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Gavin Macomber – Should you be texting with your customers? – Podcast Transcript

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Gavin Macomber - Should you be texting with your customers - Alan Berg CSP - Wedding Business Solutions PodcastGavin Macomber – Should you be texting with your customers?

If you’re like me, you are texting every day, whether to friends, family, co-workers or customers. If you’re like many people in business, you’d rather not use your personal cell phone, for various reasons. And if you have employees and they use their personal cell phone number to text customers, those texts go away when they do. So, is texting right for your business and what are some of the current technologies that will make it more palatable for you?

Listen to this new guest episode with Gavin Macomber from Cloudli, and hear some ways you can use texting and still sleep at night!

About Gavin and Cloudli

Gavin Macomber is President and CEO at Cloudli Communications, a leading provider of next generation voice, messaging, and data communications solutions for businesses and consumers. Cloudli’s mobile-first unified communications (UCaaS), VoIP connectivity, and digital fax solutions are trusted by over 7,000 customers, including some of the largest healthcare, financial and government organizations in North America. Plans start as low as $12/month for a single line.

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– Should you be texting with your customers? And what kind of other communications should you be doing? Listen to this episode and find out some neat ways. Hey, it’s Alan Berg, welcome back to another edition of the Wedding Business Solutions Podcast, I’m so happy to have Gavin Macomber on with me to talk about texting and other communication. Gavin, how you doing today?

– I’m great Alan, thanks so much for having me on.

– Well, we’re both enjoying a beautiful day in New Jersey today, so it’s unusual, we’ve been having some crazy weather. So, I met Gavin when Zipwhip, who a lot of people know that I was using Zipwhip for texting left me and they left everybody else because they got bought out and all of a sudden they said, “Hey, we’re not going to offer this anymore.” So, I was looking around for other solutions and a lot of them had a lot of stuff that I don’t need, and a lot of stuff that I think my customers don’t need, and I found Cloudli, which is your company, if you’re watching on video, you can see the logo there, C-L-O-U-D-L-I, so before we get into talking about this, Gavin, what is Cloudli?

– So Alan, Cloudli is a North American provider of unified communication solutions, so business phone and messaging services, really catered for the small business market and anywhere from. entrepreneurs, freelancers, up to sort of startups and emerging small businesses.

– Right, and that’s what attracted me to it because a lot of the solutions that I saw were really designed for bigger businesses and a lot of employees, and although I do have a few customers that have a lot of employees, most of them don’t, most of them are. a business like mine where here I am,? Here’s the company, I don’t need a whole phone tree with all these extensions. But what I do want is I want people to be able to communicate with me the way that they want to. And that’s why I had originally gotten texting. And I have a landline, and for those of you who don’t know what a landline is, it’s the cord that doesn’t charge your phone, it’s the one that gives it the signal. And I didn’t want people to have to decide between call this number or text this other number, I just wanted to have one number. So, let’s talk about texting today, what are some of the big differences between communicating with your customers via text versus via email?

– So, great question, I think, look first of all, texting is, it is the standard way that many of us like to communicate on a personal basis today. So, when we were doing some research around this space, really 18 months ago we started looking at this space, now Cloudli’s been around for 30 some odd years and we provide business communication services to about 7,000 customers already throughout the US and Canada, so our TalkNText product that we just launched is based on the fact that when we went out and talked to consumers, and small businesses, we realized that consumers want to text businesses and they want to text small businesses, they want to text local businesses. And we did a survey last year, and. an overwhelming, overwhelmingly majority of consumers, I think 93% want to talk and text with small businesses.

– Right, and since we’re dealing within the wedding and event industry, a lot of Millennials and Gen Z’s, they’ve just grown up communicating that way. So, the frictionless thing, talking to someone, whether it’s for business or personal, well texting is talking. That’s what it is. So for me, I’ve noticed my customers are the wedding and event professionals listening here. I don’t get a lot of texts. Because my audience might skew a little bit older, they might be more, although they’re in their 20’s and 30’s, and 40’s, and 50’s, and 60’s, and 70’s, they might skew more let’s say 40’s being the average whenever I see one of these, some people signing up. Although interestingly, the first text I ever got, Gavin, when I first added texting to my site was a Baby Boomer, who ended up hiring me to come and speak. So it’s for you and if you want to communicate. Now I had heard a stat a long time ago, tell me if this is right or maybe it’s updated, that like 90% of texts are seen within three minutes of when they’re received? Is it three minutes now or is it even sooner now?

– I bet it’s less than one minute, I mean people if your phone dings. You hear or vibrates, you’re going to look at it and everybody reads a text message. So there’s a sense of immediacy. And we’ve all, look we’ve all tried to call a business, whether it’s a large business, a small business and oftentimes you get, you get stuck on hold, you don’t get to the right person, you can’t solve your problem, it’s very frustrating. And this is the same thing in every industry, but I would imagine for your listeners in the wedding industry, if you have a photography business for example. And somebody’s trying to get ahold of you, if they can’t get you on the first try, maybe they go to the next person. But if you offer texting and they can text you, and say, “Hey, I’m getting married on this date and. in this area, are you available?” Or, “I’d love to learn more about your services.” And you have the ability as the business owner to respond to that text or let’s say you might even have a small team of people. I know one wedding photography business that’s run by a couple sisters, and they’ve been pretty successful. And our product happens to allow you to share a phone number, so both you and your teammate can be on the same app, and we’re seeing the same text to come in from customers, and respond. So if I respond to a certain message, my team member sees that and then they don’t have to respond. But that allows us to, that allows small businesses and teams to provide great coverage when it comes to inbound customer service.

– A few of the things that I’ve seen resistance over the years to texting was, “I don’t want to give my cellphone number out, now they’re going to be texting me at all hours of the night.” Which we do have do not disturb on our phones. But I think for me as a business consultant, what I’ve told my customers is, “If someone’s using their personal cellphone to text with customers and that person leaves your company, those texts go with them, whereas if you’re texting through Cloudli or a service like this, the texts are yours.” And someone’s on vacation, someone gets sick, someone’s on maternity, someone whatever, you can respond or like you just said, “You know, who’s,” I’m doing air quotes for those of you listening, “Who’s on call?” Right, that’s the person that’s taking the text right now and I think that to me was one of the biggest advantages is that it’s not your cellphone number, but you can respond on your cellphone.

– Exactly.

– Right, and then you have you said TalkNText, so you’re also giving business phone numbers that are then text-able so that, that phone can ring on many people’s cellphone in your app?

– Right, so we have when you signup for TalkNText, one of the first things you can do, you can either text-enable your existing number, so if you have a small business today and you have a business landline, you can text enable that number and then you can respond to text from our app-

– And that’s what I did, right.

– That’s right and we have an app for iPhone, Android, Mac, desktop apps, PC et cetera. You can also, we’re going to be adding the ability to respond to texts from the browser, so from our portal where you signup very shortly here. But I think what’s different about our service and what’s neat is you can also setup a new phone number that you can text and place phone calls on. So many of the business texting services out there are only business texting. What we give you is as a small business we give you the ability to place outbound calls from your number or a new number you create with us. You can call your team, message your teammates and you can also communicate with customers via TalkNText, so that’s the major differentiation.

– So, there’s an interesting thing if people missed that, so talking with your team, so internally versus not just externally, so if you wanted to push a message out to your employees or groups of employees, you could have that setup as a group text?

– Exactly, exactly and actually, a lot of our customers do use that, they’ll send out if they need an event covered. On Saturday let’s say I’m a catering company and I need bartenders, and waitstaff, who’s available this Saturday, because somebody got sick or somebody can’t make it. You can send out, you setup a group and you send it out, and you can manage that all from the app, and if you send it, let’s say then you step out for an hour or two, your team member can pick that up, your co-manager, whoever, your business partner can pick that up and respond from a different phone, and they don’t even have to be in the same place-

– And I think with the other thing there is if you started this on your desktop, let’s say you can then continue this on your phone, so wherever you are, you could follow or you can pass it on to somebody else, so that’s an interesting thing there-

– Exactly.

– So, in terms of the actual communication, let’s talk communication style. So, somebody makes an inquiry and if they make an inquiry versus through text versus email, in terms of how you would respond to that, so if somebody went to your website and sent you a message said, “Hi, I’d like to find out about your services.” Or everybody listening is going, “They ask about pricing.” Yeah of course they ask about pricing, they don’t know what else they ask, that’s why they ask about pricing, but whatever the message is, they send you a message and they say, “Hi, I’d like to find out.” If they do that via text versus email, is there any difference in the style in which you would respond to that?

– I think text is much more conversational and what’s neat about a text too, and I think that’s why many consumers use text, and they want to text small businesses is because they feel like they can text the business as if they’re texting a friend. And you can then engage with that customer, and have a conversation with them over text, even if you’re at home after hours, on the weekend, whenever it may be. Now you can also set, our system allows to, allows you to setup business hours and calls, and texts can be routed to different people at different times depending on your business. But I think when you send an email into a business, it’s like going into a black hole. And, you don’t know, you might get an auto-response from a business that says, “Hey, we got your email, we’re on it.” Right? But are they going to respond to you on Monday or Wednesday, or next month. Who knows? With their text message, you text somebody’s number and you’re going to get a response pretty quickly, and that’s the nature of texting, and customers love that.

– And can texting have like auto-responses, like if it is after hours?

– Absolutely, so we have auto-replies, so we have templates depending on, you can setup different templates for different situations. So, peak hours, off-peak hours, weekends-

– Vacation?

– Vacation, you got it, out of office. Or out of the store. And we also have keywords, so if you send in, if somebody says, that they have a keyword that’s related to “video”, “Hey, do you offer video services, for my wedding?” You can send back a custom message that if we see video in the inbound text, we can send a template, a reply that’s customized for video-

– Interesting.

– That’s something we can do with our keywords as well.

– So, there’s AI involved in this?

– There is.

– Yeah, artificial intelligence for those of you that aren’t following Isaac Asimov. So, the whole thing with texting, again I started it because I was offering texting, I was offering it through my cellphone and I had two phone numbers, and I was looking at somebody else’s business card one time, and it had their office number, and their cell number, and I was staring at the card going, “Is it okay to text them?” Right? “Is it okay to call their cell?” And instead of actually communicating with them, I’m looking at their card, trying to decide how to communicate with them. I said, “This is an unnecessary decision. I should’ve already been doing this.” So, that’s when I said, “I want to have one number.” Now, during COVID, I had an entertainment company in Southern California calling me up and he said, “Alan, our sales have remained the same as they were before, they didn’t drop off like a lot of people,” he said, “And 90%+ of our communication is happening via text.” And they’re getting people to appointments, and they’re making sales, and that’s what they’re doing. So the idea that, the reason I asked about the communication style is I think all communication should be conversational. I think a lot of people use too much, and it’s not that copy paste is necessarily bad, but you think it looks conversational, but then everybody else’s kind of looks the same as yours and therefore it doesn’t look conversational anymore. But that implication that you said about texting, that it’s kind of implied that you’re texting with a person now, as opposed to this black hole, which they’re going to see your text way before they see your email.

– That’s right, that’s right.

– Okay, so now permission-wise, somebody fills out a contact form and gives you their phone number, are you allowed to text them or do you need to have an opt-in for that?

– Well, when they fill out that form on your website, you should have an opt-in, so just say, and many companies do this. So, when you’ve gone in and you’ve filled out your name, and phone number, and email, it’ll say, “Will you allow us to send you a text or call you?”

– Or “okay to text”, or right, “okay to call”-

– And just have a little checkbox there and that’s an opt-in, and then you’re good to go.

– Okay, now is that a legal thing or is that just a being kind thing?

– It’s actually a legal thing because the business texting and even the mobile industry at large now, there’s increasing regulations around texting and calling, just like, you can’t, you have the “do not call list”.

– Right. Which doesn’t work.

– Which doesn’t work-

– I think it’s the “call me more list” is what it is.

– The “call me more list”, exactly. It is, it’s a little bit of a misnomer, but yeah it works, there is a increasing amount of SMS spam out there and there’s a lot of companies that do sort of SMS marketing. Which is SMS blasting and we don’t do that. Our customers are using our solution for more one-to-one messaging and occasionally they’ll send out that group message, now it’s not a group message whereas everybody’s on the same message thread and if one replies, everybody gets it, it’s a one to many. So, I can send a text, we use the example of the catering company to 10 staff that I have and ask them if they’re available for a shift on Saturday. If somebody replies, it just comes back to me and then I can say, “Okay great.” You know? “See you at 2pm on Saturday.”

– There is no reply-all.

– No, thankfully.

– Now, I mean you could do an email that you wanted to reply-all, I mean a text that you wanted to reply-all, but that’s not that, that broadcast is not that, that’s one to many and then it’s one-to-one when it comes back.

– Exactly.

– So, if you were going to do that, you’d have to have people opted in obviously for that, again not opted in for that specifically, but they opted in to receive text messages from you, then you could send out that way. And then this is not just for inquiries though, this is for communication and like you said, people want to do business with people the way they want. And I was just thinking, I text, I have a doctor that I text with and then there’s all these text automations like my dentist, “Hey, you have an appointment coming up.” And all that kind of stuff, but I have a doctor who allows me to text with him. And it’s so much easier than going through some portal or going through the switchboard and going through all that kind of stuff, I don’t abuse it. I think that’s the key is, if you abuse it, I’m sure he would stop, but he doesn’t abuse it. I have a painter coming next week, I texted him yesterday, “Hey, are we still on for Monday?” And this is just the way people want to communicate. Now I know that’s his cellphone and his number because he’s a little bit old school on that, he probably doesn’t know about Cloudli or something like that. So let’s talk about that for a second, and again I signed up, and full disclosure, I signed up for Cloudli because it has what I need and I don’t need to do text marketing, and stuff like that it has features that if I was a bigger business and bigger meaning if I had one other person, or two, or three other people I would certainly use, but what are some of the advantages of having this available for a business like the people that are listening? So, we have officiants, we have DJ’s, we have florists, we have invitation people or whatever. How are some of the ways that you think they could use this in their business?

– Yeah, that’s a great question Alan, so you mentioned florists, we actually have an animated intro video on our website that is a floral company, it’s a local business and they’re a flower shop, and this was actually based on real customers that we talked to months ago when we were planning and working on this service. And whether it’s a florist or a DJ, or a band, or a caterer, they all have a similar challenge in that, if somebody calls them today and they’ve missed that customer first time around, number one, that may be a lost customer. Then there’s the, “Okay, I want to offer the consumer the ability to text me and provide that use-case.” And I think for DJ’s or bands I was thinking about when I got married and I had a DJ, and I messaged, I don’t think I was texting back then, I was probably emailing, dating myself here, but I remember thinking this DJ was probably out doing a gig somewhere. And they’re not going to get, I mean that’s what DJ’s do. They’re out on the road all the time. So the ability to text somebody like that from a consumer standpoint and you get them on their mobile phone, and maybe they have a break, and they can text you back, and say, “Yeah, I’m available on that date.” Versus leaving a voicemail on a landline somewhere and responding to it next week. So, that’s a great use-case. And then I think for teams, we have that shared number capability where if a small team of let’s say three or four people have the app, they can all respond, see incoming messages and phone calls by the way, they all go to the same hub in the app, and they can respond to those, and I can see-

– Hang on, so if somebody calls that number, that’ll ring on multiple people’s Cloudli app-

– That’s right.

– Right, or on one. Could you say send it to this person?

– That’s right, so we have a smart call-routing feature, so you can actually say okay, “Dial this app first and then, or extension, and then this person second.” And we have depending on the day, you can change it depending on who’s on, on who’s covering that particular time. But the beauty is if you get a phone call, an incoming call, a voicemail or a text, everybody on the team sees it and they also see that if somebody responds to, somebody on the team responds to it and then I go to look, and see, “Oh, I need to call this customer back”, oh, I can see that my teammate already did it.” Or messaged the customer back.

– Right, so while you’re talking, what I’m thinking is, according to The Knot, where I used to be VP of Sales, 50% of couples choose the first person who responds. So timing being of the essence over here, that’s one case where you could see it faster just because it’s not coming to your inbox, you could see it because it’s coming to a text. So there’s one, another use-case is a lot of people, they need to get something from a customer. I need to ask the customer a question, need to do something and texting is going to get on the customer’s radar a lot faster, “Hey I need, do you have the final guest count? Did you send that payment in?” Did you do whatever. You have that as well just having them see it faster, I’m sure my painter saw my message a lot faster because I texted him, than if I called he might not have answered because he couldn’t and I don’t know if you’re wearing one, but I’m wearing an Apple watch, so when I get a text, I don’t pull my phone out, I just look at my wrist, “Do I need to address that now?” There you go.

– Same, same thing.

– There you go-

– You’re available 24/7, Alan.

– Right, well and it’s the thing is I have do not disturb on my phone, and at 8 o’clock in the morning, it sends me this boom, it sends me list of things, this is what happened between 11pm and 8am. And the only reason I have 11pm and not earlier is because I deal with people in different time zones-

– Right, West Coast et cetera.

– Yeah, well around the world, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, India, whatever, so all these different crazy time zones, so I didn’t want to limit myself to, let’s say, 8am to 6pm or something like that, I said, “Well, if it comes in later,” because it could be tomorrow in Australia. “If it comes in later, I might want to answer that.” But I got to tell ya, a lot of times I don’t, I’m like, “That can wait.” But you got to see it and I think you get the choice on that one there, so texting now adds another way for people to communicate, another pipe. Because they have emailing, they can fill out your contact form, they can go to messaging and this is kind of like messaging through Facebook or something like that. It’s a realtime back and forth, except if they’re on your website, now they can get to you this way directly, or on your business card, or on your marketing piece, or you’re putting this phone number, you can now in your ads. Say “call or text me” on The Knot, or WeddingWire, or whatever the site is. You use that phone number there and that will become the way for you to communicate.

– Exactly, I mean because a lot of these businesses and we deal with them every day, you go to their website and they list a phone number, and the only thing I can do with that phone number is call them and I don’t want to call them. Because I’m busy and I just want to send that business a text.

– Just want to ask a question.-

– I want to ask a question, yeah.

– I don’t need the answer this second, but I want an answer.

– Yeah, what’s your address. Or whatever it might be, but I think there’s a couple interesting things here that you just mentioned and one is if I’m a small business owner, and I want to receive text messages, I can do that on my cellphone today. And we talked about this a few minutes ago, the challenge with that is if you give out your existing native cellphone number, your underlying number, now, number one, only you as the person who owns that phone gets those messages, so your team members don’t, if it’s an employee, you mentioned this earlier and they leave, those messages and that message history, and by the way, all those customer contacts are gone. But I think the other thing that we haven’t talked about is just in this world we live in, if you think about just work life balance. And for everybody on this podcast I’m sure who’s out there working 100 hour weeks trying to build their business, you want to be able to unplug. And if you don’t have an iPhone or an Apple Watch where you can say do not disturb during these hours, a great use-case with Cloudli and TalkNText is that you now have a separate number, that you’ve separated your personal life from your business life. And I think many entrepreneurs, freelancers, start up businesses, when you empower them to control how they’re reached from their customers and make it more efficient, make it more, less time consuming for them, because as small business owners, we’re short on time. So, anything that can make us more efficient and also look good in front of our customers or prospective customers is a great business tool to have.

– Right, and that’s why I have a landline, which I probably can replace with my Cloudli number now, but I’m paying for this landline so that there was that separation. And I think this is coming out after an episode I did about work life balance, which funny thing Gavin, I recorded it 4 o’clock on a Sunday. So just think about that, I recorded a work life balance, but it works for us. We’re an empty nesters right now, so we don’t have kids in the house, we don’t have pets in the house, my wife was doing something, I said, “Hey, I can record this now, that works for me.” I don’t work on a regular, I already said this, I don’t work on a regular schedule, but it works for us. But there are the times where I want to be able to turn off, I want to be able to turn that off. Okay, so before we go way too along on this, a couple of things, one is you were telling me about, before we got on, you were telling me about a new feature that you had. So, just tell everybody about that and then I think you might want to tell people a little about Cloudli maybe had an offer or am I putting you on the spot here? I don’t know. So, what was your new feature?

– Yes, so new feature very quickly is we have an AI powered call screener that we just launched last month, this is on the voice side, so if you get a phone number from us, and this goes right back to what we were talking about with time management. As a small business owner, your phone rings all the time, you don’t know is it a new client or is it some telemarketer, or some vendor that you don’t want to talk to? And you never quite know. It just shows up as some unknown number. So we have an AI powered call screener, it’s a virtual assistant that answers the phone for you and screens the call, your virtual assistant sends you a push notification on your phone and says, “This is so, and so, this is John calling about your videography service and I’m looking for a wedding date of June 15th, can you help?” You better believe if I’m a videographer and I’m looking for business in June, I’m going to pick up that phone call-

– Now, is that a voice message it’s pushing you or is that a text message?

– It’s actually, so it’s text, so what we do is we have a voice to text transcription in the background, that’s also AI powered and we can detect if it’s a scammer or if it’s a telemarketer, or if it’s a bot, we’ll tell you, “This is a bot, don’t answer it.” Right? And we’ll maybe tell you what the bot’s saying if you care-

– Your auto warranty is up.

– Right, we’ve all got those and I’m not going to, and I’m not going to answer that phone call. So, this is a neat feature, it just allows people, especially small business owners when they do get that incoming call to know who’s calling and why, that’s really simply what it does. If you’re interested in TalkNText, we’d love to have your small business community try us, we have a 30 day free trial, you can go to is our website, cloudli/talkntext, we don’t require a credit card for you to try the service, you can set it up, you can text-enable your business number, you can send a few texts, make a few phone calls, see if it works for you. And then we have plans starting as low as $12 a month for a freelancer or a single user and then we go up to $20 for a team of two people, $36 a month for a team of four people, that includes business texting, in fact that one includes 1,000 business texts. And then we have a slightly larger plan if your business sends a lot of texts, like if you’re getting a lot of appointment reminders and alerts, and things like that, think about the doctor example or dentist example you mentioned, that we have a plan that’s 5,000 messages a month and that goes up to $90 a month-

– Even 1,000 for the typical small business, to send appointment reminders and stuff, that’s it. And that was the other thing that attracted me to Cloudli is $12 a month because you don’t need all those enterprise features that everybody’s trying to push on you and the marketing features, and stuff like that, that you didn’t need there. So, 30 days free thank you, no credit card on that, again full disclosure, I use Cloudli, that’s why I invited Gavin to come on because it was the solution that I found for me as a small business that I wanted on there. So, Gavin thank you so much, we could clearly talk about this all day and we’ve been on for a while, I’m going to put in the show notes that link because you said Cloudli,, spell that.

– TalkNText yep.

– The letter N, TalkNText, okay we’ll put that in the show notes, just go to the show notes, click on the link-

– I’ll text you the link Alan, how’s that?

– There we go, text me the link, I love it, I love it. So, thank you so much for coming on with me Gavin and talking about this, and thank you for having this service, and if anybody has any questions, again we’ll put that contact information, they can reach out, talk about their business with you, texting with you if they want as well.

– Please do, and a pleasure being on your podcast, congratulations to you and all your success as well, so thanks again for having me.

I’m Alan Berg. Thanks for listening. If you have any questions about this or if you’d like to suggest other topics for “The Wedding Business Solutions Podcast” please let me know. My email is [email protected]. Look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Thanks.

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Can you Uberize Your Business? – Podcast Transcript

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Can you Uberize Your Business? Every time I travel, I have a choice between a cab and an Uber (or Lyft). Often the cabs are sitting right outside and yet…

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