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Wedding Pro COR NYC

11/02/21 - 11/03/21, All Day

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Wedding Pro live events are back! I’m happy to be presenting in NYC for this much-anticipated event.

I’ll be presenting:

Pricing for Profits!

Making sales is great, but are you maximizing your wedding profits? Many wedding pros are leaving profits on the table by the way you price and sell your products and services. Is there an easier way? You bet. And this webinar will help you see how.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand when/if you have pricing power
  • How to know how much you can raise your prices
  • How packages can help you achieve higher average sales
  • How packages can help if you’re not good at upselling

Get info and your tickets at: – use coupon code ‘ALAN10’ to save $10 off your tickets

Want to talk? Call/text 732.422.6362