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You Can’t Change Someone’s Mind

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Change your mindI’m right and you’re wrong! That attitude is a recipe for disaster in business and in life. If you want to keep your significant-other happy, telling them that they’re wrong is, let’s just say, not a good plan. Similarly, if you want to keep your customers, and employees, happy, telling them they’re wrong is counter-productive. The fact is that you can’t change anyone else’s mind. It’s not yours to change. It’s theirs. What you can do is provide them with information they didn’t have, and then they may decide to come to a different conclusion. Read More

Can You Uberize Your Business?

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In my frequent travels, I find myself in need of transportation. I wonder why I’ll go on my phone and order an Uber or Lyft, instead of choosing a cab when there are often cabs right at the airport or hotel? For me, it’s the convenience—and certainty—of knowing that I have a ride and when it will arrive. It’s also the convenience of having the charge go right to my credit or debit card, without having to make that physical transaction.

What have they done to make Uber and Lyft my preference for ground transportation? They disrupted established players (taxis, limos, and car services) by making it easier to do business with them and by providing information and transparency. Being able to watch the car icon moving along the map towards me doesn’t get the car there sooner, but it makes me feel better, because I can see the process. In one click, I can call or message the driver. Whether I ever use that feature isn’t important; the fact that I can is the bigger benefit. Years ago, when toll-free phone numbers were expensive, a large consumer products company put one on their packaging, with wording that encouraged their customers to call, toll-free with questions. They didn’t get many calls, but the perception of the company, went up noticeably. Read More

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck – Exploring Your ROI

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Understanding and measuring the Return On your Investment will help you understand your business and take it to the next level.

If you’re like many wedding and event pros, it was your creativity that brought you into the industry, not your business acumen. To be successful, you need both. Once you decide to sell products or services, you need to develop your business skills and an understanding of the many ways to measure your success.

Any good financial advisor or consultant will tell you that it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters. In the early years of your business, you should plow back much of your profits (if you have any) into growing your business. A growing business should invest 10%-15% of its anticipated sales into marketing and advertising—not 10%-15% of their actual sales; the higher sales number that they’re trying to achieve. Then, once you’ve gotten there, you can lower that percentage to maintain your sales. Read More

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