals, work with Alan….you won’t regret it.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Monique, for coming out and helping in the booth. We go way back to our days at The Knot and it was great working with you again. Thanks also for your kind words and warm friendship.

  • Eva Sealey says:

    My assistant, Holly, and I attended the Wedding Pro annual conference in Las Vegas last week and were extremely pleased with Alan’s presentations and speaking style. We always look forward to hearing him speak and take away a bushel full of information to put into practice. Looking forward to having Alan come to our venue in the near future. His energy in infectious.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Eva, I’m looking forward to coming out to your beautiful venue and working directly with you and your team. I’ll bring my energy with me!

  • I always look forward to Alan Berg speaking at a wedding industry conference. He’s straight up. No sugar coating. Very motivating. I like that.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Darlene, that’s my mission, to give it to you straight and motivate you so you take action on what you’ve heard. I appreciate you validating that for me.

  • We are privileged to have heard Alan speak 3 different times over the past 3 years. Then, he reviewed some of our marketing materials on-camera. We have applied what he teaches and increased our market exposure. Alan really is gifted. We can tell you straight up that after applying the tips Alan gave, our business direction changed and we have made more money. We LOVE Alan Berg!

    If you’re having issues with your website, marketing or related aspects just take the time to get Alan involved. He is the secret ingredient that makes the difference.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, David, it’s always great seeing you at the Las Vegas DJ Show. Your filming of the sessions keeps the learning going long after the show is over.

  • Whenever I attend a conference, I’m always delighted to hear that Alan Berg will be one of the speakers, and if there are concurrent sessions, I will always go to his presentation because I know it will be packed with useful information.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Paula, that’s my goal, to give you information you can use, right away. I look forward to seeing you in my audience again soon.

  • Sarah Kohl says:

    Alan’s website review was comprehensive and actionable. I knew i had a ‘problem website’, I just didn’t know what was wrong or what could be done to increase engagement with my brand. Alan shared his strategy on making websites easy for the visitor to use. Afterwards, he showed me specific, easy to do ways to improve my website. I thought I needed a new website but what I needed was a new approach to my existing website. Alan showed me how to make my current site useful for my clients so that they can do business with me.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sarah, I love hearing your comments. It’s the easy fixes that can have the biggest impact. I look forward to hearing how it’s working for you after the changes.

  • Alan, I have to tell you, after you spoke at The Springs in Aubrey,TX…the NEXT day I got hired to DJ 2 weddings from brides who bought the Most Expensive package (after Using the 1,2,3 method…2 being the Brides most popular package…) and they even added more stuff on top of that package!! Thank you for the Inspiration!! Oh by the way…..I had doubled my price during your speech!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jeff, for the feedback. I love that you not only raised your rates, but sold your highest package, not once, but twice that same week! Kudos to you for taking action and having your clients show you that your value is at the higher price point.

  • Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you, and your seminar was amazing! I went home, and started implementing changes. I am so excited to see the benefits – I know what I learned will help me greatly in my business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sue, it was great having you at the event in Aubrey. I appreciate you coming out and I look forward to hearing how you’re using the ideas.

  • Beau Kramer says:

    Alan, really great webinar today. One of my favorite ones. Really great sales insight. Glad I had both my sales people in attendance.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Beau. Coming from you, who has heard me speak many, many times, that’s high-praise.

  • I met Alan about 3 years ago when I attended a seminar for wedding professionals. I had the opportunity to speak to him during our break after a very mesmerizing 1 hour presentation. He provided some very thoughtful and helpful alternative points of view, which after much much thought, I decided to implement. Alan provides thought provoking content, he’s an exceptionally gifted orator, and effective narrator.

    I’m not one to patiently sit through 2 or 3 hours of content, but I can say Alan Berg, kept me glued to my seat and I’ve learned to trust his opinions. Thank You Alan, its been 3 years and you never cease to impress.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Bob. It was great to have you and Michelle at the event. You show that you’re a true pro as you’re always looking for ways to improve your business for you and your clients.

  • You are the BEST! What a superb meeting on Monday, June 15. Thank you so much for allowing the Association of Bridal Consultants – New England branch to be one of the sponsors. Our wedding planners simply raved about all they learned!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Beverly Ann, it was so nice of you to help spread the word, to come out yourself, and then to help me with check in. I can see why you’re so good at what you do.

  • I had a wonderful experience attending and hosting Alan’s seminar recently. He was extremely engaging and informative. My team immediately put his tips to work during the break of the seminar and found it instantly effective! Highly recommended!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Francesca for your comments, and for hosting our event. Your venue provided a beautiful, and tasty backdrop for the many wedding pros who came out. I’m looking forward to coming back up to work with you and your team, in-house.

  • Sherri Rego says:

    I first met Alan at the catersource conference in Vegas and was awed by his speaking ability. When I saw that he was coming to my area I immediately signed up for the seminar. Once again it was exceptional! Very interesting, kept my attention throughout the entire day, which I’ll admit is quite difficult. What I was most intrigued by was that most everything he mentioned/went over was mostly common sense. If you haven’t been to one of Alan’s seminars it’s a must!! I for sure will attend more!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sherri. It was great to have you at the event. I can’t wait to come up and work with you and your team, in-house, later this year.

  • After hearing Alan at several seminars we have attended, we decided we needed to bring him to Southern California to educate local Wedding Professionals to help improve their business. His enthusiasm, humor, and personability with each seminar and toward each attendee captivated the audience throughout all 3 seminars through the day and he even went above and beyond to give extra time and an extra lesson to the attendees. He even stayed an extra hour later than planned just to make sure everyones questions were answered. We truly appreciated his time and knowledge and loved having Alan here. He truly speaks from the heart! Thank You Alan!!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sophia & Ann, for inviting me out to present for your exhibitors. It shows your commitment to their success… and to yours. I do always try to speak from the heart. People can tell when you’re genuine, thanks for noticing.

  • Sherri S says:

    Your attitude to Success seminar is amazing. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it has inspired me and it challenged me. I am not sure you can ask for anything more from a motivational speaker.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Sherri, it was great meeting you in Chicago at the DWHSA conference. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

  • Michelle says:

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing Alan Berg and hearing him speak at the DWHSA conference in Chicago, and Wow !
    He is a dynamic speaker that captures his audiences attention and delivers the information in a keep it simple way . His insight into how to handle the angry bride is invaluable .

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Michelle, it was great seeing you again, first in Austin, and now in Chicago. That truly shows your commitment to learning. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  • Alan Berg is in my opinion a huge asset and resource for today’s business. Alan has advised me through a “one on one” website evaluation which has proven to be invaluable! On a number of occasions I’ve heard Alan speak on a variety of topics that I have taken many golden nuggets from to which have helped increase my business significantly. Alan is not only one of today’s best public speakers but he’s a great guy at the core. Every chance I get to hear Alan speak about important topics that can impact my business I immediately register! Thank you Alan for your passion and dedication to helping me and others improve our online presence and overall customer experience.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, George, for logging so many miles to come and see me. I love your entrepreneurial spirit and I look forward to seeing you in the audience again, soon (June 15th actually!).

  • Thank you so much, Alan. It has been a few years since I attended one of your learning seminars. Bravo sir, you haven’t lost your edge. Your matter of fact approach to business is what we all need to be the best we can be. There are so many things that you touched on that I already do thankfully, but there were just as many new tips that I picked up to sharpen my skills and selling techniques. We should all continue learning regardless of our years in business. I am now more aware of what current couples expect regarding keeping them interested after they initially contact us and how to communicate with them. I learned so many things today and immediately began implementing my new skills. I went back to e-mails this week to see if I truly listened to them or did I just overload them with details they didn’t ask for. You were right, too much info that wasn’t asked for and that will be adjusted from now on. I also had what I thought was a problem with a current client. After hearing you today, I thought “What am I known for? Exceptional customer service. Okay, in this situation am I hearing what my client is really saying or am I assuming what she needs?” I called her, took the time to really listen to what she was trying to share and now we are completely in sync again. She even told me “This phone call is why we love you, Barbara. You have everything covered for the wedding”. Nothing bad happened, but rather the opposite. Thank you very much for basically dusting off skills that were already there and giving me a new approach to assist more couples in the future. It was an amazing day. I can’t wait to read the books I bought today. Keep up the good work.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Barbara, I’m truly humbled by your kind words and I’m so glad you’re seeing an immediate impact from the sessions. I look forward to hearing more success stories from you.

  • Shelby Gehrels says:

    Alan Berg didn’t just provide amazing information for my work life, but really impacted the way I analyze wording, emails, interactions, people and so much more! He motivated me to be better and to KEEP CALM! In the industry we are all in, that can be very difficult. There is something about his presence that makes you instantly trust him. It doesn’t matter what he would have been selling, I totally would have bought it without hesitation! (lol)

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Shelby, it was great having you and your crew there in the front row at the NEAWP event. I look forward to seeing your review of my book. Let me know how you like it.

  • Diana says:

    Thanks Alan!! I was at the seminar Monday night and last year too, and I love listening to your wealth of knowledge and inspiration! I got so much great information, and have been using many of your ideas and techniques, and am getting great results! If anyone is looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire them and help build their confidence, Alan is the man!! Thank you so much, and I hope to see you again next year! ~ Diana

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Diana, I appreciate you coming back again this year and I love hearing your stories of success. See you next year!

  • I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Alan Berg speak on a few occasions. Recently he swung through Western MA and part of my team and myself attended this event. To say the least, Alan has a great passion for what he does and the knowledge to back it up. His presentation was both informative and inspiring. I highly encourage anyone looking to step up their game to attend one of his seminars, or at least review his material. You won’t be sorry.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mark, it’s always great to see you at the conferences. I look forward to working with you and your team more closely.

  • Alan, you give GREAT pointers, reminders on perspective, and strategic tips! We found your sessions at both the CSES Convention and Wedding Wire World to be very helpful and easy to implement. Anyone out there thinking of attending his sessions should go ahead and seal the deal…buy that ticket! It’s worth it!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kay, it was great that you came out to both of those events. It shows your dedication to doing the best for you and your customers. Kudos!

  • Andy Lydick says:

    Wow! Alan Berg has absolutely blown us away. Alan handed me his business card at a conference I went to recently and one of the quotes says “He has a way of making complex things seem simple.” This is the truth! Alan changed the way I think about my pricing and packages and how I communicate that to my potential clients. We applied what he taught us right away. Not even a week after we heard him speak, the things we learned from already paid off. We were able to convert two potentials into clients! We sold the package we had been having problems selling to both of those clients. In less than a week! Alan Berg truly does make the complex things seem simple. He has forever changed the way we think about our business. Thank you!

    Andy & Abigail
    Abigail Gingerale Photography

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Andy and Abigail, it was great meeting you and even better hearing how you’ve implemented some new ideas and are already seeing the results. Thanks for sharing your success story, keep them coming!

  • I’ve have attended Alan’s training sessions 2 years in a row. You learn so much from him each and every time. He speaks at a level you can truly relate to. He gives you all you need to better yourself and your business. All you need to do is act on it. Thank you Alan for sharing your vast wedding business expertise with us. A must attend.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Mike, you’re absolutely right. Without action there is no change… kudos to you for taking action (and thanks for coming out again this year).

  • Joy Burke says:

    Alan, you are a delight and I feel privileged to know you. It is obvious that you have found your truth because it flows so easily from your mouth. Once again, I heard your confirmation of some marketing strategies I currently implement, and ways to tweak what isn’t working as well as it could. Your material is presented in such a clear, smart, fun and engaging manner, that it made me rush right home and begin to incorporate your advice. Thank you, thank you.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Joy, I always enjoy having you in the front row. You inspire me with your spirit and I love hearing your stories of success.

  • I have virtually attended many of Alan Berg’s webinars on Wedding Wire, and am registered to hear him speak in person on March 25th in Western Massachusetts. As a wedding planner, I feel inspired by his knowledge and have implemented many pieces of his advice into my website and into my email communications. Putting contact forms on every page of my site not only allows the potential client to contact me easily, but allows me to know, by the title I give my forms, which page they were on when they contacted me. And I cannot tell you how ending your emails with a question has been AMAZINGLY helpful. I’m grateful for his advice.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Tanya, it’s great seeing you on the webinars, and I look forward to seeing you in person next week at the conference.

  • Alan is called The Wedding Guru for a reason. He knows everything about Weddings, running a Wedding Business and everything related to Weddings. I met Alan about 12 years ago at a Catersourse Conference. Ever since then I follow Alan around. Each time I learn new ideas. Alan stays on top of the wedding business so he can inform and educate. Whether I’m in a room of 2500 or in a group of 30…Alan is speaking just to me. The last two days I saw him at Wedding Wire World 2015. Last month he came to Houston for the Bay Area Wedding Professionals Day of Education. I’ve also had Alan come and spend a day consulting at our venue. You will be amazed at what you learn from Alan! Go see him speak, get his books, listen to his CD’s. the man can TEACH.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Janice, it’s always great to see you in the audience when I speak. I feel like a rock star and you’re my groupie! Thanks for supporting me and valuing education the way you do.

  • Freddy Turim says:

    Had the pleasure of sitting in on 2 of Alan’s classes @CATERSOURCE in Vegas… he shared so many groundbreaking ideas for selling and being successful at what you do… he changed the way I looked at dealing with my clients now and I look forward to sitting down with my next customer (tomorrow). He is a real breath of fresh air!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Freddy, I’m so happy to hear that you got immediately usable ideas, that’s what I hope for whenever I speak. Let me know how that next appointment goes, and best of luck!

  • Just attended the Catersource Conference in Las Vegas and cannot say enough about Alan Berg’s presentations. I came home with so many actionable ideas to improve our sales process and website. Alan’s presentation “Are You Too Busy to be Successful” also gave me the tools to get organized and implement them. So looking forward to more at Wedding Wire World next week.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Kate, now it’s time to take action on those ideas. Please report back on your progress, and success. See you in DC next week.

  • I had a great time learning from Alan in Austin. He was really an inspiring and fascinating speaker that kept me interested the whole time. I’m in the process of redoing my website and I found Alan at the perfect time. Thank you for coming to Austin and I’ll see you in DC for Weddingwire world!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Coleman, it was great meeting you in Austin. I’m glad to see you being so proactive with your business. I look forward to seeing you in DC at WeddingWire World.

  • I had a wonderful time at Alan’s seminar in Austin, Tx! Im new to the wedding industry and I left with such great information, positive energy,and confidence!! Happy to share what I learned with the rest of my team. I totally recommend attending Alan’s seminars if you can make it happen. I wanted to learn more & more…didn’t look down at my watch once, and I was kind of bummed when it ended to be honest!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jasmin, I was a little bummed, too. We were learning lots and having fun at the same time. I hope to see you at the next event in Austin.

  • I enjoyed your “Jump start your success” talk today, it was very informative. Having been in this business for twenty years you tend to get used to doing things a certain way, change is good, thank you.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Matt. It’s easy sometimes to think “been there, done that” and I’m honored that you came out to the event. That shows your dedication to keep moving forward.

  • I have been listening to Alan Berg speak both at webinars and in-person at conferences for many years. I always have some great take-aways. I have made website changes (so I don’t have to fire it), implemented changes in the way I approach client calls, and made changes to my business cards. Most recently, however, I have intentionally begun ending every client email with a question. The results have been phenomenal!! Alan knows his stuff and is the real deal.
    Can’t wait to see him speak in person the next time.
    Rev. Judith Guasch

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Judith, it’s great to hear feedback like this, but the real kudos go to you for taking action. Hearing ideas doesn’t change anything. Acting on them does. Thanks for sharing.

  • I first saw Alan Berg at the Wedding MBA in a much larger venue and thoroughly enjoyed him. So, after signing up for a local, much smaller talk at a local hotel…my expectations were really high. Alan did not disappoint! I left with a notebook full of insight and action items. He is so easy to listen to and the day ended and I wish he could have talked about 18 more topics. Will definitely find a way to hear him again.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Caitlin. I appreciate your coming out to the event and I look forward to hearing how you’re using all of the ideas in your notebook.

  • I attended the wedding seminar through Bay Area Wedding Professionals yesterday, February 23rd, with Alan! Let me first say that I was so impressed at the amount of new knowledge I walked away with! I never once got bored, as you do through most things of this nature. Coming into the class, I was not sure what to expect, and honestly was only running on a couple hours of sleep this particular day, but NEVER once did I lose interest. He is very upbeat and always kept things very light and practical! So glad I decided to take this ‘class’. You rock, Alan! I’ll be at future seminars, for sure!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Emily. I’m honored that you chose to attend, despite running on too little sleep. I look forward to seeing you the next time I’m in town.

  • Jan Jordan says:

    Another GREAT Well presented Presentation. Alan NEVER disappoints. Our seminar for Houston Area Wedding Professionals was a great day of education with highly Relevant topics for our local Wedding Industry. He’s so easy to listen to in his delivery with all the facts, bullet points, descriptions, surveys, & updates. You leave the day feeling excited and motivated with clear action items to make your wedding business successful. WELL worth the time and effort to attend. HIGHLY recommended. Jan Jordan, Jordan Limousines. Weddings ARE our Business.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jan, I really appreciate your comments and that you always make time to come out to see me speak, both in Texas and at other conferences. Your dedication to learning shows in your success.

  • Jason Martin says:

    Great speaker, even better teacher and best sale advice I have heard in long time..
    Jason Martin J Martin Production

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Jason for coming out to the NJVA meeting last night. I look forward to hearing your stories of sales success. Please share.

  • OKC DJ says:

    I just found Alan on a lucky google search! I can already tell following him will help me grow and train my Wedding DJs here in Oklahoma City.

  • In my opinion, there is no better speaker on the subject of weddings. Alan combines the deepest knowledge of wedding businesses with the ability to share that knowledge with his audience in a motivational, compelling and amusing way.
    I have listened to him speak at wedding conferences in Las Vegas, Dublin and the UK and every time the audience were totally engaged. Feedback from the recent UK Wedding Conference had an incredible 82% of delegates rating him as “excellent”.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Alison, for allowing me the privilege of speaking for the first-ever UK Wedding Conference. It was a beautiful venue, a great group of delegates and you and your team did a fantastic job. I look forward to future conferences.

  • I met Alan at the 2015 #weddingsummit at the K Club in Ireland. His style is to simplify and de-mistify the challenges faced by business that deal directly with the public, in the wedding sphere. Alan provides fast, workable, solutions for you to implement in your business the same day. He also gives me the confidence to continue in business, and the self belief that anything is possible. Thank you Alan.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Gerry. It was great meeting you and doing our website review the other day. I’m looking forward to seeing those changes on your site and hearing how they’re helping your conversion. See you next time I’m in Ireland.

  • My time and money invested hiring Alan Berg is still paying dividends today. Somewhere on this comment string you will find a previous comment from me. I just wanted to stop back by and let readers know that the changes I made to my website years back are still paying big today. Sure we have revised the site once or twice since then, but we made sure to keep the fundamentals taught to us by Alan.
    So thanks again for being a super sharp thinker and a quality resource for marketing folks. – Derrick Perrin with Big Box Pro Wedding Video.