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Lake George Presentations and Master Class

11/15/21, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dunham’s Bay Resort: 2999 State Route 9L, Lake George, NY


I’m so excited to be coming back to Lake George, NY for another great day of education.

This event will have 2 parts!

Monday, Nov. 15, 2021 – 10am – 12pm – Private VIP Sponsor Session

A limited number of VIP Sponsors will have a special small group consulting/training session with Alan, where you can discuss any parts of your business, website, sales, pricing, etc. (FYI, Alan gets $350/hr. for his consulting!) What can you ask Alan? Ask about pricing. Ask sales objections. Have Alan look at your website. The small group nature of this will make it easy to bring your most pressing questions and concerns right to your personal expert, Alan Berg CSP! Join this exclusive group for this session.

“Just completed a wedding master mind session with Alan and once again I am simply blown away!!! This is my third time training with Alan and it gets better each time. Book him today!! It will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your business!!” – Mike Reilly, CT Productions, Albany, NY

1pm – 5pm: Master Class How to reply to inquiries without getting ghosted!

Every time you get an inquiry and then don’t hear back (ghosting) is a missed opportunity that’s costing you in lost profits. After all, they inquired with you, so they must have liked something they saw, so why aren’t they replying to your messages? It’s so much easier to convert a lead that’s inquired than to find another lead. Every one of those ghosting leads is costing you hundreds in potential profits. How many of your leads don’t reply back to you and how much is that costing you?

Come to this Master Class and learn:

  • The exact wording for your replies
  • How many times to follow up, and when
  • 4 reasons why you’re getting ghosted and how to fix them

“With this seminar I booked 4 weddings in a week. Thank you Alan and I look forward to future workshops!” – Caroline Kurkowski, Upbeat Occasions, Albany, NY

Pricing Strategies for Wedding Pros

Looking to profit more from the weddings and events you do? Which is better for your business, packages or a-la-carte pricing? When is it OK to discount and when should you negotiate? Come to this session and find out how you can price yourself for more profits.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to use packages even when everything you do is custom
  2. Can you use packages and still have flexibility?
  3. The difference between discounting and negotiating, and when to use them

“Today I learned I could do a  better job of listening to my clients, simplifying my pricing model and growing my sales.” – Rob Wilhoite, Capt. Rob’s Pigalicious Barbecue, Ashland, VA

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