Private Sales Training – 2 caterers

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Private Sales Training – 2 caterers

10/30/17, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

—: -, Seattle, WA


What a great way to share the cost, and the experience, of having a full day with me. Two Seattle area caterers are joining forces to bring me in for a full day of sales training.

Is this idea right for your company? Here are a couple of things that were posted by my clients after their sales trainings with me:

I am sure this will turn out to be the least amount of money I have ever spent to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business in return. Talk about ROI! – Bob Ryan, Robert Ryan Catering, Phoenixville, PA

Alan Berg turned my sales team into a selling machine! Because of Alan my website conversion rate is up 44%, my sales team’s closing rate is doubled and we are back on track to have an amazing year. Alan Berg has the best ROI of any business investment I’ve ever made. Alan Berg is is rocket fuel for your bottom line! – Robb DeSimone, Lake Pearl, Wrentham, MA

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