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“I’m a Suburban Renaissance Man”… a husband, father, son, friend, speakerauthor, salesman, marketer, musician, handyman, consultant, teacher and I’ve been told, an all-around nice guy. I’m passionate about my family and my work. Like many of you, I love being creative and working with my hands, as well as my mind (that’s what the wrench in my logo stands for). Your success leads to more success for me. You’ve probably heard that when you give first, you’ll get more than you could have ever asked for. It’s true. I’m living for today, while planning for tomorrow.

Find out how I can help you jump start your business success. Check out my speaking, Pop-Up Wedding Workshopconsulting, sales training, mastermind and website review pages. Then email me, text, call, or use the short form on this page, today, 732.422.6362 , international enquiries 001 732 422 6362

What’s your path?

Each of us has our own, unique path, that has brought us to where we are today. Mine includes getting my CSP, the highest earned designation for a professional member of the National Speakers Association; Skydiving for a milestone birthday; and starting at age 39 and working up to a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

WOW!  I’ve heard Alan speak before, but he knocked it out of the park this time!  He is so engaging and shares valuable information in a fun and entertaining way.  Never a dull moment or a time when everyone wasn’t on the edge of their seats.  Thanks Alan for elevating all of our businesses!” – Melanie Hill, Exceptional Events, Dallas, TX
How did I get here?

I began in the wedding industry selling advertising for WeddingPages magazine in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley in New York. After 5 years my wife and I bought the two magazine franchises, and I was the publisher for the next 5 years. We sold the magazines back to WeddingPages, when they wanted me to manage their sales team on the East Coast. Shortly thereafter, The Knot, at the time the busiest wedding website, bought WeddingPages. A few years later I was promoted to Vice President of Sales, running a sales team of 50+ reps around the country.

I was the main speaker for The Knot at conferences for wedding professionals. I also oversaw the hiring and training of new sales reps, and I created a new Customer Relations Manager team. Over my 11 years with The Knot, after running local sales, I was Vice President of Local Sales Operations and The Knot Market Intelligence.

After leaving The Knot, I became an independent speaker, author and consultant. I now consult and do sales training for WeddingWire, the leading wedding technology company, with websites in 14 countries around the world. I also consult and speak for weddingsonline in Ireland, Dubai and India, as well as Guides for Brides in the UK.

If you’d like to have me present high-quality, actionable content, in an engaging way for your business or conference, call or contact me via emailtext, use the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362.

Like most of you, my experience is quite varied. That’s part of what makes all of us unique. When I first launched this new site I didn’t have much about my background, as I believe this site is for you, not me. In the feedback you’ve given me, you asked for more about me, so pardon me if I use the word “I” a little more here. I’ve owned several businesses, so I know what it’s like to hire, fire, train and motivate employees. From my early days with a Rock & Roll band, to owning a Burglar Alarm company, to publishing two wedding magazines, I’ve paid my dues. Like you, I understand what it’s like to have to make payroll, do the books, market, promote and grow a business. Sound familiar?

How can I help you with sales & marketing? Starting with a degree in Advertising and Accounting I grew into a sales career. I began at Young & Rubicam Advertising, at the time the largest ad agency in the country. As I’m sure you did, I bounced around through a few jobs, including retail management. I honed my skills selling Chrysler cars, becoming one of the Top 50 Chrysler salespeople in the country and winning the National Product Information Championship, 4 years in a row. I wasn’t the typical car salesman, having a Magna Cum Laude college degree, and that’s part of why I was so successful. I became the salesman I would want to buy from. When you attend my sales training and presentations, that’s what I help you do, as well. To find out more about how I can help you with sales and marketing trainingspeaking, a group mastermind, a website review or business consulting, call or contact me via emailtextuse the short form on this page, or call 732.422.6362, international enquiries 001 732 422 6362

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What’s with the selfies?

My first time speaking in Rochester NY
What’s on my bookshelf?

Here are my current books. Thanks to you they’re in their 2nd editions, and also available in Spanish (también disponible en español). Click on the images to see the cover larger, and then click here to see more and for links to order paperback or ebook versions.

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