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SEO, Hosting and more – The Best Kept Website Secrets for Your Wedding Business

09/14/20, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


I’ve assembled a panel of experts to pull the curtain back and show you what you really need to know about keeping your website strong, safe and showing up in searches. Your website is the virtual lifeblood of your wedding business.

The lack of transparency that many web designers, SEO companies and hosting companies put you at a strong disadvantage and cost you many thousands of dollars in lost business and wasted monthly fees. Join me as I host this panel for an insider’s look at essentials so your website or hosting company can’t hold you hostage against your will.

Our panel:
Moderator: Alan Berg, CSP
Websites: Brian Lawrence, Local Traffic Builder
SEO: Matt Campbell,
Hosting: Kyle Gordon, Overhaulics

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