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Webinar: 3 Easy Things You Should Do Now To Get Your Website Ready for Engagement Season

12/17/20, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Your website is an important stop along the journey for your couples. Is it ready for engagement season? If even one qualified couple leaves your website without contacting you, how much does that cost you in lost sales? Too much, I’m sure.

Register for this webinar, live or the recording, and hear:

  • 3 Easy things you can do NOW to update any website
  • The 4 things you should have on every web page
  • Whether it’s time for a new website, or whether you can keep you’re current site

Join industry expert Alan Berg CSP, author of “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?” for this timely webinar.

If you don’t know that you can make the live webinar, buy the recording ticket and you’ll get a link after the webinar to watch the recording link.

Here’s what your peers have said about Alan’s website help:

  • “My website review with him turned into an endless amount of solid tips and information on running businesses.” – Mark Heywood on FB
  • “I implemented some of the changes immediately and within 24 hours I saw an increase in inquiries. “ – Nil Saltuk, Weather or Not Accessories, Denver, CO
  • “I wanted to do a shout out to Alan Berg for his website review and additional wedding knowledge he shared during our meeting. Worth every penny!” – Simeon Traupe, The Meadows Event Center, Erie, CO

Click here to register:

Want to talk? Call/text 732.422.6362