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Mastermind/Master Class & NACE Philly Event

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Mastermind/Master Class & NACE Philly Event

03/14/23, 9:30 am - 9:00 pm


Join me for a very special, full day education/consulting/collaborative event in conjunction with NACE Philly.

Morning Mastermind: Get the Full VIP experience!

Be one of only 20 people to Mastermind with Alan in the morning, and through lunch (which is included). Pick his brain, it’s like private consulting, in a small group! And it’s way less expensive that hiring him for yourself! – And, with this ticket, the afternoon Master Class and evening NACE presentation (with dinner) are included! (it’s a bargain since his consulting is $400/hr!)

  • “I’ve been consulting with Alan for a few years now, however I feel that the mastermind day was a whole different approach to the learning experience.” –  Raul Chiriboga, Ultrafonk Entertainment, Union, NJ

Afternoon Master Class: From the inquiry to the sale!

No matter what your business does, or sells, you’re missing out on sales and profits!

For some, the sales process is condensed and happens quickly. For others, it takes more time. Where can you improve in your processes and stop losing sales and profits? Is it communicating digitally (email, text, messaging, with Millennials), getting ghosted on messages or closing the sale?

Come to this Master Class and hear:

  • How to reply to inquiries so they don’t ghost you
  • Handling common sales objections
  • Following up – how, when and how often
  • Asking for the sale – yes, it’s up to you to ask!
  • And, with this ticket, the evening NACE presentation (with dinner) is included!

Evening NACE Presentation: Discounting, Packages and Pricing, Oh My!

Stay for the evening NACE meeting, for networking, dinner and the presentation, where Alan will teach you about discounting vs. negotiating, packages vs. a-la-carte and raising your prices!

When: Tuesday, March 14, 2023

  • Mastermind 9:30am-1:00pm – includes lunch
  • Master Class 1:30pm-4:30pm
  • Evening Networking, Presentation and NACE Dinner 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: Terrain, 138 W Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA 19333

Why Should You Attend?

  • “I just got back from a Mastermind Workshop, and I was engaged every minute.” – Pat Soldi, Alive Events, Manalapan, NJ
  • “Simple strategies that are easy to digest and quick to implement.” – Scott Arcangel, The Music Boutique, New York, NY


Get the Best Value with the VIP Mastermind experience and be one of only up to 20 people to spend the morning with Alan consulting on your businesses. At only $399, including the Master Class, evening presentation, lunch and dinner, it’s the best value ticket (Alan gets $400/hr for his consulting – you get the whole day with him for this!) – Current NACE Members save $100, only $299 per person.

Afternoon Master Class, evening presentation and dinner: Come for the afternoon master class and stay for the NACE meeting, presentation and dinner. It’s only $299 per person. Current NACE members save $100, only $199 per person.

What should I do next?

Get your tickets here:

Have more questions? Here are 3 ways to get more info:

  1. Visit Alan’s Website
  2. Call/text Alan directly 732.422.6362
  3. Email Alan: [email protected]

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