LOVU Mastermind Workshop with Alan Berg, CSP; Your Personal Sales Trainer

Inquiries can come in at any time, are you and your team ready? Are you expecting to get more wedding/romance travel inquiries or less? Converting more of your inquiries to sales is more important now, than ever. This Special LOVU Mastermind, with Your Personal Sales Trainer, Alan Berg, will take you through the steps from the initial inquiry to the sale, and give you actual wording for initial and subsequent replies.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:
  • How to reply to the initial inquiry so they actually get back to you
  • How to reply to the “How much does it cost for a wedding/honeymoon (etc.)?” email
  • Handling common, and not so common objections
  • 4 ways to discuss pricing in your communications

With this seminar I booked 4 weddings in a week. – Caroline Kurkowski, Upbeat Occasions, Albany, NY

* * At the end of this workshop you’ll have the exact wording for your initial reply, as well as subsequent replies and follow-ups! * *
Here’s what people who’ve experienced Alan’s Mastermind sales training recently have said:
    • “He made the content very relatable and easy to understand to put in place in our businesses now.” – Le’Trice Penn, LePenn Designs, Detroit, MI
    • “It was an amazing workshop and I had so many takeaways! I am so glad I invested the time to get this done as I had so many questions.” – Amna Rather, Lemon Truffle Decor & Flower Design, Mississauga, ON, Canada
    • “I cannot recommend these small group workshops more. The advice and conversation are invaluable – Jay Allen, Weddings by Jay Allen, Melbourne, Australia
    • “I’ve already seen the improvement on lead conversions. – Saraí Flores, Luna, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

And get the answers to these questions:
  • Should you have wedding pricing on your website?
  • Should you use email templates?
  • Is it OK to use automated messages and copy/pasted text?

If you want to be get your business ready for engagement season or any season, register today while seats are available. This is a Live, remote/virtual event, you must attend if you want to learn. Only attendees will get the recording.