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Close More Sales Workshop

09/30/20, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


What costs way less than one sale, and can help you make many more sales? This group sales conversion session with Alan Berg!

Don’t you hate when you get a lead, reply right away and then never hear back? Or what about handling price objections? This is for you!

Getting leads is hard enough. Replying to them so they actually get back to you, and move forwards towards a sale is getting harder. Come to this special workshop with industry expert, Alan Berg, and learn:

  • how to reduce the ghosting (when they stop replying)
  • how to handle the dreaded price question
  • how to move the sale forward when they won’t get on the phone
  • handling objections
  • how and when to ask for the sale

Here’s what industry pros, just like you are saying after following Alan’s guidance:

  • “The next day I implemented your advice and BANG, I not only got a response, I got a phone call which led to a booking within the hour.” – Mike Lagomarsino, Soundz Amazing DJ, Plattsburgh, NY
  • “Your sales training is really working! I am closing more brides more quickly because I am communicating through email instead of phone calls or in person meetings.” – Rachel Mandel, Mandelette Photography, Chicago, IL

To keep this interactive, only up to 10 wedding and event pros will join Alan for this 3 -hour+ sales conversion workshop. Reserve your seat before all 10 are taken!

Want to talk? Call 732.422.6362